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    Following Wednesday with my daughter,family,hating United,drinking,golf,squash, tennis, skiing

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  1. Role call for Birmingham

    Me plus 5 from Nuneaton, a nice short trip for once
  2. Spot on, on the the day they got promoted the obesession and the little brother woe is me syndrome still came to the fore
  3. Which areas are Wednesday

    Nuneaton is definitely Wednesday, only met 2 pigs in 24 years of living here, 1 was here working for a week .Fortuitously it was the day the got relegated to division 1 a few years ago against Barnsley. Bought him a pint so he had to hang around longer for me to continue to wind him up. Around 30 odd owls here and 1 pig
  4. Birmingham Away Ticket Details

    Just bought 3
  5. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    cheer pal.. I wasn't in a fluffy mood for that 80 minutes pal :-)
  6. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    didn't work for me HWS, tried that several times, after 80 mins of calling in finally got an telephone call answered and they resolved it
  7. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    Wath Owl, same happened to me mate, 2.01pm ,then 30 mins of egg timer, then 80 mins calling ticket office until finally sorted
  8. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    cheers mate, poised and ready to pounce ! got 3 pals on 40 points so they've got to wait until the 9am general sale bun fight tomorrow
  9. Play Off Semi Final Ticket Sales

    thanks for the update Big D ...patiently waiting for the 2pm 50 points window
  10. yes did the same ...as you look form the stand, we were over in to the left of it, towards the North stand
  11. Pubs for QPR

    arrive 10.23 from Nuneaton then pretty much same starting point as Andy as still unclear the accessibility of 'away' fan pubs in the Loftus Road area. Got a mate going to Shepherds Bush area early to check out the local pubs and is going to text me
  12. Tube closers for QPR away

    arrive 10.30 Euston.. think we're going to do the Baker Street area Globe/Wetherspoon and any others in the in the vicinity as on the direct Hammersmith line (cheers Kenilworth for that route
  13. QPR away pubs

    arrive Euston 10.30, think we're going to probably do Baker St area (Globe/ Wetherspoon) as on the direct Hammersmith line to the ground with no changes. and due to the apparent lack of pubs near the ground for away fans
  14. Epic 10 timer

    9 out of 10, like a fair few of us, missed '66