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  1. Why wait this long for an unemployed manager you could’ve appointed weeks ago. Strange
  2. If it was monk or rowett they would’ve been approached weeks ago. it all feels quite stale at the minute as, if bullen isn’t getting the job were just going through the motions.
  3. Would be an absolute masterstroke and completely different to which managers we’ve appointed before.
  4. Would we take a gamble on someone like Stendel who’s had experience with Barnsley
  5. The thing is, in a few weeks bottom end championship clubs will start to look to replace managers. Is there anyone on a losing skid you’d want here? I’m not sure. I also feel If the hierarchy had a manager in mind, they’d be here by now. must not be keen on the unemployed managers as they’d have been appointed you’d feel before now.
  6. There’s that uneasy feeling that a few wins now by a person with very little managerial experience will cost us this season late on, I want to be wrong and I want bullen to storm it but head ruling heart it’s a big risk.
  7. Think most fans have them same doubts. with this squad would you really want to wait and see.. I’m not so sure. theres good managers out there who aren’t employed, just about picking the right one but making a decision sooner rather than later so it doesn’t hamper upcoming games.
  8. If we were going to take a risk on an unknown I’d rather it be Barnsley’s manager.
  9. We could be Bottom by then with how the last 6 games have gone. Who says he won’t lose the next 6? For me in these circumstances you can’t wait and see until Christmas. If we lose again tonight, at home.. how many more weeks do we leave it?
  10. If he doesn’t play the strongest team available to him. Then I think it makes us winning the game a lot harder.
  11. You’d like to think that Dc had learned from past mistakes. It’s a decision this time he must get right
  12. Would love us to take a gamble on this type of player. Sadly we never do
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