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  1. this ^^^^^^^ dont under stand why the upper west stand 2 front rows had to left empty on the lower yeah stop fans getting on the pitch easyer if they had scored.
  2. i live in leeman road 10 min walk to york city ground
  3. im off to the darlo v york city match next week as the blackpool match sold out before they went on sale to members.
  4. argree about the loan players once again we got too many at the club at the moment we need to start signing our own players
  5. not been up there for a few yrs now you have to be quick to get the best bargins up there.yeah the minge are !!
  6. defo mate i wish i knew where they bye it from
  7. i do mate i have indian when i get back to york and pub end of the night
  8. nar mate they no longer fry in beef dripping so sadly cant get fat eating from there any more :-)
  9. saw this on my way out he looked in bad way :-( hope he makes a full recovery
  10. jumbo batted sausage chips curry sauce chippy on vere road £3-10 been going here since 1991 there curry sauce is awesome
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