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  1. And Real Real Real. Was at same gig.
  2. Hallelujah!! We are saved. Please tell me how many points we have since Boxing Day. Obviously with a huge squad starting the season.
  3. It is not difficult. Birmingham were docked about 9 or 12 points that put them about 4th bottom. Monk carried on and did good work and got them safe. We will be BOTTOM by 12 points. Marooned. Isolated. Fooked. For all good intentions this Chairman has took the ********. Nice day at Wembley though.
  4. Has ANYONE had a refund??????? I want a FULL refund from buying a ridiculous early bird ticket in February. Bought it reluctantly but that was the real start of my disdain for Chansiri but Blind Faith drove me on. Shambles Chansiri.
  5. Was a deduction yes and maybe 9 but saying it did not put them 12 BEHIND everyone else
  6. Worst case scenarios would people go with a 12 point deduction and relegation or start on - 21 next season in the Championship. Honestly think I would go down now as we would never make up 21.
  7. Feel he has been dealt a poor hand really what with not bringing his own coaching team in and doing the job with one hand tied behind his back. However the run since Boxing Day and the football played has been horrendous. Coupled with his insipid deneneouer and handling of players such as Hutch, Westwood, FF etc. who would improve this team its a no from me.
  8. Shithooouuusseeeee!! Have a listen to Big Norm on his episode of the Undr the Cosh Podcast. Absolute first class.
  9. It doesn't influence the outcome. Will pay for 2 league one season tickets.
  10. £10 at 100/1 an hour after charge against us announced.
  11. I know for a fact that Roeder was behind the Bannan signing. A work contacts Brother in Law (ex West Ham player) was Scouting him for Roeder.
  12. Tipping point tonight. Monk has to go. Get Megson in for last 4 games. No one else would come in. Alternatively give Steve Haslam a go. 13 points from a possible 60. Shambles.
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