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  1. Just a rumour...

    I think over 100 games in charge of a club is sufficient time to assess whether you are achieving your goals or not, yes.
  2. Just a rumour...

    Since when is sacking a manager in his third season at the club 'chopping and changing'? He's the 2nd longest serving manager in the championship.
  3. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    an aloof and patronising response.
  4. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    why does everything have to compare to the bad past? Its like saying i've got piles and someone coming along saying could be worse you could have had cancer.
  5. Carlos Carvalhal until January SO....

    Derby away next week is my last until hes gone, giving my season ticket to a pal until he leaves. Yesterday was the last straw for me, the whole club is broken and personally never felt more disenfranchised and that includes all the bad times we've endured in the third division. Off the pitch its a shambles and I cant bare to watch any more performances like yesterday, its frustrating to watch and wasting my time.
  6. Is Carlos Carvalhal really so hard to replace?

    He got Palace promoted and Wolves promoted to the Premier League and is keeping Ipswich in the championship with ZERO money. He also turned Darryl Murphy into a very useful striker.
  7. Joe Palmer

    DC could even give them shares as a good will gesture, to show he is in touch with the fans.
  8. Club 1867 / Plaque Membership

    Sadly the plaques are on the same boat as the kits
  9. The year we lost to Utd twice and nearly won the league

    If we had the side we did then or played even 30% like them then I would accept what you are saying. We didn't just lose on Sunday, we got absolutely tore apart. I've watched every home derby since 1979 and not seen owt as bad as that.
  10. George Hirst

    Just a bad situation. Their best young player rips us a new one on the pitch, our best youngster rips us a new one on twitter,
  11. George Hirst

    Not his finest moment on twitter 'liking' this post imo.
  12. Joost Van Aken

    Looked like he was pulling a caravan today. Offered nothing defensively, which is crazy for a centre half.
  13. Song for Van Aken

    So after three pages and numerous cleverly worded verses to well know songs, we will end up with DO DO- DO DO DO DO - JOOST, like the Andy Booth chant. Think everyone forgets that more than about two sentences and everyone cant be arsed.
  14. Massive transfer window negativity, but..,

    the fools are gutted cos they cant sing na na na na na - na na na na na na na na na na Sammy Winall,
  15. Rumour has it that Neil and that tramp he invited to a function once have the bronze package.