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  1. 1 hour ago, JOCOWl said:

    Hinchcliffe not had many mentions. He would have been on big money and my only memory is he was always injured. . 

    Always injured to the extent that he played nearly 100 games for us.


    And I would give every penny he earned and cost us just to have someone who could take a corner as well as he did, never mind half a dozen or so every one of those games

  2. 11 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

    My argument would be, Adedoyin likely to be on much less money than Berahino or Sow.


    Why have we inflated our squad with more unnecessary signings when we have a young lad who can’t be that far off them in what he can bring to the table? 

    But…and I know it’s difficult to believe, he can be far off them.


    Apart from that if you’ve got 2 players (say Berahino and Sow) who are say only 40% good enough for what we need, it doesn’t mean we should keep someone who is 60% good enough

  3. People bang on about us letting players go for peanuts as though most of them go on to be world beaters when the actual facts are that the vast majority of players we release never play at or above the level we were at when we let them go

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Tommy Crawshaw said:


    Pretty meaningless if the vast majority of them don't trouble the goalkeeper.


    We haven't scored many away all season and  have relied on stopping the opposites scoring to win games.


    We have failed to keep a clean sheet in 13 away games and won only 2 of those.

    It’s not meaningless though is it.


    Are you saying having 14 shots isn’t a more positive sign that having 3, irrespective of how many were in target

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Skyline said:

    The only club that should feel hurt about this, is  Wycombe.

    Its not really as cut and dried as that though is it and this is why Im against all these various "claims" supposedly going round


    If Derby had had the points deduction last season then they would have been down by the time they played us last game of the season. That would potentially changed the way they played etc against us. Not saying its a slam dunk 3 points for us that keeps us up because they could very well have played completely open and ripped us a new one. We'll never know

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  6. 9 hours ago, Mick70 said:

    Football changed forever with the introduction of the premier league with all its money ? I’m 52 in March saw us have success early 80’s when heysel disaster stopped us getting into Europe, then the early 90’s when we really rubbed shoulders with the big boys and beat them regularly over 3/4 seasons…then we couldn’t sustain where we had got to and fell away over the next 5/6 seasons to never appear in the top flight again, my lads have seen maybe 2/3 seasons of success and that’s it. The big boys are moving ever further away from the other clubs in the premier yr by yr even manure are falling away atm?  How I’d long for it to go back 30 yrs not just for us but as a whole when you had a chance in the cups and mostly could keep hold of your best players, unfortunately those days are gone forever barring it all going pop and we have a reset . Still rather keep who we are and wot we are than loose the name stripes and colours .

    The colours I'd agree are non negotiable, however I dont get the "cant lose the stripes"......we had hoops and halves well before we had stripes so why are they so important


    Personally I'd love us to have a blue version of River Plate or Monaco

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  7. 1 minute ago, Birley Owl 1867 said:

    He has a young family pal.


    I don't think he'll staying away from them for 6 months.


    I also don't think he would be looking to uproot them for 6 months before he has to move again.


    In any case it isn't too uncommon for footballers to travel every day. Bannan lived in Birmingham still until recently for example.

    The point was originally about his roots in the Midlands not Stoke and why, if we gave him a 3 year contract, would he move again after 6 months.


    I have absolutely no idea on this but I wouldnt be surprised if he still lives around Wolverhampton and commutes to Stoke.....so the choice is. if he doesnt want to move, stay commuting to Stoke and not play or play for us and commute to Sheffield. Either way Stoke to Sheffield doesnt come in to it if that is the case

  8. 2 minutes ago, Birley Owl 1867 said:

    Where do you think Danny's current house is?

    Good point.  I never realised that, in order of time, that he couldnt 


    1) stay in a hotel

    2) rent somewhere here

    3) move house

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  9. 34 minutes ago, Bigblueowl said:

    The three players on the halfway line for a corner is something Brentford have done for years. Bit of a gamble but could pay off a few times. 

    When Barry Fry first took over at Peterborough he used to leave 5 up for corners. Reckoned that as well as an attacking threat it left more space in the box for his keeper to come and claim it

  10. 1 minute ago, shandypants said:

    You see, these are the type of responses that p155 me off. I was only try to indicate that Stoke isn't just around the corner like some people think it is.  I'd love it if my working day from home to work and back again was only 6 to 8 hours long but, hey, you just keep on replying out of context, smart arse.  

    Irrespective of all that what has the journey from Stoke to Sheffield got to do with owt. If he signs for us he only has to get here once. Generally players at a club dont have to go back to their last club every day.


    If they do then it may explain why Berahino always looks shot.......all that back and forth on the eurostar everyday

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