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  1. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Colin Dobson

    I live in his old house. True story. Not sure if my neighbour is still in touch. Will ask.
  2. Just purchased it off ebay. Anyone read it and is it any good??
  3. Us and Norwich have been watching Holmes and a deal was discussed in Jan. Source - I work with one of his mates.
  4. Michael Owen - the hat trick game. Peter Reid - bossed every game Colin Hendry - a strange one but remember a 0-0 v Blackburn and he was immense.
  5. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Joey P - Elliot Anderson?

    Isn't it Elliot Alderson ???? Not Anderson. Still never heard of him.
  6. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Carlos; the truth?

    I don't think Carlos will utter anything of this again. He has moved on. Loved him while he was here and was sad when he left however not feeling the current media love in for him and his analogies.
  7. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Where are they now, Chris Bart-Williams

    Used to go running down near Ewden Dam in my younger slimmer days and would ofter see CBW out running too. Think he lived in Wharncliffe Side for a while so near there.
  8. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Skipper next season

    Mick Lyons. Or the modern day equivalent.
  9. Can't believe we have not offered Fred a deal. Gutted.
  10. Got that totally correct. Have a feeling Nuhiu will leave and maximise his value what with his current form.
  11. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Forestieri appreciation thread

    Best player we have when his head is right. Would improve every Championship team and some Premier. Can see a couple of bids coming our way and could see someone like Southampton having a go if they come down. With current market value got to be looking at £12 to £15m.
  12. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Referees to blàme

    Thought ref today was decent.
  13. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Richard Hawley

    Coles Corner is possibly the most beautiful song ever.
  14. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Nuhiu's Second Goal

    One of the great moments.