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  1. Could be going for 0-0 by 60 mins and then bring on Reach and Joao to tear them up?
  2. 6 points separating the top 4, let's break into the top 4 and see what happens!
  3. If we can get him on loan then great, but we don't need him enough to pay stupid money! Bad idea and Chansiri wont do it
  4. Since the Reading game: Barnsley, rovrum, Newcastle, Preston, Wolves, Huddersfield. 14 points 1 goal conceded
  5. Too many short memories. I am so thankful for the position that we are in and the caliber of player we have. Enjoy the ride you miserable buggers
  6. Mabel's tavern off of Euston Road, great London Wednesday bar!!
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