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  1. On the Managerial front who realistically would you appoint firstly to stay up this season and push on the next. There is no way a top top Manager is going to be interested for at least 18 months, and thats if the stories of the money is true. Personally think there may be a sting in the tail and it not go quite as well as the Geordies hope.
  2. Hopefully the gig will be on and you feel confident enough to go.
  3. Going to be big now got the exposure of being BBC Introducing Artist of the Year. Was great in Slow Club. You do know she is an Owl don't you.
  4. I'm going too. Have you not been to a gig yet post lockdown, hence unsure whether to go ?
  5. Did one off the Russian teams do something similar?
  6. I applied for a refund and it was paid relatively promptly. I was annoyed at the ridiculously early timescale for the first phase of season tickets for the 2020/21 season and this drove my decision. In hindsight the Club should have offered credit against tickets, merchandise or iFollow and maybe include a 10% uplift as a gesture. There would have been moaning but not the bitterness the refund offer at a time the club has no revenue has caused. Find the OP a bit like look at me and just hope someone is kind enough to furnish him with a Play Off Final ticket or a guest of honour slot if we ever make the Prem. Not knowing everyone's circumstances but I would be quite embarrassed. Ps. I can't make the Lincoln match if anyone can sort a whip round for my pro rata ticket cost.
  7. My lad said they were excellent. Said singer was brilliant.
  8. Get a grip people please. If BPF looks behind him and the linesman v Shrewsbury knows the offside laws we are joint top. Ifs and buts but come on. DM has overseen the biggest turnover of players in many years and would imagine a number have come because of him. Fair enough he has not nailed down a best 11 or preferred system and there alarm bells around interviews but to be calling for his head is an embarrassment to our fan base, although not entirely surprising.
  9. His heat map was more impressive than Dunkleys.
  10. My lads twisted my arm to get tickets. Got 2 on Twickets for a bargain.
  11. Iorfa would play better with Thorniley next to him than Dunkley.
  12. BPF 6 Palmer 7 Johnson 3 Dunkley 4 Iorfa 6 Adeniran 5 Wing 5 Bannan 7 Paterson 8 MOM Gregory 5 Berahino 6 Sow 5 Dele Bashir 5
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