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  1. thesexynortherner


    I’d be absolutely gutted if he left, pretty much irreplaceable.. but.. and I’m in no means itk.. but I understand that there’s a perception that he’s going! I hope it proves to be gonads.. and I heard it second hand.. but I understand they think he’s off!
  2. thesexynortherner

    Bristol City match is ON

    Well happy it’s on.. really looking forward to it! Zero expectations.. owt above a half arsed performance will be a bonus!
  3. thesexynortherner

    Bristol boozers

    Sadly not, so might end up going anyway
  4. thesexynortherner

    Bristol City game in doubt??

    Non refundable hotel.. hope it’s on!
  5. thesexynortherner

    Bristol boozers

    We’ve booked digs in centre
  6. Not been before so no idea where decent pubs are.. where do we usually drink before? Also, where’s best area to head after game?
  7. Presumimg they bring more than 30 fans.. it’ll be chaos back there!
  8. We’ll get a pasting.. whilst BT rubs our noses in it!
  9. thesexynortherner

    Swansea or Notts County anyone?

    Definitely County.. hoping Carlos puts kids in! (Not seen team).
  10. thesexynortherner

    Steven Fletcher Mystery

    So no one knows owt about him being a BELL.. END?
  11. thesexynortherner

    Time travel

    Reckon it’d be a birthday weekend in London 1935.. Buy up some cheap dockland property to sell off when you arrive back ‘home’.. what else could you trade?
  12. thesexynortherner

    Adam Reach ever-present

    In what sense is he improving? I can’t be arsed to quantify this but.. more goals? More goal assists? Being on the winning side? No idea what categories there are but would hazard a guess there’s little to back up your claim?
  13. thesexynortherner

    Steven Fletcher Mystery

    Is this the place we can speculate about him being a ‘bit of wee pipe’ in the dressing room.. who’s the ITK’s? I’ve heard he’s a complete bell end?
  14. thesexynortherner

    Adam Reach ever-present

    I’m generally pretty optimistic sort of guy.. but the idea that he’s been a brilliant signing is false.. he’s dog poo
  15. thesexynortherner

    Mel Sterland

    Really nice bloke.. remember being in the ‘Strad’ with him and Sean Bean.. was asking him about his England debut and flying on Concorde to Saudi (I think). All the bank robbing poo with the ‘thorpers was a bit bizarre mind!