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  1. Always injured to the extent that he played nearly 100 games for us. And I would give every penny he earned and cost us just to have someone who could take a corner as well as he did, never mind half a dozen or so every one of those games
  2. Baring in mind he is, i believe, our biggest ever sale value I'm not sure how he fits in to a waste of money category?
  3. But…and I know it’s difficult to believe, he can be far off them. Apart from that if you’ve got 2 players (say Berahino and Sow) who are say only 40% good enough for what we need, it doesn’t mean we should keep someone who is 60% good enough
  4. People bang on about us letting players go for peanuts as though most of them go on to be world beaters when the actual facts are that the vast majority of players we release never play at or above the level we were at when we let them go
  5. Your eyes must be as bad as Willie's......or you can't count!
  6. If he offered to do the job for nothing for 3 years I might give him a chance......I say for nothing, for the money we paid him to play when he pretended to be injured
  7. Thats because he's an absolute cvvnt and should be reminded every single minute he was in the dugout of such a thing
  8. When you say consistently very good presumably you are forgetting the last 4 seasons with us when he rarely played
  9. OP is a pig trolling the site…..stop feeding him
  10. It’s not meaningless though is it. Are you saying having 14 shots isn’t a more positive sign that having 3, irrespective of how many were in target
  11. Presume you’ll be leading by example then next Saturday…….I for one will be happy with that
  12. Which has nothing to do with my comment that if you have 14 shots in an away game against a top 6 team then you will win more than you lose
  13. You can easily turn that round….if you have 14 shots a game then you will win most of them despite conceding 2 or 3
  14. Some massive over reaction going on. we weren’t far off as good today as we were last week. 14 shots away to a top 6 side isn’t a shambles…..9/10 playing like that we win……today was the other 1
  15. Like who? Who have we lost "down to managerial incompetence" that we wish we'd got in the team now?
  16. Its not really as cut and dried as that though is it and this is why Im against all these various "claims" supposedly going round If Derby had had the points deduction last season then they would have been down by the time they played us last game of the season. That would potentially changed the way they played etc against us. Not saying its a slam dunk 3 points for us that keeps us up because they could very well have played completely open and ripped us a new one. We'll never know
  17. The colours I'd agree are non negotiable, however I dont get the "cant lose the stripes"......we had hoops and halves well before we had stripes so why are they so important Personally I'd love us to have a blue version of River Plate or Monaco
  18. It absolutely is. I checked the other day when a goalkeeper told me it’s wasnt
  19. The point was originally about his roots in the Midlands not Stoke and why, if we gave him a 3 year contract, would he move again after 6 months. I have absolutely no idea on this but I wouldnt be surprised if he still lives around Wolverhampton and commutes to Stoke.....so the choice is. if he doesnt want to move, stay commuting to Stoke and not play or play for us and commute to Sheffield. Either way Stoke to Sheffield doesnt come in to it if that is the case
  20. Good point. I never realised that, in order of time, that he couldnt 1) stay in a hotel 2) rent somewhere here 3) move house
  21. When Barry Fry first took over at Peterborough he used to leave 5 up for corners. Reckoned that as well as an attacking threat it left more space in the box for his keeper to come and claim it
  22. Irrespective of all that what has the journey from Stoke to Sheffield got to do with owt. If he signs for us he only has to get here once. Generally players at a club dont have to go back to their last club every day. If they do then it may explain why Berahino always looks shot.......all that back and forth on the eurostar everyday
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