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  1. I wish. I will be visiting your store. It's for my 13 year old!
  2. Anyone been down to the Club Shop last couple of days and know if any medium size home shirts are back in stock? Thanks, will ring up in morning otherwise.
  3. Don't give away my parking space or pre match pub!!
  4. Is it more to do with space on the concourses than the access / away fans issue ??
  5. Decent watch that and fair play to the lad.
  6. Bloody racist and down right wrong un that Nando!!
  7. Still married and still watching Wednesday so will let you decide!!
  8. Without looking was it 27th September 2003? Sure it was day after I got married.
  9. On the plus side at least we have covered off the Rooney Rule and saves bringing Ince in for an interview.
  10. Who would you class as an inspirational Manager out of interest. There doesn't seem to be many of those about.
  11. Great interview. Is this now the time to give Bullen a shot at the main job? Never thought so before but am changing my opinion. Would need a decent number 2.
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