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  1. Poor game Poor atmosphere Poor away following Apart from that it was great
  2. Away fans aren't wanted anywhere prices and policing is a joke .
  3. C##p ground and prices sort of hitting us now our expensive prices for away fans at Hillsboro. Probably go tho
  4. Cops are sh#te the stuff at the end letting em out above us at that gangway off the top tier on the left spitting throwing stuff n basically just hurling abuse cops should of been there stopping it not that much hassle outside tbf
  5. Going to be messy Friday night I couldn't make out the song Saturday its poor but so is this s##t off naming people
  6. Fu##ing stupid idea but sod not going why should people have to stay away Utd are scum total scum I just hope we get a win to wee wee em off a little more . The Wilder chant is very tasteless
  7. Whatever we field scares me so many missing
  8. All I want is a performance tbh I'm not convinced i'll see it tho we ain't the fight
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