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  1. Why on earth would you play Berahino after his performance tonight. I think Windass & Hunt will start. Surprised if he drops Johnson
  2. I'm just interested to know how many times we have done that. I know how many we have dropped from winning positions.
  3. Moore is clueless. Tactically inept. Needs sacking end of season.
  4. Not one game, it's all season. Never convinced me at all. Makes strange decisions
  5. Moore just cant change a game, good managers can. Winning 6-0 sat, 30mins to go leaves Bannan on. Scraping a 1-0 last night & takes him off after 70mins, although he was being man marked by their No6. Their manager got it spot on with his tactics Tinkers with side when he should'nt . Sorry still not convinced with Moore
  6. Trouble us kamberi never looks like scoring. I wouldn't even have him in squad. Waste of a place.
  7. Kamberi 4goals in 20 matches Can't hold ball up Doesn't win a header Just runs about alot Works hard with no end product, supposed to be a striker
  8. I think you will be ok under the circumstances. Any problems ask to speak to ticket office manager.
  9. Friend had similar problem. Rang ticket office today 14th in queue, on phone 1hr 20mins!!!
  10. Top man. Wednesday through & through. Hope he does well in Scotland & comes back one day.
  11. Spot on mate. It was the timing most were upset about. Public relations disaster. Presume sales are way down too now.
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