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  1. Haggis was the type of guy you only meet once or twice in a lifetime and whilst everyone speaks from their own perspective his loss to his many friends like me in Kimi and no doubt his colleagues and customers in business will be ‘massive’. His great loves apart from his family were music and football, above all he was a great listener, very knowledgeable and he had depth underneath a fun and humour filled exterior. He understood a person in a non-selfish way that made every conversation a pleasure. He will be so missed.
  2. Supported the owls for 60 years, have seen loads of managers come and go as have we all. Season ticket holder for many years. Things are grim of that there’s no doubt, especially with happenings on the other side of the city and like many I would prefer to see more passion in the man but I don’t see him being replaced any time soon - his hands are tied until the summer.
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