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  1. I was sitting about 5 rows back from the directors box. Strudwick was sitting in there during the first half. He got up to go down towards the pitch just after ht
  2. He was sitting in the directors box. He got up and made his way down towards the pitch just after half time.
  3. Lord Byron pub closed about 8 years ago mate. It's a half built housing estate now.
  4. For me we need 3 players: Hutch has to go to CB permanently. Make him and Lees the solid CB pairing for the foreseeable future. We need a RB in the style of Jack Hunt, but who actually has a final ball. If we spend any sort of money it needs to be on a quality, commanding CM to step into Hutchinsons role. Win the ball, break down attacks and create. Lastly we need a winger with true pace.
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