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  1. That was awful. Scousers win two trophies without scoring in 240 minutes. Bizarre from Chelsea wearing yellow then even stranger not bringing Werner on. After the brief shot in the arm of Leicester winning the FA Cup normal service resumed.
  2. 1. West Stand Roof 2. West Stand Roof 3. West Stand Roof PS. And a few light bulbs
  3. Hope Sunderland go up too. Got work colleagues based at our Durham factory that are Mackems and all good fellas. They will pose a bigger threat next year in my opinion especially with Alex Neil in charge. They seem to have lots of momentum and think will be able to compete with the Wycombe style as well as the knack of late goals.
  4. Roberts, Clarke and Pritchard had energy we could not replicate unfortunately and allowed the more defensive element of the team hold their shape pretty much throughout both games.
  5. Contracted: Bannan Windass Iorfa Byers Gregory FDB Adeniran Dawson Brown Alex Hunt Palmer Out of Contract: Luongo Berahino Paterson Jack Hunt Dunkley Hutchinson Wildsmith Sow (?) NML (?) Johnson (?) Expired Loans: BPF Dean Gibson Shodipo Kamberi Storey John Jules
  6. Better leave work in Donny sharpish to get back to Deepcar then
  7. For those saying wrong tactics have held us back I would say more availability of a settled side more than anything as well as key players missing - Luongo in the period after bossing the Rotherham game, Gregory and Windass. DM has rebuilt a team in the space of a couple on Months and hope he is here long term regardless of tonights result. He is a top person and is sorting the Club throughout as well as gaining more experience..
  8. We really do have a varying array of potential partners for our Number 9 and really all very different ... Berahino Paterson Mendez Lang Windass Kamberi Will discount Sow as I could defend against him.
  9. Hearing that Neil has booked a ticket North Stand end of the Lepp for a closer viewing.
  10. If Dean is fit he has to start and Palmer will miss out.
  11. Have we sold tickets for Leppings Lane Lower ?
  12. Bannan who has lived in Birmingham for many years has moved his family home to Sheffield. This takes a lot of doing and shows how much he loves the Club and the City. Players are generally a commodity that moves around with no great affinity to clubs but you can tell Bannan has found his home. While ever he is being well rewarded and is the big fish he is going nowhere unless Chansiri tells him so.
  13. Wednesday v Sunderland would have been a great final with Wembley full. Sunderland are a proper club and very similar to Wednesday. Company I work for has a site in Hetton and I sometimes visit there so know quite a few Mackems. All really nice people and wish them all the best apart from Friday and Monday.
  14. Fantastic before kickoff and start of game. Pompey goal brought a few nerves and then 3 fairly quick goals pus the Plymouth scoreline made the second half atmosphere a bit t lacking. Saving ourselves for Play Off.
  15. For the majority of games Storey has made the game look easy. No fuss, just got on with the game effectively. Last few games there has been a lot of change in the 3 but he has been the contant and sure changes round him have not helped. Would still have him in the 3 tomorrow.
  16. If parking up a couple of hours before then anywhere up Wadsley Lane and adjacent roads between The Park at the bottom and Horse and Jockey at the top - but please don't nick my space
  17. The stick that Darren Moore gets is quite frankly unbelievable. He came into what in reality was a broken club - in a Pandemic - with no crowds - with a points deduction - then became seriously ill. All this after 3 years of Jos, the Bruce departure, Monk, Pulis and financial madness by the Chairman. Upon relegation we had a threadbare squad with talk of dropping to League Two. He has built what is a very good squad that would genuinely I believe compete in the Championship. OK not all signings have come off and if anything possibly have too big a squad which probably brings about his tinkering but a lot of Managers do this - just had a conversation with a Sunderland fan who was moaning about Alex Neil changing their team last night for no reason. We have 82 points and the best home record in all divisions. Darren Moore is a class act and has brought a lot of pride back to the club. Players obviously love him and is one of the reasons a lot of the players will have joined. Keep it up DM and hopefully gain that promotion you deserve.
  18. Is Wednesday fan Harrison Biggins still playing for Fleetwood ?
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