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  1. Like against Arsenal when we won 3.0. Some comments beggar belief.
  2. geriatricowl

    Mark Lawrenson still hates us

    Are you sure it is not you who has a gigantic hate for Mark Lawrenson ?
  3. geriatricowl

    Full Backs

    Fox has been one of our better players the last two games. but the boo boys carry on. What a bunch of tools.
  4. geriatricowl

    Prestons fans forum

    Why do some fans think that if you win the ball it can't be a foul. Doesn't matter how you do it even if you go in with all studs showing break a players leg, as long as you win the ball that's okay. Some fans really are stupid !!
  5. geriatricowl

    Guess tomorows lineup

    Wish he had played second half against West Brom.
  6. geriatricowl

    POTG ticket prices

    I remember when I was a young un paying one shilling (5 pence ) on the gate to get on the Kop.
  7. Who on earth did you expect to be put in charge at such short notice ?
  8. geriatricowl

    Shine a light protest

    Well said !!
  9. geriatricowl

    Jos storms out

    Please don't disrespect us geriatrics if you don't mind.
  10. geriatricowl

    Boycott the Luton Game

    I will be there supporting my team as I have been for the last 65 years. UTO.
  11. geriatricowl

    Adam Reach

    I'm sorry but needs to be said. Stupid Post !!
  12. geriatricowl

    Adam Reach

    We are all entitled to our opinion. But really you cannot be serious.
  13. Would you have said the same about Harry Kane when he was loaned to Layton Orient. I get the impression you don't really understand the loan system.
  14. geriatricowl

    Joao Goal

    Dear oh Dear some posters really beggar belief.
  15. geriatricowl


    Sad news, condolences to all his family and friends.