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  1. Ipswich Town - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    This is as bobbar as our kit.
  2. The apparent "booing".

    There was hardly any booing and the ones I heard were only for a small moment at the final whistle and that will be about the total lack of entertainment from a non description game. I think the paying public are entitled a groan after watching that and I have always been Pro Carlos. If the players cannot take the criticism maybe they should not be earning the money they are. Carlos should be realising they are not delivering the attacking football we desire. testicles to all this the players are scared to express themselves and look a little closer to home Carlos and more the tactics and lack of pace and width. For me the criticism of the crowd may be the tipping point.
  3. Picture the scene - The Horse and Jockey pre game v the Pigs and team news comes out. Vulva - "Its OK Leon Clarke is playing". Cheers mate !
  4. I have been in Exec Boxes for matches a few times and in all honesty it is a crap way to watch a match. Would rather Wednesday offer competitive pricing for the prematch meal options with tickets in the South. Get the function rooms full and generate some atmosphere in them.
  5. Chris Jenkins Stocksbridge Owl RIP

    Think there is Chris, Dave and Eddie Jenks.
  6. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    And the Bannan deal was arranged via Glenn Roeder.
  7. Bristol city at home

    What about Matt Penney???
  8. GOALS GOALS GOALS!! Have a look at this

    Both things of beauty.
  9. Shirts Sized Age 12/13

  10. Shirts Sized Age 12/13

    Got YXL age 13/14 and fits ..... just. Is this a but if a ploy from the club so if 12 plus have to buy an adult shirt ? If so this is very wrong.
  11. Friday night's 'NAME THE PLAYER' game

    Yes. Did not realise he was De Boers assistant at Palace.
  12. Friday night's 'NAME THE PLAYER' game

    Maurice Ross??
  13. Friday night's 'NAME THE PLAYER' game

    Corretomundo Alan. Your turn.