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  1. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Lost Jacket

    Long shot but has anyone lost a blue jacket at match tonight. My Dad picked one up tonight as they left thinking it was my Nephews but it wasn't. Only realised when got back. DM me if anyone wants to lay claim to it.
  2. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    The promotion winning team

    Llera was a massive reason we got promoted. Top fella and top signing.
  3. Just watched part of this programme and the Chris Kirkland interview. Did not realise he was in such a dark place at Hillsborough. Some of what he said resonated with me and how I have felt over a period of time to a lesser extent. Some great insightful posts on here as well as courageous.
  4. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Commercial department missing a trick

    Just Reissue and Digitise League Cup Glory. Must have watched that vid 100 times.
  5. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    How many grounds in reality create revenue 7 days a week?? If we moved to a new build what would it have? Better conference facilities, a Nandos / TGI Fridays, a better club shop. Surely not going to bring in huge revenue. A renovated Hillsborough would 100% be my choice starting with the West Stand and SW and NW corners.
  6. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Matt Penney Contract

    Opened this and now keep getting Openload messages all the time. Beware!
  7. I agree. Sounds daft but his style is like Bale and with better players round him would shine.
  8. If Reach was to move onto a Premier League team and kick on do we think he would have the ability to become a regular and get in the England squad?? Not that you have to be a regular to get in the England squad.
  9. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Slept on it thoughts

    The substitutions were absolute shockers and the Kirby one smacked of thinking we had the game won. An embryo v Brunt, Barry and Livermore. Bizarre Jos!
  10. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Barry Baninio

    Good post and Bannan loves being here and the love from the fans. If anyone has had the pleasure of meeting his parents their attitude goes a long way to showing their Sons attitude to the club. His Dad has his Wednesday shirt on every match and goes for a beer like a proper fan, which he obviously now is.
  11. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Penney contract

    Penney Whistle
  12. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Hector report

    Did Abraham play ??? Probably answers the question about Hector.
  13. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Steve Bruce

    Can see Carlos rocking up at Villa if Bruce goes.
  14. Hirstys_12th_Pint


    Watching OK in Deepcar but with buffering.
  15. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Credit due to stoke city fans

    But giving Dirty Leeds 5000 on a Friday night.