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  1. How many games must there have been played on there this season?
  2. Nearly as bad as it was back in the 60s. Have the team been training on there with the training ground having been closed ? Looks very much like it!!
  3. I reckon I could name half a dozen teams. Sad really, but we do seem to have more than our share of boo boys. It is just the way some people are. I remember watching my Son play for his school team. The number of parents who used to give their young kids stick was incredible. A guy who used to sit near me was an absolute pain. The abuse he would give any player who made a mistake was unbelievable, yet he would never give any credit one who was having a good game.
  4. What a player Peter Swan was. That team 60/61 was probably the best I have seen.
  5. We never got the opportunity to see th best of Jack Marriott. Just hope he is fully fit. A very capable player who has a proven record in the Championship.
  6. 20000 Wednesday fans "no way was it a penalty". 20000 Derby fans "it was a definite penalty". What do we expect?
  7. Makes you think does't it. He said he was ready for a return to football. Maybe he just wanted another payday, get in and out quickly and bank a few quid.
  8. Poor journalism in my opinion. I remember working at Sheffield Newspapers in the early 70s. Some top class journalists worked there at that time covering all the local sides. They said it as it was back then without reorting to rants. which is how I would describe the article in the Mirror. Just my opinion !!
  9. Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. Edgar Allen Poe said that in1845 .
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