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  1. Couldn’t agree more mate. Too many see the destination rather than the journey game to game. It’s always been more about the joy of the day / game / experience / belonging / mates than the supposed holy grail of the Premier.
  2. Looking forward to this coming out John / Bearwood. We’re friends on Facebook and I happily wrote a few memories for you of my times actively supporting us through our ‘lowest times’. Moved to Sheffield when I was 5 in 1970 and despite living the other side of Sheffield toSWFC I chose us to support, or was I was destined to be an Owl. My badge of honour is still being on Look North filmed in our then 55,000 capacity ground, stood on our cast pretty empty Kop, in a record low crowd of 6,905 against Colchester. Still got 150+ programmes from that era. As a previous poster alluded to, some of the over entitled drama queens on Owls Talk wouldn’t have been able to handle those formative early years of supporting this Club
  3. This 100%. Was saying this the other day. Chansiri / Thais are very much big on respect and he’ll take this as a massive personal thing. He’s got money and I believe will take it a lot further. If Ashley thought he’s stubborn I reckon he’s about to meet someone who will take it up a notch
  4. Be a bit of light relief watching the game tonight on a warm summers evening. 3 of us travelling down from Nuneaton Who else is off off to the game tonight
  5. I’m pretty sure we did once though can’t recollect which game (if any)
  6. Yes. Easter time / late season sunny evening game. Can still see it going in now
  7. I think we’ll sell out no problem at all
  8. Was sat in the home end today. My view of our fantastic support today
  9. Was in the home end today diagonal opposite our fans and you all came across very loud and clear
  10. The best player I’ve ever watched in person play, not just for SWFC, anyone . Weirdly never rated him until he came to us to see him on a regular basis then just wow !
  11. My dad and a lot of his family were there as they are/we’re Peterborough fans
  12. We had slightly more (49,357) for our league cup tie in the 80s when we played Liverpool
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