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  1. Just paid. But also didn't know what to put at the bottom bit so copied the others with na hope it's right. Thanks Trev.
  2. Can i have one please Trev. And if anyone knows were to get frames could they let me know.
  3. I'll try un do it tomorrow, but give me a few days. I.ll let you know i've posted it.
  4. Got you one mate. PM your address and i'll shove it in the post.
  5. i'll nip out then. let you know soon.
  6. Have you got one yet? our local shop had some left this afternoon. i could nip in to see if they have any and post it in the week if thats any good.
  7. And just foumd out it is now 7pm not 5pm for the cut off. And i turned down overtime tonight to try to get one.
  8. Best wishes Lee, Spend some time with the wife & kids,maybe a holiday? Then think of away to come back,Wednesday needs you
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