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  1. Southernowl

    Craziest line up ever

    Could be going for 0-0 by 60 mins and then bring on Reach and Joao to tear them up?
  2. Southernowl

    Rival watch

    6 points separating the top 4, let's break into the top 4 and see what happens!
  3. Southernowl

    Rival watch

    Cmon qpr!
  4. First five minutes felt like the whole of last season
  5. Southernowl


    Since the Reading game: Barnsley, rovrum, Newcastle, Preston, Wolves, Huddersfield. 14 points 1 goal conceded
  6. Southernowl

    This Is How You Repay CC and DC

    Too many short memories. I am so thankful for the position that we are in and the caliber of player we have. Enjoy the ride you miserable buggers
  7. Southernowl

    Owls v Forest live on overseas TV

    http://www.multi-sports.eu/38.html good quality!
  8. Southernowl

    Where is everyone drinking?

    Mabel's tavern off of Euston Road, great London Wednesday bar!!
  9. milligan cleese everett
  10. Sky know something we don't?
  11. I love Jim'll Paint It, never thought I'd see this day
  12. Southernowl


    Me too, keep refreshing sky sports app and saw this, died a little inside at first!