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  1. Looks like he has definitely signed - three year contract. From German interview... Julian Börner is curious. For him, a whole new chapter is about to begin: On July 1, training will be on Sheffield Wednesday. Arminia's captain of the past season has signed a three-year contract with the English second division club. Until the departure there are still some things to do. Next week the moving van comes. The Börners - Julian, his wife Kristina and daughter Emma - give up their luggage, but by no means everything else in the Bielefeld home. Your house will be sublet, a part they will continue to use when it comes to a short break home. The city on Teuto will later remain the center of life. That's how it's planned. "When the little one comes to elementary school, we want to be back," says Börner, who has not come to terms with a return to the DSC, even though coach Uwe Neuhaus and sports director Samir Arabi were very angry that the 28- Year old in spite of oral commitment umendschied. A childhood dream comes true "I definitely have not made it easy and can understand the trouble. But it has always been a childhood dream of mine to play in England. "Two years ago he had already received a concrete offer from England under the impressions of the birth of his daughter and the spectacular last year's relegation in Dresden He gave priority to Arminia. "Now suddenly this economically interesting offer came in. I flew over, talked to those responsible, completed the medical check-up and signed it," explains Börner. Also for his wife fit the arrangement. She will continue to do her part-time job remotely and work on her doctorate. "It's just the perfect time," Börner said, and he has received encouragement from the team and his friends, and even DSC officials have congratulated him on the opportunity. Börner becomes the first German in the history of Sheffield Wednesday (founded in 1867). The traditional club was already English champion. "I'm really up for it and I'm curious to see how I react to the new environment," he says.Another language, significantly more competitive games and new teammates await him. "I'll have to work my way up a new standing," Börner says about the challenge he likes to accept.
  2. The series also has an interview with Simon Donnelly in which he briefly mentions his time here - 45min in
  3. We want £7m for Rhodes and that has cooled interest from Norwich
  4. I'm delighted to see him back but would not be rushing into handing him a new deal. Needs to be fully assessed throughout pre-season before a decision is made, assuming Bruce rates him. As an out of contract player there is no transfer deadline rush either Players out for so long aren't guaranteed to come back the same - look at Alan Judge, £10m rated player before his injury, came back but ended up moving Brentford to Ipswich for a nominal fee
  5. The squad needs massive trimming. This picture sums it up - they've had to reduce the font size to fit it on the back of the programme
  6. There are more people in the directors box than there are on match days. Who are they all? Geoff Sheard and his extended family?
  7. This points deduction is specifically for breaching the embargo they were under the summer by signing a player - they still have to abide by the P&S rules and haven't had the slate wiped clean
  8. Looks like a discount supermarket - Aldi logo is on some of the drawings - two drive-thru food places, a bigger retail unit but otherwise trade units. Nothing like restaurants or sports bar etc Weird it doesn't include the former Charlie Browns. Wonder who owns that
  9. McGugan still only 30. Went on to make 9 appearance for Northampton, left and not played for over a year now. What a waste
  10. Rob Jones speaking highly of Omar - and Wednesday
  11. Dave Richards now runs the wine shop in Wentworth. He's in there most days. Saw him leaving just before Christmas in a Jaguar with an 'Owls' personalised number plate
  12. Only two teams are scoring goals at a higher rate than us - yet this has us as having a 'quiet attack' No wonder the odds are, er, odd if that's what they are basing it on
  13. Yesterday's full match replay is on there now However it appears to have audio from the Man U - Wolves game on it for some bizarre reason - anyone else found this?
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