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  1. simpark

    Nuhiu at the crossroads

    Providing he's not viewed as first choice I'd give him another year - FFP permitting To use a golfing analogy he is like a sand wedge - you hope you never have to use it, but sometimes it comes in useful
  2. Cost of entertainment/sports tickets in general has gone through the roof Weekend ticket for Reading Festival in 1981, for example, was £14.50 - equivalent of £53 today. This year they are £205 (+£16 booking fee, which is another modern rip off)
  3. They are one the few clubs who didn't sign up to iFollow - done their own thing instead. I wonder how many subscribe to LUTV?
  4. simpark

    The pitch

    Desso doesn't guarantee it'll be like a carpet all year round - it depends on many factors like amount of usage, weather etc. We have been training on it and youth and under-23s games have been played on it, plus we've had snow, frost and a couple of games were played in bad conditions Loads of other club's Desso pitches aren't pristine this year either - have you seen Villa's for example https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/aston-villa-park-pitch-state-14188112
  5. It's two and half years FA rules state that "players under-18 cannot sign a contract surpassing a 3 year maximum"
  6. simpark

    Length of Players' Injuries

    He was on the bench at Villa and involved throughout December against Wolves, Middlesbrough, Forest, Brentford, Burton He has now done another of his mysterious disappearing acts though
  7. simpark

    Matt Penney off on loan

    Good move providing he gets game time and Evans doesn't pass on any dietary tips
  8. simpark

    Centre half from Man City

    Really hope there is nothing in this - what message does it send to Thorniley, O'Grady and Neilson Why waste 25k a week (or even a portion of that) on someone else's player when we've got our own young talent to develop + returning senior players in that position anyway
  9. What's the point spending money on helping develop another club's player when we've not got much to play for - rather give Sean Clare a go
  10. simpark

    Christoph Knasmüllner

    We need more goals from midfield However apparently Jos was asked about this guy at the press conference and denied it
  11. simpark

    Christoph Knasmüllner

    https://www.laola1.at/de/red/fussball/bundesliga/news/transfer--ist-christoph-knasmuellner-reif-fuer-die-insel-/ The translated headline: Is Knasmüllner ready for the island? Makes it sound like he is heading Alcatraz It does include the highlights video to save you searching YouTube
  12. Top four in the League One table after that match all now in the Premier League
  13. simpark

    Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Might not be about wages - perhaps he doesn't want to swap a Champions League club for one in the bottom half of the Championship. Any player with no Wednesday allegiance would probably see it as a backwards step That said I'd much prefer us to sign good young players on the up (like Joey who seems genuinely enthused to have signed) rather than those on the way down
  14. simpark

    Joey Pelupessy

    Seems like a done deal https://www.hafc.nl/2018/01/17/joey-pelupessy-verlaat-heracles-voor-sheffield-wednesday/
  15. simpark

    Sean Clare

    Looking at his Twitter he seems delighted by it