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  1. nuneatonowl1

    Four away games, all four sold out

    Pretty much sums me up last year. 6 away days. No home. Mind you I live in the midlands so some are easier than coming up to Sheffield
  2. nuneatonowl1

    Peter Springett RIP

    Yes it did mate. I was a beat Bobby at the same time as him and he worked the bramall lane side of London road and I was often on the ecclesall road end
  3. nuneatonowl1

    The North West Corner

    Agreed. I think it should have been demolish following the 89 disaster and the. F A bore most if not all of the cost of a rebuild
  4. We're doing the marina area from 3ish then town / high street from 5ish
  5. nuneatonowl1

    Lincoln ticket info

    Cheers ‘Ever the pessimist ‘
  6. nuneatonowl1

    Lincoln ticket info

    Anyone know how many we've sold of the second allocation? Not seen any updates anywhere . Cheers
  7. nuneatonowl1

    Lincoln City vs #SWFC - SOLD OUT

    Managed to get 2. Booked the hotel the day the game was announced, Only £32, on the basis we’d get tickets somewhere somehow. Great memories of going there in the 70s as a young un on that packed out side terracing
  8. Yes, several of us going.
  9. nuneatonowl1

    The farthest out #SWFC headed goal?

    I remember when we beat Swansea 6-1 in the 80/90s in the snowstorm when John Toshack scored an own goal header for us from the edge of the area
  10. nuneatonowl1

    Pre Season Friendly Announced.

    Hotel booked. £37.00 twin room. A local away day summer friendly , not been there since the mid 70's. Time to reminisce and plenty of beers in the sun
  11. nuneatonowl1

    Peter Rodrigues

    Used to live 3 doors away from me in Rosamond Drive, Bradway. Seemed a quiet but pleasant bloke
  12. nuneatonowl1

    Wolves: general advice

    Hi malice, I fully endorse what sheffieldbkue has said. Bluebrick pub bang on and vast majorit will be away fans drinking outside good atmosphere and a 10 minute or so walk to the ground. Plenty of owls so walk up with them from the pub. Don't you'll have any bother as it's a main road with police interspersed along the route
  13. nuneatonowl1

    Wolves: general advice

    Olly, yes it is mate as are most/all in the centre . Bouncers on the door checking you've git a home match ticket
  14. nuneatonowl1

    Role call for Birmingham

    Me plus 5 from Nuneaton, a nice short trip for once
  15. Spot on, on the the day they got promoted the obesession and the little brother woe is me syndrome still came to the fore