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Community Answers

  1. Says in the Macron press release there are alternative white shorts
  2. Home is OK , away is meh - neither a patch on last season Also absolutely hate it when both kits have different collar styles
  3. This - however it's worth noting this is a suspended punishment for previously not paying on time. If we did it again as well as triggering this suspended deduction they'd be fresh new charges on top - probably a further points deduction and other sanctions
  4. Two different things. Current embargo will be lifted once accounts are submitted and projections provided to EFL - same as other clubs that took advantage of government extension EFL will then analysis the accounts and if anything is amiss (like we've breached FFP) we could be hit with new charges and a new embargo. Hopefully the accounts will pass muster - presumably high earners dropping off the wage bill and the stadium sale whatever year it's finally filed under helps
  5. This is a long, long problem that bafflingly we've never seem to solve. It's 11 years since the last 20 goal player, only two in over 20 years, both of them only at League 1 level. Pathetic when numerous other teams regularly unearth strikers who actually know where the net is. We desperately need a strong, pacy physical forwards capable of leading the line and bagging 20+ - sadly history suggests not to hold your breath.
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if Keinan Davis from Villa isn't one we're looking at - not ITK though
  7. No they haven't. On all official sites picture is normal - no massive heed
  8. To be fair its uncharted territory how the rules will actually work, especially on appeal - think we'd be the first team to appoint an overseas manager since Jan 1
  9. Try this https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday/toptorschuetzensaison/verein/1035
  10. It’s overseen by head of recruitment David Downes and recruitment analyst Dean Hughes More here https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/how-sheffield-wednesdays-transfer-committee-18170717
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