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  1. Anybody got a link for the fixtures to go onto a android phone calendar yet?
  2. 1pm KO be great if anyone that's spare could get down and support the lads take the young uns etc
  3. Perhaps the mods could pin this for a week ? Will be donating once paid
  4. Lonchar seems to be more interested in promoting nightclub events on Instagram like a z lister..
  5. usually loads of us back at Doncaster sure you would be able to jump a taxi with some to split cost
  6. Had this issue myself done some digging and it turns out northern rail are on strike next weekend so having to take this route Sheff-Leeds-Hull Hull - Doncaster- Sheff
  7. Cracking bar that been in there a few times has the dj sung nessun dorma yet ? has to be seen to be believed how good he is
  8. If we had the chance you have to consider it surley his experience would bring the young lads and on leaps and bound that and at his age he still has a good few years to give.
  9. 2 spare adult tickets for the kop £20 each
  10. Hope they do I'm down to work that Saturday
  11. If he did go there which he is not then I would send them a cheeky bid for Pontus Jansson on loan
  12. About 250 left last time I asked
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