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  1. Cheers, nothing on the app but this works on mobile at least...
  2. While I admire the thoughts and good intentions on here, Aberfan is regarded as a Valleys event / tragedy. While some may not appreciate the distinction, Cardiff are not the Valleys and Merthyr Tydfil FC are unlikely to be visiting Hillsborough any time soon, so this seems a little misplaced. Fair play to you, though.
  3. MacKenzie had sold / left TalkSport a decade prior to Murray joining though?
  4. 48 goals? Are we bring Stuart Gray back?
  5. I think you're forgetting a certain Mr. Bothroyd...
  6. I've had the same issue tonight but can access commentary via the Android App if that helps? FLi Player on Play Store (not sure about Apple devices).
  7. Why does that giant thumb have a face on it?
  8. That would probably help, good thinking.
  9. Any chance you could give us a pic' where you turn around and look over your shoulder while staring directly into the camera? Just interested in the quality of stitching.
  10. In order to be successful, we need to appoint from beyond the grave?
  11. I don't completely disagree, but one cap for Scotland and a goal in a Europa League qualifier is hardly the stuff of legend. Best of luck to him, but I think we'll be fine.
  12. Someone could've run an iron over that tablecloth...
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