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  1. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Fernando - this can't be happening

    Say what you want about Nando but some of the things you see and hear about him make you realise what atop fella he is. Footballers are in a privileged position and anything they can give back goes a long way. Good work fella.
  2. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Joao Injury?

    In the post match interview Jos said Joao told him he could not play. Way it was said was as if it had come out of the blue from the player itself as opposed from a discussion with medical staff about fitness. Can understand the paranoia and everything at the moment seems to be built on quick sand.
  3. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Time for Dingle Mick

    Just not feeling Jos even after the decent end of season and think the time is right for a British Manager. Little money to spend and with that being the case only one option in Mad Mick of Dingleville.
  4. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Big Sam anyone?

    Big Sam with no money to spend. Be here like a shot!!!! Dingle Mick on the other hand.
  5. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Not one

    Shambles mate. Us and Wigan bottom 2.
  6. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Train to Wigan

    Are the trains from Manchester to Wigan running when we play them. Heard a rumour it is bus replacements?? Plan was to drink in Manchester then train to Wigan.
  7. Ship out Palmer and get a better RWB to challenge Hunt. Preferably the Hull RB from Play Off Final. Ship out Fox and get anyone. A new CB. A replacement for Ross Wallace on RW. Someone with pace.
  8. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    No. Unless they are under 4, very mall for their age, a lady or you want to pay £99.
  9. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Can’t believe the negativity about the pro fit option. This has become common place at a number of clubs. I personally would not pay £59 for a shirt for myself never mind £99 but the choice is there. Although I do think replica shirts are for kids. The kids shirts are a different matter and should be £30 to £35 max.
  10. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    Suppose will mean I get an extra hour in bed as opposed to queuing up at 9am. Just need to break it to Fin now no shirt tomorrow.
  11. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    So will I be able to go to the shop tomorrow and purchase a shirt for my 12 year old Son ? I read it as no unless I pay £99 for a Pro Fit version.
  12. Wholesale changes for me. Hope we finish second.
  13. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Guess the kit pricing?

    Whatever price it is the Mrs will moan about the cost of my Sons shirt. Regardless of the fact she has clothes in her wardrobe that she has worn once or never and price per wear his Wednesday shirt is one of the best value items in his wardrobe.
  14. You are having a laugh surely aren't you??? So if you had the choice of Wednesday getting promoted next season or England winning this World Cup you would go with England. Each to their own I suppose.
  15. Would rather have been watching Wednesday v Reading, or even Burton. My lad who is 12 even said while watching that it's not the same as watching Wednesday.