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  1. I couldn't even be bothered to watch. They say it's the hope that kills you. There's no hope left.
  2. Me fucke.d, you need to ,login with your Facebook account. I don't have one.
  3. All our players seem unfit. I know games are coming thick and fast, but so are other teams. We're also getting a lot of injuries. I can only put it down to a thin squad and not rotating players during the match.
  4. Feel sorry for him running after hoof balls all game. No service to the forwards from anywhere. Wing backs cant cross or pass forward
  5. Right from kick off its hoof forward and try and make something from it. We dont have the forward players to win/hold it up , so it comes right back and puts the defence under pressure for most of the game.
  6. How much of the game on tv did we miss. Always watching the sidelines (pep) or replays. The BBC is so crap at covering football.
  7. Nuhiu was the match winner with an assist and goal. But Borner MOM for me. The man is different gravy.
  8. Iorfa was immense. Won everything. Aided superbly by Borner. Lees place really under threat now.
  9. All this hes too old rubbish. Viv Anderson stir any memories???
  10. Didn't blow the whistle after 95.5 minutes to end the game. As soon as he struck the fee kick the game should have been ended, if not before the foul
  11. Was going to neg, until I realised you said outfield. I think it'll be scandalous not to offer Westwood another contract. His performances has kept us in the hunt for the play offs
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