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  1. All this hes too old rubbish. Viv Anderson stir any memories???
  2. Didn't blow the whistle after 95.5 minutes to end the game. As soon as he struck the fee kick the game should have been ended, if not before the foul
  3. Was going to neg, until I realised you said outfield. I think it'll be scandalous not to offer Westwood another contract. His performances has kept us in the hunt for the play offs
  4. Sorry, don't give a hoots what happens over there. Wednesday first, Wednesday last. Gutted we didn't get anything. Would loved to have equalised or even won because it would have been for our benifet
  5. I was going to post the same. For a quality player, the easy ball was on the ground for metias to run on to. Was a very poor ball, which lead to a Leeds attack. I cant see him being next season. I don't think he wants to be here next season either. Let's hope Carlos gets the QPR job and puts a bid in
  6. It was the only available place for 3 tickets together
  7. On a side note, we arrived early to take in the whole match day experience. I have to say the catering was a joke. The cheese burger we chose was cold, no cheese (had ran out!!) the bread was very dry and top it off there was no ketchup. Again we will be taking in the experience outside the ground and arrive just before kick off.
  8. Your probably not far wrong. We were in the south yesterday and the atmosphere was terrible. The several people around us, including ourselves, who dared to shout, sing or show any kind of passion were frowned upon and told that sort of thing was more akin to the north stand. We travelled over 350 miles to be at the game only to be made unwelcome by our own fans. Regardless to say we won't be going in the south again.
  9. But all the rounds games weren't fair. Some had the advantage of var to decide if the initial decision was correct. The decision tonight could have affected the result as it proved it didn't at millwall
  10. But not ours, not Evertons because var was used in one not the other. That's the fair bit. If var is to used, it should be for fixtures.
  11. Exactly. All or none of the ties. That's the fair bit. Not ours was over ruled and theirs stood. No one is questioning why var was only used at prem grounds!
  12. If there's a dodgy decision that ref gets wrong yes
  13. Will var be used at Barnet v Brentford tomorrow? Why was var used only used at prem grounds. My point is use it at all ties or none. On a side note, I thought ours wasn't a pen, theirs was. The result this eve was fair. But if var wasn't used who knows what the outcome would have been because we were given a pen!!
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