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  1. Easy target, as I said before remind me what Marriot & Windas did tonight. In a word....nothing.
  2. We got a manager who got his tactics & team selection wrong. Has won 1 game in the last 15 , but they blame Rhodes. Oh dear.
  3. Have you watched the game tonight? Embarrassing. Its the 10 in front of Dawson that's the problem.
  4. Brentford back 4 were all stood on the edge of our penalty area every time there was a corner, don't understand Monks or any managers logic at all. One man left up field would take at least 2 defenders with him.
  5. Only 8 months to go & they can have a rest. Jaded in September after 2 weeks off, footballers life is hard.
  6. He sorted Swansea at half time & we didn't get a look in 2nd half.
  7. Jos is not the answer. Hope we get a new man in for next season
  8. What do expect when you have Jones & Butterfield continually losing the ball in midfield. Waste of a shirt both of them
  9. Agree best ref I have seen too. What gets me its always got to be about them & it goes on week after week and nothing changes. They seem to be untouchable, it stinks. Time something was done about it.
  10. Today sums up why there are no English referees at this years world cup. The standard is terrible. They all got be the centre of attention & they love themselves including the linesman.
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