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  1. hirstymacca09

    Best fans in the country

    Poor game Poor atmosphere Poor away following Apart from that it was great
  2. hirstymacca09


    Played very well
  3. hirstymacca09


    Expected around 2k to travel
  4. hirstymacca09

    Middlesbrough ticket info

    Very slow sales
  5. hirstymacca09

    Barnsley allocation and price

    Away fans aren't wanted anywhere prices and policing is a joke .
  6. hirstymacca09

    OFFICIAL - Pelupessy signs

    Welcome to Hillsboro
  7. hirstymacca09

    Middlesbrough ticket info

    C##p ground and prices sort of hitting us now our expensive prices for away fans at Hillsboro. Probably go tho
  8. hirstymacca09

    Chaos getting out

    Cops are sh#te the stuff at the end letting em out above us at that gangway off the top tier on the left spitting throwing stuff n basically just hurling abuse cops should of been there stopping it not that much hassle outside tbf
  9. hirstymacca09

    I don’t care if I get hate for this

    Going to be messy Friday night I couldn't make out the song Saturday its poor but so is this s##t off naming people
  10. hirstymacca09

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    Weird goings on
  11. Fu##ing stupid idea but sod not going why should people have to stay away Utd are scum total scum I just hope we get a win to wee wee em off a little more . The Wilder chant is very tasteless
  12. hirstymacca09

    Team for next Friday

    Whatever we field scares me so many missing
  13. hirstymacca09

    Players reading this? Re : Derby game

    All I want is a performance tbh I'm not convinced i'll see it tho we ain't the fight