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  1. Chansiri out - shambles !! Never going again until £3.73 a game and would rather see us in Tier 17 of the football pyramid.
  2. Another little tweet to stir the pot Joe and get those clicks up.
  3. You are not wrong there. Other sections are excellent as opposed to the total poop on the Matchday page.
  4. The simplistic view would be to roll tickets over to the next season but with the uncertainty still on fans being back in the credit to account makes sense. Suspect we will see a pricing alteration plus there will be fans that have purchased ifollow credits that have 'spent' some of their 2020/21 season ticket money. Also there will be some that have moved age bands so tickets will be different pricing whether that be up or down.
  5. Best programme of the Year so far. Gripping with fantastic characters and performances. Kate Winslet is excellent as is the Actress who plays her Mum. Golden Globes and Baftas incoming.
  6. I want him to run the club - just in a different way to now. With strategy and assistance from the right calibre people both from a Commercial and Football stand point.
  7. Waiting for Sanjeev Gupta to launch a bid to buy out Chansiri and the Owls Talk masses get behind it.
  8. Rather see us go to Non League than watch Wednesday under Chansiris ownership again I believe??
  9. Apologies was a whopping 1337. So about 599 pre pubescent keyboard warriors and a Forum owner??
  10. Is it balls. How many people voted ? Did the majority want him to sell up ? Who we selling to ????? Suppose it fits the click bait mentality though.
  11. One word - Ramsdale. Are there only 4 English Keepers in the current Premier League discounting Pope ? 2 of the 4 have been relegated and 1 of the other 2 possibly not fully the number 1 at their club. 6 Players with Sheff United links
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