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  1. Possibly correct but just saw it on Facebook and as a local thought I would share on here to get more interest.
  2. SPS are looking to raise £20k to stay operational during and after COVID 29. Wednesday in the Community have donated a signed shirt from the Espanol friendly. Please see link if anyone interested in bidding.
  3. Having seen posts during lockdown on Social Media by Kadeem Harris a bang average footballer in his absolutely massive house and cleaning his Bentley I would definitely want a refund for all games unable to attend. Balls to funding this obscene level of pay for games can't attend.
  4. Loovens made other players better. May be not have been the stand out performer week in week out but the influence he had was key. Throw Wallace and Semedo into this category too.
  5. Fair play Liam. Excellent post especially when you could easily be blinkered and have blind faith in finishing the season. I have pretty much been on the void the season bus for a while. Appreciate my views may be different if Wednesday were pushing for promotion. Just amazed we are not as is the Wednesday Way. Lots can happen in 9 or 10 games and historically that has been thd case.
  6. Met ex Chairman Dave Allen in Paphos, Cyprus while he was still in charge at Hillsborough. Was in a bar with his Wife and we ended up sat with them rest of thevl night. Lovely couple despite the bad press, and he picked up the tab.
  7. With all the out of contract players we have we are probably in a better position than most if the timescales mentioned are to come into play. Surely contracted players would have to take a hit on wages in the intrim period.
  8. With 5 home games unplayed my pro rata rebate would be £130 for mine and my Son tickets. I would certainly expect the club to offer some sort of payement and not a pass to ifollow. Even if it was credit note against future cup games there should be something. Think another concerning aspect is the ridiculously early deadline for season tickets. There will be households with multiple tickets that could have paid £1 to 2K that they can ill afford now and should be something else to be considered.
  9. There will possibly be a number of clubs going into Administration certainly at League One and Two level so may be a few starting on minus 12 if at all. Sure the Football Leagues priority would be to assisting teams and working together rather than deducting points.
  10. Think ultimately football needs to take a reality hit - certainly the upper echelons.
  11. Pretty sure things will snowball as UEFA and other European Leagues begin to make decisions especially with us reportedly being a couple of weeks behind. Can't see how the season can be completed if a full 2020/21 season is required and be ready for the Euros. Even if some restrictions are lifted say late May cannot see mass gatherings being allowed or even behind closed door games.
  12. Finish this season when safely possible. Then next season split each Division into 2 based on finish positions - odd number finishes in one mini league, evens in another. So Championship A and B will be a 12 team league playing each other twice so a 22 game season. Top of Champ A and B get promoted to Premier and go into a Play Off to decide Champion. Play offs still happen between 2nd and 3rd in Championship A and B. Relegation would be teams finishing bottom of each and play off between the two teams in 11th Position. And repeat for other divisions. Shorter season and plenty of excitement and should allow a finish May 2021 ready for Euros.
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