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  1. Isn’t he refusing to play for kids side? He should get his head down and do his job, whatever level that maybe!
  2. First time I’ve used ifollow for ages and it cut out when we scored! Think we’ll need a couple more.. we will concede at some point!
  3. Fletcher Penalty Appeal

    No.. and no.
  4. Do you work with Sheffield United fans?

    They're nervous... they know if we turn up.. we win!
  5. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Huge win!!! Turned the corner? I do hope so!
  6. Nigel Pearson

    He'd get my vote.. I'd give Carlos another few games but we've not progressed.. Seem to look worse at back as well! Not good! Peason built that Leicester team.. He'd be the obvious choice!
  7. Trouble in the crowd?

    Didn't see any trouble all day.. All Wednesday fans I saw and spoke to in Manchester and Preston behaved impeccably! Good day out.. unfortunately let down by the football!
  8. Pubs in Preston

    Boozing in Manchester
  9. Preston ticket. Adult.

    Is this still available?
  10. Lego Hillsborough

    That's amazing!
  11. QPR away pubs

    Sorry Andy I've no idea.. Sure we walked it to ground from there though!
  12. QPR away pubs

    Went in Walkabout last time I was down there.. Was full of Wednesday fans outside.. Recall a bizarre milk incident!?! Reckon we'll probably head back there again.
  13. QPR away by train

    Booked ours today.. St Pancras £45, didn't even consider that Sky might mess about with kick off time! gonna be an early start.. Think we're booked on the 07:30
  14. Killer's Words of Wisdom

    On Friday commentator mentioned something about addons taking up around £2m mark.
  15. A New Wednesday Legend Is Born

    I do hope so.. Just need him to score a second and win me £50