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  1. But all the rounds games weren't fair. Some had the advantage of var to decide if the initial decision was correct. The decision tonight could have affected the result as it proved it didn't at millwall
  2. But not ours, not Evertons because var was used in one not the other. That's the fair bit. If var is to used, it should be for fixtures.
  3. Exactly. All or none of the ties. That's the fair bit. Not ours was over ruled and theirs stood. No one is questioning why var was only used at prem grounds!
  4. If there's a dodgy decision that ref gets wrong yes
  5. Will var be used at Barnet v Brentford tomorrow? Why was var used only used at prem grounds. My point is use it at all ties or none. On a side note, I thought ours wasn't a pen, theirs was. The result this eve was fair. But if var wasn't used who knows what the outcome would have been because we were given a pen!!
  6. I don't think we are moaning because our decision was overturned. Its the fact that var was only used in a certain amount of games in the round ( all prem grounds by the way) Surely it should have been all games or none. Seems very bias to make sure the bigger teams go through. The tv rights would be worth more prem v prem than any giant killing fixture.
  7. Sorry in advance if in wrong section. Is the shop open after the game tomorrow?
  8. Thanks for the help. I knew Id get some witty replies as well
  9. Bought my first ticket to visit Loftus Road. Can anyone who's been before shed any light on the restricted view tickets. Thank you in advance for any help WAWAW
  10. Sorry but the support today was dire. At one point I was told to turn round and watch the game when trying to get the crowd going. The team was flat, the support was flat. When playing 19th in the table we should be imposing ourselves. Again tactics/team selection was all wrong. No urgency, no pace and no game plan. Sorry needs to go now
  11. Can he not do the Lee role? Bags of energy to get up and down the pitch.
  12. Under instruction from the manager?? We dont seem to get balls into the box unless we are chasing a result. At which point the opposition cant handle it (reading away for the last 15mins). Wish we would start games like it.
  13. We've arrived and in Yates. Wheres everyone else drinking?
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