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  1. Tenet 6/10 Paid for the rental (£5.49 Sky). Remember reading quite good things about it when it came out.. but was disappointed. It was all a bit ridiculous! I like a decent sci-fi and I like a decent action film.. Sadly, Tenet is neither. I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying to watch it.
  2. I always believed that Pulis like many other of these types of managers are charlatans.. I thought he was the wrong choice at the time.. and what we’ve seen since he joined has only confirmed my initial thoughts.. had DC had fired him for being generally poo , then I’d be relatively ok with it.. but I just can’t see that being the case. Like everyone else.. I think we’re screwed!
  3. Was poor.. can only presume that Charlie Brooker had minimal input.
  4. Mine did the same with CoD.. said PS5 on it.. there was also one of her work books in there.. added to disguise the weight of the game. It all proper confused me tbh! She had to pretty much point out that it was a PS5 game.. and she’d got me a PS5 to play it on!
  5. Thanks.. will give it a go.. got some vouchers to use in various places so will make good use of them.
  6. The wife surprised me to a PS5 for Christmas.. brilliant pressie! I’ve transferred GTA5 and TLOU2 over from the PS4.. played Astro first for a couple of hours, like it. really addictive! Also got CoD to have a bash at over the next few days. I do fancy Cyberpunk but a bit worried about it crashing and stuff so will have to see if it gets fixed properly!
  7. Totally agree.. we’ll then have a new manager who has an excuse that they’re not their players, as we drop in to league 1. There is a slim chance his signings will work and we’ll go flying up the league.. bottom team at Christmas have gone up before!
  8. Love this story! Good luck to them.. can see Mac bringing himself on in dying minutes,of a game to score a penalty!
  9. GTA 5 story mode is amazing.. if you’ve never played it you’re in for a treat!
  10. I spent an hour or two the other day reporting them.. no idea if they were taken down or not but how people can live with themselves screwing over people like this I’ll never know. They’re scum.. probably kids.. but scummy little kids.. likely to have scummy parents!
  11. Has anyone played GTA on it yet? Are the graphics noticeably different? Also.. if you’re playing on a PS5 can you play against someone else on a PS4?
  12. Pearson.. was only in the papers at the weekend saying he was ready for a new challenge.
  13. You’re welcome. Some of the contestants are brilliant aren’t they.. there’s also a huge chunk of luck needed I guess. I’ve enjoyed every series. Would love to have a go, maybe only for a week or so tho!
  14. The most recent series has just finished on Nat Geo*.. slightly different format this time. Not last man standing but last 100 days for a share of $1m. Really good series! *or similar
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