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  1. Only 16 goals scored at home lowest in the league.
  2. I have found it, yes white collars and cuffs with a blue stripe on shorts and blue numbers
  3. I have a black and white photo of Jack Witham wearing it on front of a programme, inside I'm sure it says blue cuffs, will try to find it
  4. Did it not have blue collars and cuffs with blue shorts.
  5. Ryan Jones was a good luck charm at that time, if he was in the side the you had the feeling we would not get beat but as the stats say it did twice, wish we had somebody like him now.
  6. Any one remember Peter Shirtliffe’s brother Paul playing for us, and did Peter play for us twice.
  7. Looking at wiki, Sunderlands ground has a capacity of 49,000 so no way will they beat Booxing Day Massacre
  8. I can remember it from the early 70's got my 1st autograph book from there about 1971. To me it looked Massive then only being a young un back in the day
  9. I believe the pub changed its name to Flicks when the pub sign had Swanny on it but think it has changed back to the Mill, I also think 1 of his sons still runs it. Son-law played football against them, Mill Madrid was the football team.
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