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  1. Seems a lifetime ago.. difficult not to look upon it bitter sweetly. Think I’m on halftime ITV footage.. defo got that program in the garage.
  2. It is all a little strange.. I have wondered if it’s all been pay related.. would they be that cynical and lacking in pride.. maybe! It does make me wonder!
  3. They’re a disgrace.. I don’t ever recall not liking a single player in our team. They are unfit, lacking any quality and devoid of any fight.If relegation means we can clear these parasites from our team then bring it on! As for DC this is all his doing.. it’s all on him. He’s allowed this cancer to grow! I suspect we’re stuck with him. His interest will continue to wane and our anger will grow.
  4. Is Days Gone any good? More than happy to cruise around blasting hordes of zombies!
  5. Reyt enjoyed Most Wanted.. sure it was the only game that worked when the missus got me a chipped 360 for Christmas. It got hammered for a few days.
  6. Haha! Only way we were gonna score! Hopefully they’ll sit back and let us attack again like we would in their position!
  7. I think he’s just massively out of his depth.. much more experienced managers have failed to get them organised.. he never stood a chance really.
  8. @whatevertrevor LMC has given an excellent summary of what stuff you can do.. but you can also just dip in and out of different types of missions and races. It’s brilliant! You’ll love it! There’s a GTA5 thread on here that’s worth having a read through.
  9. We are so so poor! You just don’t see how they can be fixed.. 3 managers can’t get this lot organised and competitive. We are in a whole world of trouble!
  10. @whatevertrevor There’s so much to do on GTA5 both the online and offline content is brilliant.. they still release free stuff for the online mode.
  11. Tenet 6/10 Paid for the rental (£5.49 Sky). Remember reading quite good things about it when it came out.. but was disappointed. It was all a bit ridiculous! I like a decent sci-fi and I like a decent action film.. Sadly, Tenet is neither. I certainly wouldn’t recommend paying to watch it.
  12. I always believed that Pulis like many other of these types of managers are charlatans.. I thought he was the wrong choice at the time.. and what we’ve seen since he joined has only confirmed my initial thoughts.. had DC had fired him for being generally poo , then I’d be relatively ok with it.. but I just can’t see that being the case. Like everyone else.. I think we’re screwed!
  13. Was poor.. can only presume that Charlie Brooker had minimal input.
  14. Mine did the same with CoD.. said PS5 on it.. there was also one of her work books in there.. added to disguise the weight of the game. It all proper confused me tbh! She had to pretty much point out that it was a PS5 game.. and she’d got me a PS5 to play it on!
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