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  1. Sam Smart is a very talented lad - scores loads from midfield. One to watch wherever he ends up Interestingly he was also selected for the most recent Jamie Vardy V9 programme designed to unearth talents from the lower leagues. I think it was filmed for Sky
  2. Perhaps it never came in then - or may be it was just teams playing in Europe I seem to remember it had something to do with UEFA regulations
  3. Don't know about the EFL but in the PL they changed the rules so you can't have stripes on the back
  4. simpark

    Squad or Ground

    We all know Hillsborough needs an extensive upgrade and overhaul - but even in its current state it is still rated by visiting fans Like this...
  5. Makes a change from flogging players on the cheap - Antonio etc Also it's a negotiation - we say we want £3m, they say £1m, we meet somewhere in the middle or we don't
  6. Top sides charge a fortune. I read somewhere that Real Madrid want something like £1m for a friendly which is why they end up playing in the Middle East, Far East and US, only places that will pay it
  7. He's from Union Berlin not Hertha If you want to link a left back from Germany try Philip Heise from Dynamo Dresden who Jos did manage during his brief spell at Stuttgart Widely reported he is moving to England, though it's so far a mystery which club
  8. Just after Alan's Deep Bath, brought to you by Dettol
  9. Means each club can have their own commentator, summariser etc - rather than just a generic voice with no affinity with the club For Wednesday possibly Rob O'Neil and John Pearson who do the audio commentary? But how that will work over pictures I don't know
  10. They are adding commentary and match graphics this season It's £10 in the UK - still £5 per match for overseas viewers (or £110 for the season)
  11. Widely reported to be moving to England this summer - 5 goals and 13 assists last season