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  1. Southowl

    Club shop

    Sorry in advance if in wrong section. Is the shop open after the game tomorrow?
  2. Southowl

    QPR Restricted View

    Thanks for the help. I knew Id get some witty replies as well
  3. Bought my first ticket to visit Loftus Road. Can anyone who's been before shed any light on the restricted view tickets. Thank you in advance for any help WAWAW
  4. Southowl

    Can you name this #SWFC team?

    Well done spoil sport
  5. Southowl

    Just got back...

    Sorry but the support today was dire. At one point I was told to turn round and watch the game when trying to get the crowd going. The team was flat, the support was flat. When playing 19th in the table we should be imposing ourselves. Again tactics/team selection was all wrong. No urgency, no pace and no game plan. Sorry needs to go now
  6. Southowl


    Can he not do the Lee role? Bags of energy to get up and down the pitch.
  7. Who..... Winnall or Hourihane?
  8. Southowl


    Under instruction from the manager?? We dont seem to get balls into the box unless we are chasing a result. At which point the opposition cant handle it (reading away for the last 15mins). Wish we would start games like it.
  9. Southowl

    Pub for Reading today

    We've arrived and in Yates. Wheres everyone else drinking?
  10. Southowl

    Tuesday blues

    Why dont we change and play on Wednesday nights? Any stats of wednesday night games?
  11. Southowl


    Im in, but never doubted for a second
  12. I joined as a member over a month ago and paid £1 postage. Do you get a membership card as Ive still not received anything through the post!! Apologies if posted in wrong section
  13. Southowl

    New left back?!?!

    Oh dear oh dear
  14. Southowl


    On the Train to London, before catching connections to Sheffield. Ive never been so giddy. Cant wait to get there. 😛