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  1. JS: It didn’t look good for Tom Lees, he went straight to the hospital and has had an X-ray and it doesn’t look to be a fracture but it’s a big blow for us to lose him #MIDSHW
  2. You should have seen Steve Burtinshaw & len athurst sides in 70's. Now they were bad, just avoided old 4th division on last day of season.
  3. Shouldn't be in squad on his present form. Offers nothing.
  4. What would you do then. Thompson is sinking, not his fault. There has to be a change fast.
  5. I'm afraid our chairman hasn't a clue what a proper manager is.
  6. Have you watched the game today. Tactics....hoof football Subs...today & at stoke strange
  7. Ok we just drift onto division 1 then & do nothing. I have nothing against Neil Thompson, just dont think he will keep us up. I do hope he proves me wrong.
  8. I would bring a british manager in tonight if we can. Dont ask me who, but the type of football I am seeing & tactics will only end us in division 1. Too late for a foreign manager.
  9. He says they changed system, what system. Only system I saw was hoof it up everytime you get the ball. Shocking football
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