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  1. Dear All, nice to meet you again. Before all congratulation for promotion in championship, we have follow last season every week, and we are very happy for SWFC promotion. in Italy last season we had opportunity to see only 3 matches on tv , 2 steel city derby and charlton-swfc. Our relationship with the swfc fans still continue, the sheffield friends who met in last 4 years are very special, and we will hope our contacts be continue in the future, Unfortunely FBC Saronno 1910... actually doesnt existe, for this reason is impossible organize meeting and stages for our young teams. We hope to FBC Saronno restarting as soon as possible to renew the relationship. we never forget the beautiful time spent in Sheffield, "UP TO OLWS.. we'll follow you forever " Best Reg.
  2. up to owls ... JOSH IL CAPITANO italian tournament 2010 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=840357&id=1578034243#!/album.php?aid=47166&id=1578034243&page=5
  3. SWFC young teams .... an the italian pasta ( friday dinner on Saronno training ground )
  4. remain 4 match ... what did you think of this table???? Fbc Saronno 65 Verbano 57 Inveruno 52 Insubria 50 Gavirate 47 Crescenzago 45 Fanfulla 43 *Sancolombano 42 Cairate 42 *Naviglio 39 Villanterio 39 Roncalli 39 Sommese 35 Luino 32 Magenta 28 Settimo 26 Bareggio 23 Tribiano 18
  5. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=748623&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=108774389147448&aid=-1&id=1578034243#!/event.php?eid=108774389147448
  6. polo t-shirt avaible in 2 colors Blue ( small , medium , large, xlarge ) Red ( small , medium , large, xlarge ) 30 Euros + 5 Euros x shipping
  7. for your information today results ( 14 feb 2010 ) Fbc Saronno 1910 - Insubria Calcio 5-1 Roncalli -Bareggio 2-1 Sancolombano- Fanfulla 1-0 Naviglio - Gavirate 1-0 Sommese - Inveruno 2-0 Settimo - Luino 0-0 Verbano - Magenta 2-2 Villanterio - Tribiano 2-1 Crescenzago - Cairate 0-1 league table Fbc Saronno 1910 pt.45 Verbano pt.43 Inveruno pt. 39 Insubria pt.36 Gavirate pt.36 Fanfulla pt.34 Villanterio pt.34 Crescenzago pt.33 Cairate pt.pt.29 Naviglio 29 Roncalli pt.28 Sancolombano pt.26 Sommese pt.24 Luino pt.21 Settimo pt.21 Bareggio pt.19 Tribiano pt.17 Magenta pt.17 send an email to encourage the team write "Congratulations from Sheffield, forza Vito, forza Saronno" address vito@tramacere.it, thank you
  8. hallo friends - website link of tournament http://www.forzasaronno.it/torneo2010.htm
  9. the picture show the "representative Polo" that we use it before and after the match
  10. thank you ... for all but sign this link ( are that official ) http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6843...gid=53057081569 http://www.forzasaronno.it http://www.fbsaronno.it
  11. we would like to host your first team in the future. everything is possible, we are working to collaborate even more. Currently we are working together with the Academy, and the italian tournament is at youth level (this year for boys born in 1997). Also We will come in Sheffield in May with the boys born in 1993, and in case Sheffield W. can option the player. Sorry again for my english
  12. Tournament 2010 - 9 may Sheffield Wednesday AC Milan Sampdoria Bologna Chievo Verona Hellas Verona Brescia Calcio FBC Saronno 1910 www.forzasaronno.it
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