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  1. We need to do our very best to keep him.
  2. Absolutely agree, the tactics today were spot on.
  3. Predictably a newspaper man complains about banter from our fans. He would be far more unhappy if no one took any notice of his posts. He then makes another provocative statement about us being a mis-managed club. Another comment designed to get a response. Their reputation goes before them.
  4. I have always been a big fan of Reach, ever since he joined us. Some of the stick he gets on here beggars belief.
  5. Just might be something to do with Covid restrictions. Like training on the beach.
  6. His goals seem to have dried up since he left us.
  7. I get my pass 1 game at a time. On the day of the home game. click on - tickets.swfc.co.uk then click on - tickets & travel, then click on - 2020/21 iFollow match passes, then just follow the instructions. Remember you can only get a free pass for home games.
  8. He gets a game because of the way he was playing up to that silly mistake. But of course you will not acknowledge that fact, will you ?
  9. Agree. He was having a very good game up until that silly challenge. Pity, it then gives certain fans another opportunity to have a go at him!!!
  10. Absolutely agree. the comments on twitter from Rhodes team mates says so much about the spirit in this squad.
  11. Top class. Brilliant from winning the ball, the movement, the cross, the finish. Superb team effort. The team spirit is so obvioous. Well done the lads !!!
  12. I am an old cogger now with a few medical issues so Ifollow as been great for me as I can no longer get to away games. I have fond memories of all the away days with my mates in years gone by. It was always a good day out even if the result didn't go our way. I miss the banter, a few pints and good company. Wish I could do it all again.
  13. Our points achieved so far is 25 plus the 6 we have had deducted equals 31, devide that figure by the 26 games we have played gives us 1,19 points per game. multiply that by 20 the number of games remaining that equals 24 points add that to 25 we have leaves you with 49 points. Glad you were not marking my maths papers
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