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  1. I’m pretty sure we did once though can’t recollect which game (if any)
  2. Yes. Easter time / late season sunny evening game. Can still see it going in now
  3. I think we’ll sell out no problem at all
  4. Was sat in the home end today. My view of our fantastic support today
  5. Was in the home end today diagonal opposite our fans and you all came across very loud and clear
  6. The best player I’ve ever watched in person play, not just for SWFC, anyone . Weirdly never rated him until he came to us to see him on a regular basis then just wow !
  7. My dad and a lot of his family were there as they are/we’re Peterborough fans
  8. We had slightly more (49,357) for our league cup tie in the 80s when we played Liverpool
  9. Villa Bournemouth was 48110 compared to our 49309. Sadly as an attendance geek I recollect this off the top of my head
  10. Pretty much sums me up last year. 6 away days. No home. Mind you I live in the midlands so some are easier than coming up to Sheffield
  11. Yes it did mate. I was a beat Bobby at the same time as him and he worked the bramall lane side of London road and I was often on the ecclesall road end
  12. Agreed. I think it should have been demolish following the 89 disaster and the. F A bore most if not all of the cost of a rebuild
  13. We're doing the marina area from 3ish then town / high street from 5ish
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