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  1. I did wonder if this could explain the recent shower we’ve had to put up with. Sad thing about it I don’t think anyone would be overly surprised!
  2. Yeah for flights and hotel.. we also got some credit for food and drinks in the hotel which we weren't expecting.
  3. Food and drink are pretty similar to over here.. You can do cheap eats like street food or high end dining. Local beer (Banks) was pretty cheap, maybe a couple of quid a pint. The hotel was a decent price and good standard.. think we paid about £1500 (pp) for 11 nights through Virgin.
  4. We went a couple of years ago and It's favourite place.. Just a really nice and friendly place. The food was great.. if you're staying anywhere near St Lawrence Gap, give 'My Friends Place' a try.. the live music was brilliant! and try the Bajan fishcakes from pretty much anywhere!! There might be thread all about Barbados with some tips n stuff.. you should have quick search. I'd recommend getting a car and driving round the island.. and looking for monkeys!
  5. Binned off the idea of a big holiday this year.. will delay to next summer. A bit gutted but really couldn’t face the potential extra airport waits and the faff of testing before and after. Just hoping it all looks different by then! Current shortlist: Sandals Grenada - Downside Heathrow flights West coast Barbados - Flights from Manchester so better than Heathrow Next search is for Jamaica.. always been a put off by not wanting to get stabbed but guess it’s nowhere near as bad as what you hear. I recall Donny doing there at one point so gonna start my search there!
  6. I thought I saw something on here about there being a mortgage taken out against the ground.. not the sales of the ground.
  7. I thought that he mortgaged the ground off for the quick money.. don’t see why he’d do that if he was rolling in moolah.
  8. That is a very interesting point! Can only surmise that employees are considered more important than ‘customers’.
  9. The really worrying thing in all this is that DC hasn’t got the funds to run the club.. You’ve just got to hope that the revenue coming in through the season can cover the salaries.. no idea if it will or not but you’d expect it to be tight! Personally, I’d see that as decent motivator for off-loading the club but DC doesn’t always do things you’d expect.
  10. The idea that the tax payer should subside players he’s signed and given contracts to, is an absolute disgrace. He should be charged for trying to con the system. We are so well and truly screwed aren’t we!
  11. Will probably give Squadrons a go.. enjoyed the online x-wing and tie-fighter battles in the first PS4 game. Don't know owt about Operation Tango.. will check it out.
  12. The French and Belgium’s probably look the strongest but these young English players don’t have the fear that other generations have. We’ve got plenty of dangerous, fast attacking options.. the weakness is probably with the CB’s and GK. But I fancy us tbh! Can’t imagine any team looking forward to playing us! Also can’t wait to see Foden in the tournament!
  13. I got that Bose one earlier this year.. it’s pretty good. So much better than the built in TV speaker (Hisense Telly three years old). I have it come though the TV and not had any lagging issues. Size was perfect for the little space under TV, next to Sky box. The reviews on the other one don’t look great. I’m happy with the Bose, impressed with the clarity and how the sound fills the room! It doesn’t give you the full surround sound immersion but for the money and it being hassle free (no need to have speakers and big ugly box thing next to telly) I’d recommend it!
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