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  1. Rob Jones speaking highly of Omar - and Wednesday
  2. Dave Richards now runs the wine shop in Wentworth. He's in there most days. Saw him leaving just before Christmas in a Jaguar with an 'Owls' personalised number plate
  3. simpark

    Alexander Milosevic

    Foot like a traction engine!
  4. Only two teams are scoring goals at a higher rate than us - yet this has us as having a 'quiet attack' No wonder the odds are, er, odd if that's what they are basing it on
  5. simpark

    Ifollow full match replays...

    Yesterday's full match replay is on there now However it appears to have audio from the Man U - Wolves game on it for some bizarre reason - anyone else found this?
  6. The big win is that the BBC have lost the exclusivity that they had previously insisted on. So no more having to put up with going round the grounds and to goals in other games which meant you only ever got commentary of half the game even when listening on iFollow
  7. simpark

    Strength of our academy

    When Dean Ramsdale joined our academy was at Level 4 and under an interim audit (like being in special measures). In contrast the Blades and Barnsley were Level 2 Milan and Dave Jones put a lot of effort into turning us around and getting to us to category two status when the new Elite Player Performance Plan system came in. It's a credit to Milan that he was willing to put the cash in at a time when he was basically running the club on a shoestring and made no secret of planning to sell on. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2013/july/owls-achieve-category-two/
  8. He added him a couple of weeks ago
  9. We’ve got them, they are called Ash Baker and Matt Penney Why would we develop PL club kids when we have our own?
  10. simpark

    Before the loan deadline.

    He signed a new two and half year contract just a few months ago
  11. simpark

    The Abdinator!

    He's managed to revive that other serial crock Matias so stranger things have happened
  12. Like he did with Stevie May you mean?
  13. simpark

    Owls TV coming?

    Derby and Villa aren't with iFollow either they have their own Rams TV and Villa TV
  14. According to the interview with EFL chief earlier Villa still have to reduce losses by £40m - meanwhile they are signing more players, even been linked with bringing back Snodgrass on his mega-wages
  15. All the main sponsorship packages - shirt, stands, round pitch advertising etc - are Chansiri or his surrogate companies for a reason - so he can put the maximum into the club he can realistically get away with under the rules. Almost certainly more than any 'actual sponsors' would be willing to pay