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  1. Poor game Poor atmosphere Poor away following Apart from that it was great
  2. Away fans aren't wanted anywhere prices and policing is a joke .
  3. C##p ground and prices sort of hitting us now our expensive prices for away fans at Hillsboro. Probably go tho
  4. Cops are sh#te the stuff at the end letting em out above us at that gangway off the top tier on the left spitting throwing stuff n basically just hurling abuse cops should of been there stopping it not that much hassle outside tbf
  5. Going to be messy Friday night I couldn't make out the song Saturday its poor but so is this s##t off naming people
  6. Fu##ing stupid idea but sod not going why should people have to stay away Utd are scum total scum I just hope we get a win to wee wee em off a little more . The Wilder chant is very tasteless
  7. Whatever we field scares me so many missing
  8. All I want is a performance tbh I'm not convinced i'll see it tho we ain't the fight
  9. Don't need a big name don't need a foreign coach either
  10. Barcelona Celtic Chesterfield Enjoy watching Man City at present
  11. Thanks Carlos you came a nobody the first season was excellent the second ended in playoff failure farce the sad thing is whatever anyone felt hardly anyone has had the decency to thank the bloke for his efforts
  12. What a state I'm not sure to be honest who really is to blame here in a way everyone one thing tho money is and will never be the end all of football but it might just kill the game.
  13. Any of the following away Arsenal Chelsea Liverpool Spurs MK Dons Bradford Fleetwood Hereford
  14. Did great at Watford but just ain't happened here and realistically it won't change under CC or anyone else for whatever reason sometimes it ain't meant to be.
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