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  1. Weirdly so far this season they've had the highest number of shots in the league and second highest on target - yet are the fifth lowest scorers
  2. "All EFL clubs will be able to stream midweek league games via their websites if Sky are not broadcasting it live" I presume clubs will chose to only show away games so as not to impact home attendances
  3. Under 23s today....

    Every thread about the u18/23 teams descends into a debate about George Hirst - while the other talents get ignored. Fantastic 1-0 win today by a team full of youngsters against a more experienced Palace side - Preslav Borukov got the goal Sheffield Wednesday: Wallis, Baker, Nielsen, O’Grady, Penney, Preston, Murphy, Kirby, Clarke, Borukov (Waldock 70), Lonchar (Bendetti 80). Subs not used: Williams, Walker, West.
  4. Erection....

    Don't know much of the background but wasn't the plan originally for the whole stadium (see pic) - it would have been the first of what many modern grounds now look like

    If you actually watch the video of the press conference - rather than relying on the badly written Star spun version of it - it seems straight forward. Carlos couldn't be more open about how it all came about
  6. Butterfield was second choice

    Suspect we thought Butterfield was out of reach until Derby expressed an interest in Winnall - then we realized we had more bargaining power than we thought
  7. He's probably putting most of the spending on his dog's account
  8. Josh Sims....

    Seems like a talent. Interesting report on him here http://outsideoftheboot.com/2016/12/17/scout-report-josh-sims-southamptons-latest-gem/
  9. This sounds like a regurgitated old story - wasn't it reported we'd turned down £2m from Leceister weeks ago
  10. That's relating to FFP rules for teams competing in European competitions - and is primarily aimed at PSG re: Neymar FIFA have nothing to do with the EFL's FFP rules
  11. Semedo coming back to England??

    Signed for Vitoria Setúbal from where we got Frederico Venâncio. Top tier in Portugal has to be better than League 1
  12. Away shirts

    It's pretty horrific but both times we've worn it has been with the gold shorts from the third kit. It might look a bit better with the proper black shorts
  13. His agents are Doyen Global - who incidentally have also just signed up under-23s defender Jack Lee