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  1. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Alan Nixon

    Think you are on the right lines with those 5. My choice would be Holloway until the end of the season and if possible bring Hurst as his Assistant. Ollie would change the atmosphere around the place which is badly needed.
  2. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    FFP and Sacking Jos

    If this is the scenario we would be better off with Neil Thompson and Steve Haslam in charge.
  3. Hirstys_12th_Pint


    Stop it with that sensible speak!
  4. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Name one thing...

    Our full backs are a huge problem. In todays game they are such an important attacking focal point.
  5. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    One former player

    Carlton Palmer!
  6. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Carlos Twitter

    Carlos will be the next Reading Manager.
  7. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    I would ask him about his concern around attendances and the fact we have very few none season ticket holders each game. The game to game revenue must be very low and season ticket holders I suspect will drop dramatically considering a number of the 3 year deals will be expiring.
  8. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    3. Can we not play one of the Elephants at left back?
  9. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    The year 2018

    2018 has been pretty she-ite all round.
  10. Will Lampard have played at Hillsborough during his career? Possibly when at West Ham?
  11. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    How many games...

    Jos has been told he can keep doing the job until his D Taxi arrives.
  12. Hirstys_12th_Pint


    That one point might get this no hoper and extra 4 games. We may have 1 point in 30 by then!
  13. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Stop it Gene, you’re killing me

    Proper angry!!! Really in two games for all their good approach play have created very little. By the way Chris its Adam Reach's left foot.
  14. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Chansiri kicking off

    I know someone who is friends with Roeder and this is exactly the case. He did line up Bannan before departing though.
  15. Hirstys_12th_Pint

    Team for Blades

    My team dependant on the Curious Case of the Missing Westwood would be : Westwood Palmer Penney Lees Hector Thorniley Hutchinson Bannan Reach Fletcher Joao Subs: Dawson, Pudil, Onoma, Boyd, Jones, Nuhiu, FF (even if 80% fit)