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  1. Absolutely I’ll be straight in there when I get the chance of any small gloat. I’m still here after 27 years and love it despite the odd gripe. About 15 years ago I met a massive family of Owls and several others since so I feel more at home
  2. You’ve missed out the Fox . That’s the last place I had a good old matter with him over several beers. Are you still in Nuneaton as I no doubt see you out and about. Ps. Was in the Crows yesterday afternoon, recognises the new Manager had a Sheffield accent and got the worse reply imaginable when I asked him who he supported. . It was the ’s
  3. I was a copper joining back on New Years Eve in 1984. Hugh Dowd was on the same initial intake as well as Ray Mountford, the old Rotherham keeper
  4. He also worked out of West Bar, often patrolling London Road. I worked out of Woodseats police patrolling the opposite side of London Road. Lovely bloke
  5. Lives a couple of roads from me and often have a chat & a few beers with him discussing all things football in my local. Has some great stories from his football career and is good company.
  6. After feeling gutted re the late goal going in it made it slightly more palatable the poignancy of who scored got them. Ps. Ross would have been more livid than anyone that we conceded but in equal measures he’d have been so happy for Matty.
  7. Lovely feature on him. He was on our Nuneaton / East Midlands Owls coach for the Hull play off final. They’re both very good friends of the Barr family in Nuneaton Circled Matty and Ross (in the hat on the right) in this photo. Both such lovely lads and we had a cracking coach trip despite the result. .
  8. Hi mate One of my my Dad's friends used to take me all over the country in the late 70s (funnily enough we met him through golfing at Beauchief Golf club) and he was called Chris Lawton but I’m sure he was also known as John Just trying to find out if it may be him ? Condolences to you and yours
  9. Pick me up pal, I live 6 miles away from the Ricoh, a two man protest may carry some weight / strength in numbers
  10. Brilliant. Can’t wait to read it and pass it onto my daughter so she has a keepsake legacy of my formative years as an Owl
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