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  1. Snodgrass tweet

    Suspect the tweet gets copied by Snodgrass every week and he replaces a different teams name.
  2. Lucas was great but gone for Reach who was outstanding.
  3. Sounds like a Bradfield Brewery trick !!
  4. Marco Matias

    Believe so.
  5. Ex-Refs say Matias should appeal...

    Can remember him refereeing a Wednesday v United game and was impeccable.
  6. Rhodes

    This time last year we were all refreshing twitter hoping Jordan had signed. Amazing how things turn out. Been a bit of a disaster really but allowing him out on loan would be as crazy as someone paying £6m for Gary Madine.
  7. Never heard of him but my 11 year old seemed excited.
  8. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Not a BIG game as on holiday although suppose Anglessey is not miles away although the Mrs would take some convincing. Can just see that conversation later when we have drawn one of Man Utd / Man City / Tottenam / Chelsea at home.
  9. Westwood, Bannan & Lees

    Bannan back in first as would like to see him further forward in this formation. No need for him to be sat on the heels of the defenders. Criticism if any on the team and its transition to the new formation especially in the league games has been the ability to link midfield and attack and a Bannan in a three would help this.
  10. Niagra

    Not sure if question asked already but would any acquisition and development be part of any FFP ??
  11. Dawson

    Brilliant save at 1-0. Both young keepers are excellent and may be time to cash in on Westwood.
  12. Attendance v Reading

    Anything over 15k has to be considered as decent. Not exactly the best opponent to pull in a crowd but on flip side a chance to progress. Plus a Friday night game does not appeal to all but I like them. We are nailed on to win and get a plum tie in next round. We are on holiday for fifth round as its half term. I have missed 2 home games in last 3 years due to holidays - Arsenal and Newcastle. These things come in 3's.
  13. Reading Ticket - Loading to Season Ticket ??

    Cheers all. Ended up printing them. Relocated from Kop to South.
  14. Reading Ticket - Loading to Season Ticket ??

    Cheers guys. Will try again - don't like to mess with dodgy paper tickets !
  15. Can tickets be loaded to Season Ticket Card ? It could v Carlisle but doesn't seem to want to let me with the Reading tickets. Anyone else had an issue.