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  1. I have a 1st class one way ticket from St Pancras to Sheffield on the 21.30 available. I’m away at the weekend down in the Midlands and was hoping to make my way from there to the game and then get the train back to Sheffield hence it being a one way but having bought the ticket straight after Luton, can not now go to the game. It’s an advance ticket so can’t get a refund so wondered if anyone fancied it? Just looking for face value which was £42.30 including booking fee, it’s a mobile ticket so you’d need to have the trainline app to download it from the confirmation email I have. DM me if you’re interested. Cheers
  2. Terrible mount/frame, has turned a great concept and painting into something that looks really naff! I was all set to buy one of the prints prior to seeing the final version, but now I do not think I will. Cannot believe that they have got the names in the wrong order. Shoddy from the club (not for the first time in the last few months).
  3. Seen him in Virgin Gym a couple of times in the last couple of weeks, weight training and cardio, didn't seem injured.
  4. Reckon 26 of these have been sold so far. Shop would let me add 124 into my basket but not 125!
  5. Cash in now. The downside of losing him will be more than outweighed by the couple of CBs and winger that we could replace him with for the money we get for him.
  6. I do wonder if this is another vehicle for DC to invest more money into the club. Expectations of 20,000 sales are ridiculous, from 'normal' fans anyway... With the lack of any clear value to anyone who signs up to this, I suspect it isn't supposed to really attract too many people. I think more likely that 1-2k might sign up who can afford it and want to help the club as much as they can, but this would only inject a few million, which in the grand scheme of things, wouldn't make a significant difference to the revenues. However, it doesn't appear that there would be anything to stop DC buying a few thousand himself... Would help circumnavigate the FFP limitations. Just a thought.
  7. No probs, odds were with skybet. Not a bad price I would say. I fancy they can turn Fulham over and reckon we'd do Reading if we met them in the final.
  8. Chansiri was in Ban Thai tonight on London Road with his entourage, on his phone all the time, hopefully speaking to Carlos up the road at Nonna's conjuring up their next immense transfer coup..
  9. Had the club announced these when the advanced/early bird STs went on sale, I think they would have many more ST holders than they have now. Missed opportunity by the club..
  10. Disappointing, they should announce them now so people have all the info to make an informed decision about whether to go for membership or an ST.
  11. Nice gesture from the Chairman. It would be good if the club released details of what next years membership deal and POTG pricing looks like at the same time so fans who are debating over whether to get ST or membership (like me as I can't get to all games (about 15 or so) so it will come down to which works out best financially) is best for them.
  12. I thought Sidwell was labouring in the first half and thought he would be subbed when the first two Brighton players were so not suprised when he went off in the second half.
  13. My Derby mate who went was impressed by us, fancies them to turn Hull over and doesn't want face us in the final, he would prefer Brighton.
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