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  1. Hope we can take it to a replay for a night out at Etihad.
  2. I bet the Shrewsbury fans are loving the fact that Liverpool will be playing their under 23s. They get the opportunity to go to Anfield, crowd will still be high AND they get a better chance of progressing. Personally can't see the fuss. If any side chooses to field a weakened team so be it. The big clubs get cited for it but looking at the winners of the FA Cup since 1989 then 90% have been won by Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool with 27 wins.
  3. Sky don't show the FA Cup, but know what you mean.
  4. We really are poo at things like this. The little mini game is good to have but also have a penalty shoot out or something drawing out Junior Season Ticket holders to enter and give each entrant a ten quid voucher for the store to buy one sock or something. As another initiative seeing as we do not use much of our hospitality facilities do a draw each game for a table for 4 in Dooleys or Springett Suite or whatever they are called now. Its not difficult and its not expensive to do.
  5. A plan ?? !! Whats one of those ? Unfortunately the structure of the club does not allow for this in any way, shape or form on or off the pitch. I think the set up Chansiri initially had with Glenn Roeder and Adam Pearson would have allowed for planning and milestones but that went by the wayside and now everything is off the cuff and not joined up whether it be signings, merchandising, hospitality or ticket initiatives.
  6. Probably about as interesting mi old nob sack!
  7. Any chance you could follow my lads Wednesday fan page. https://instagram.com/owlslife1867?igshid=18l7ls91v4lvb Mods if not allowed please remove. Cheers
  8. The Wife and FIL bit was more tongue in cheek. Genuinely think it is a great option for us. There are not many better realistic options.
  9. Hopefully this does not come back to bite but anyone doubting the Whickham signing needs to give there heads a wobble. Yes he has had injury problems but seems to be over that. He is only 26 so approaching his prime. His work ethic when with us before was excellent and cannot see that changing especially if he has something to prove. His Wife and Father in Law are massive Wednesday fans so will have them to contend with if he does not put it in If the financials are right it is an absolute no brainer and got to be a way better option than Rhodes or Winnall leading the line.
  10. Think there is a new Thornbridge boozer just opened in Leeds. Head there and see if they serve The Wednesday beer.
  11. Lots of football fans throughout the Country commenting on the video on twitter. Fantastic to see others appreciating it.
  12. With the sheer lifeless, toothless uninspiring performances that have been the last three games, until we can overhaul the squad think we need to look at changing the formation. Let's try 3-5-2 allowing the bodies to compete in the middle and hope different options further forward. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Odabaju Luongo Bannan Lee Harris Fletch Winnall Plenty of options to interchange players and use as a more attacking or defensive style as required.
  13. We walk down from Horse and Jockey which takes about 10 minutes. Think Grant may be exagerating ever so slightly. Pitt us poor soles who had to leave pub and go and watch that garbage.
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