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  1. Last season was over before it started when we lost Bruce and next season is screwed by starting on -21.. there’s always 2021/22 to look froward to.. yay! The irony been that the season starting behind (partial at best) close doors will mean that FFP will be abandoned.. we’ll be last team hit by it I reckon.
  2. I think he’s least of our problems tbh.
  3. I think we’re stuck with each other until we go up.. which means we’re stuck with each other for the foreseeable future.
  4. Had a pint with Mel Sterland in the Strad.. talked to him about playing for England and him going on Concord.. Sean Bean was with him.. all a bit bizarre really.
  5. If they’re negative influences around the squad.. and undermining the manager(s) Chansiri should pay ‘em off and get ‘em out of the club.. he should back the manager! I was never that arsed about Monks appointment but we have to stick with one of ‘em!
  6. Play-off final.. we’ll go up by a decision so dodgy they’ll immediately implement VAR so it can never happen again!
  7. Tbf he didn’t look over weight one bit and played ok.
  8. I suspect Monk was giving him a last chance to impress tonight.. don’t think he’ll start again for a while.
  9. Yeah this was his chance and he’s failed to impress.. Get a proper manger in whilst we’re still up amongst the top.. hopefully we can push on a make a real challenge for top two.
  10. Always thought Pearson would be the chosen one!
  11. There’s quote a few going to Donny, think the last one is 10:30ish. Guessing they call at Donny in there way elsewhere, Newcastle maybe! Was as surprised how quick the Donny route is.. An hour and half on the quickest!
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