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  1. There’s quote a few going to Donny, think the last one is 10:30ish. Guessing they call at Donny in there way elsewhere, Newcastle maybe! Was as surprised how quick the Donny route is.. An hour and half on the quickest!
  2. Got nowt against him but I'd have him crossing balls for three hours a day.. most of the time his crossing his atrocious!
  3. If we can’t convince Pearson to move his family down road a bit I’d take him.. not sure how it could be worse!
  4. The teams terrible but the rest of the available squad is garbage so he’s going for a nil nil. Sadly I think we’ll ship goals and will create very little.. but I’ve been wrong before so you’ve gotta have hope!
  5. Bargain that! Getting in to Manchester for 11:00 for boozing and then gonna wing it to Wigan about 2ish
  6. Pretty much mirrors my opinion.. other than the fantastic players bit, I’m worried we’re a bit weak and vulnerable in the middle and at the back.
  7. I’d be absolutely gutted if he left, pretty much irreplaceable.. but.. and I’m in no means itk.. but I understand that there’s a perception that he’s going! I hope it proves to be gonads.. and I heard it second hand.. but I understand they think he’s off!
  8. Well happy it’s on.. really looking forward to it! Zero expectations.. owt above a half arsed performance will be a bonus!
  9. Not been before so no idea where decent pubs are.. where do we usually drink before? Also, where’s best area to head after game?
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