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  1. 2 hours ago, DaveClark said:


    When a team has players who throw themselfs down at a minor challenge, and the officials don't see it, I have an issue.


    So you have an issue with part time officials not seeing something but not with highly paid full time professionals who are trained specifically in how to con those very same officials perpetrating what you don't like


    How bizzare

  2. 2 hours ago, DaveClark said:

    Didn't boo at any point.


    Didn't see the need.


    I waited to see if the officials got some grief at half time, they didn't - so I held my ground.


    The only people I would have boo'd were the officials - it was hot as hell to play football yesterday, I fully understood poor performances, especially with our pressing game.



    So you wouldn't boo highly paid professional footballers because it was hot and you;d understand a poor performance but quite happy to boo a part time official getting paid a fraction of those you wouldn't boo?


    Very strange......do you thing the officials were running around in an air conditioned bubble?

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  3. 1 hour ago, DaveClark said:

    Two sides to this.


    1st side - the man who threw the vape.    What a prat.   Will probably get a permanent ban, and who can disagree with that?  Not I.


    2nd side.  Did the man deserve a few verbal pelters?  Damn straight he did.  Why can we not give a play verbal abuse (within the confines of what is legal)



    What did he do to deserve a few verbal pelters?

  4. 28 minutes ago, Night King said:

    Peterborough normally score goals for fun and have the best centre forward in the league by a mile

    Assuming you mean Clarke Harris (who has scored as many as one of our midfielders so far this season), they’ve also got the laziest, biggest arse useless fool alongside him

  5. 32 minutes ago, BowOwl said:

    Chucking anything at anyone is just filth. 

    however, had Clare scored and done any sort of celebration to the crowd like the silence etc.

    a very wealthy young boy rubbing it in to effectively working class people who’s culture revolve around the game. You can see why anger builds.


    it’s inexcusable the fan, but literally we are having millionaires laughing at our faces on a weekly basis if they score. Lost all sympathy for players a long time ago with the attitudes we see from some of them 

    Here we go.....another neanderthal comes alive

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  6. 54 minutes ago, ChapSmurf said:


    Easily done. Although some of them I don't blame you for reading too quickly. Sunderland away for example. For me, that's what we need to cut out.


    4 times last season, in the league, we conceded 3 or more goals. Of course we will get beaten this season, all teams do, but we've already conceded 3 goals in our first match and that is a concern for me. Come April, there could easily be 4 or 5 teams in the mix for the automatics and goals difference could be a critical factor.



    Disagree with you on this one……cutting out 5-0 defeats to say a 2 or 1-0 defeat in the main makes bugger all difference to the season.


    what we need to cut out is those last minute equalisers for the opposition that turn 2-1 wins in to 2-2 draws

  7. 3 hours ago, Southie_Owl said:

    I’m no fan of Chansiri, and the day news breaks of the Red Bull takeover, along with a Brazilian GK signing I will be delighted.  

    Be careful what you wish for. Chesterfield have cracked it with 1 of the above 2 and let’s just say it hasn’t started well!

  8. 3 hours ago, Geedee said:

    All you can ask from any footballer is that they try their best and at the same time their behaviour is a a credit to the club


    AN is a smashing bloke and a brilliant role model for the kids



    So you cant ask that they have talent and ability?


    Each to their own I suppose

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  9. 1 hour ago, morganowl said:

    and after game an mk dons fan called us rubbish supporters i told him straight we have the highest away supporters in the entire football league , then he came back with oh wolves fetched 9000 4 years back.  i mean wolves on average how many did they bring to our place 1000 on average if that. 


    then we have derby ,heard the sheep were running backwards in derby station when weds took the station over , it all means that game in december at there place will be even more tasty.  heard they also had run ins with middlesborough yesterday , looks like panto season has started again.

    That’s an embarrassing post…..”the sheep were running backwards when Wednesday took over the stadium”….did you use that line in your GCSE English fantasy story.


    if you want to make a case for other teams not being supported as well as us then you might want to use more clear cut examples than Wolves and Derby

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  10. 3 hours ago, Nick the Owl said:

    Abysmal refereeing today (again)..particularly enjoyed him allowing play on for ages went one of ours was down but 5 minutes later their lad had barely hit the grass before the ref was blowing to check on him. Also Paterson getting clattered and getting carded was another top draw decision. 

    Anyone who thinks patterson was yellow carded for getting clattered either didn't go, was having a poo or is daft

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