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  1. I really wish they would have, maybe time will tell as to why they haven't.
  2. I have absolutely no idea, but I do think its vital to invest in home grown talent for what it actually costs.
  3. This, the academy has been improved under Chansiri but alarmingly the investment in improving the contracts of the ones doing well seems to be a bit lacking.
  4. Well everything is unverifiable unless they come and say it themselves but I have no reason to disbelieve or doubt what Ive been told given who has told me, the same as I know JR is on 32k a week matching our top earners, an 8k drop from Boro but promised the shortfall if we make it back to the PL.
  5. Also I think the resignation of Hirst Snr should tell you that his son has been treated shabbily.
  6. Well thats the figure mentioned to me from all places and that includes a good golf pro pal of mine that played with Hirsty snr. So yes its hearsay but I dont know how other than Hirst Snr coming out in public and saying it, it can be any better than that.
  7. 2k a week over 4 years is pandering to his whims? When his England team mates are on FIVE times that.
  8. Amazing how many fans can be duped by a single entity. Happens in the media all the time, watch BBC and you will hate trump and follow Lily Allen. The clues are there for all now with the advent of the internet. The best fisherman will find the best catch as always.
  9. She didn't act on instructions from above when threatening fans with legal action.
  10. Whatever his legacy, the chairman has successfully put a JCB right through the middle of the fan base. I want this to end well, but anyone with an ounce of sense knows it isn't going to.
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