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  1. The agents of all of them are going to be after new long term contracts not one month deals And even if they did sign on for an extra month, they're hardly likely to put much effort in knowing that they're not getting a new long term deal - risking injury that could scupper a deal somewhere else
  2. Figures that clubs - including SWFC - have reported to EFL for 2019-20 season that have been leaked to Daily Mail Bearing in mind these are averages it's pretty frightening across all leagues
  3. In his time supporting he saw us win the league (twice), the FA, the League Cup and the Charity Shield, plus play in Europe four times RIP Jesse
  4. https://www.bild.de/sport/fussball/fussball/fc-st-pauli-sieg-verbockt-so-ist-matt-penney-keinen-cent-wert-68556988.bild.html That's Penney not worth a penny Before kickoff, everyone at FC St. Pauli would have been satisfied with a point against Stuttgart. After the 1-1, the mood was cloudy, a threesome would have been possible. But nothing came of it - because Matt Penney (21) screwed up the victory. His unnecessary loss of ball in midfield led to Mario Gomez's equalization. The defender - who came for the weak Luca Zander at 0-3 in Fürth - is only on loan from Sheffield Wednesday. Without purchase option. And despite the manageable market value of 350,000 euros, he has currently given little argument as to why St. Pauli should eventually negotiate with England's second division. Against Stuttgart, he won only 33 percent of his duels, making the Pauli negative with ten bad passes. And caught the anger of the teammates.
  5. Extended highlights reel - he's got a trick or two and looks to get forward asap
  6. Yeah he must have been terrible to go on to play in the same Juve team as Zidane, Conte, Inzaghi, Del Piero, Trezeguet, Edgar Davids, Van Der Sar etc etc
  7. Looking back its weird that in all those weeks we were looking for a new manager his name was barely ever mentioned Was he ever even amongst the favourites in the betting until the last minute?
  8. In hindsight it seems odd how little Monk, who now seems the obvious candidate, was ever mentioned during that long period before DC got round to appointing someone
  9. Not one gone on to better things, which tells you a lot. Who was the last player who left because they were on an upward trajectory - Antonio?
  10. Dave Jones won in both March and April 2012 - albeit in League One
  11. There isn’t one at least in the edition I’ve seen
  12. Someone needs to show DC that recent interview with Bannan where he said Pulis was the worst possible manager for his style of play and how he dropped him at Palace
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