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  1. My mate couldn't make the game last night, he was hoping to get back from a trip on time, but didn't make it, so tried to get a refund on his ticket, with it not been used, to be told i can't get a refund if i didn't do it before kick off, but yet the guy was still hoping to make it even after kick off. Having never had to request a refund before i find it bit of strange policy, not to mention a bit annoying, as i have paid for something i haven't used. Has this always been the policy regarding refunds? if so, then it's not right in my eyes as I've got still got the receipt and the used ticket but can't get a refund.
  2. Don't think i can or it would probably appear very suspicious!
  3. All of them, i didn't think to buy anymore and flog em to Owls :O
  4. Town, but i've bought tickets previously so can buy as many as i want :)
  5. I can get tickets in the home sections? not the same i know but..
  6. got this message today, i am on the Huddersfield Giants database which shares the ticket office
  7. Another similarity is that we had players returning from a major tournament ( italia 90) back then also :)
  8. 1 ID with 10 points available, PM, first come etc
  9. RE: the police, i remember when the ball kicking was in full swing, whenever a copper kicked it or headed it, a mighty roar followed by chants of "Heddlu, Heddlu, Heddlu" going up! fantastic day!
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