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  1. It's like this. There are people who's glass is half full and there are those who's glass is half empty. There are positive people and there are negative people. There are winners in life and there are losers. Not difficult to spot which are which on these forums.
  2. I have been going to Hillsborough for over 60 years. I have taken my children and grandchildren regularly I can honestly say that I have never once been concerned about our safety. I was shocked when I read the statement issued by Sheffield council. That statement has now left me absolutely convinced this is political.
  3. You say Bullen is absolutely not Manager material. Based on what exactly. Please enlighten us all !
  4. Absolutely agree ! You may solve a problem that happens once or twice a season which could be sorted by holding back away fans for 10 or 15 minutes after the game. You then shove an extra 4/5000 fans out onto a busy duel carriageway every game. This entrance is also used by wheelchair users accessing disabled section. Probably neglected to take that into consideration. Could find out the cost under freedom of information.
  5. Wow the Mail can't get the facts right. Surprised people still bother to read it !
  6. Beggars belief this report was compiled by a so called expert in crowd safety. It will absolutely cause more problems than it solves.
  7. Simply a case of some people's glass is half empty other people's glass is half full !!
  8. I am not suggesting he would be a suitable choice as manager. But if Bullen is given the job, Turner's ability to spot a good young player might be worth taking into consideration
  9. Didn't Chris Turner bring in Whelan and Brunt ?
  10. Took me a couple of minutes online and I am an old codger with little more knowledge of computers than my pet pooch.
  11. I have often wondered what Plebs and Morons look like. Now I Know !!
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