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  1. Hopefully we get both, all about options in this league. Seems to have gone quiet on sims
  2. Anyone think it was the Wolves player on loan or sims and not both?
  3. The sad thing is a half decent run would probably be enough to keep us up. It must happen now if a change is going to be made to give us any chance of staying up. even then it may not be enough
  4. NT isn’t the problem but he’s also not a manager. The only solution from here would be to get a candidate in before the weekend and do quite a few deals on deadline day which hopefully keep us up . more importantly a long term scenario if we don’t stay up that it’s the correct manager in place to bring us up and get rid of the bloated squad we have. I thought that was cook. DC obviously didn’t but the Coventry result may have changed his thinking regarding candidate and contract length. if it means keeping us up what’s a long term deal that can easily be broken in the grand scheme of things.
  5. Need to have some sort of long term planning because with no planning if the probable does happen which magician is bringing this team back up? Should’ve made an investment in cook and seen what happens. because we know what will happen without a manager for much longer.. certain relegation.
  6. It’s a no brainer really if we stay up it’s a bonus if we don’t we rebuild and go again with a manager who’s won promotion from there before.
  7. It’s very disappointing when we’ve had quite a long time to get the right man in. It’s hard to see this team beating relegation with no experienced manager in place.
  8. Should’ve been our manager weeks ago.
  9. If we lose a few we’ll be needing a new manager to come in when we could be adrift making it a tough ask.. harder than it already is. Cook should’ve been in weeks ago and won’t be around when we’re looking for a manager in a month when NT loses a few.
  10. Was convenient how they both came out within hours of each other. let’s hope calmer heads can prevail and a deal can be reached but probably won’t as he did go public which probably hasn’t helped .
  11. I actually thought this time we’d make the right appointment when championship status depended on it. let’s hope the incoming manager is good enough because it could be league one football next season if it’s a Coach with no prior experience here. It feels like such a gamble at this stage.
  12. Fans can accept mistakes they happen but if it keeps happening people have trouble being optimistic when it comes to managerial changes. we had to get this one right and I feel we won’t which is concerning in a relegation battle. hopefully I’m wrong but if Cook isn’t the next boss it feels like a mistake . time will tell either way
  13. Maybe he wasn’t in the running until late last week. Maybe DC saw the positive response to the rumours about cook and now they’re in discussions slowed down by covid and the recent lockdown . wishful thinking maybe..
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