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  1. I was not old enough to see him play first time but was there to see his come back, you could see he had a great talent but he was older. After reading lots of posts on this thread and other pieces of information about Swann, Kay both would have been in the 1966 final, along with Springett Swann for Charlton Kay for Moore and Kay would have been captain Springett in for Banks barring injury. I know by this time Kay was at Everton but the links to The Owls was there and not 1 played.
  2. If you watch it there was some from 1945 some great old ones. At auction they said if the right people was in the room the price will be a lot more, they was sold for.....................................£4,600
  3. Did anyone see Dickinsons Real Deal last Wednesday, it was from Sheffield, a woman had a collection of football programmes, mainly Wednesday and Uniturd, the guy offering to buy them had no knowledge of football and offered £150 for the lot, she decided To go to auction
  4. Looking at their line up is that an ex owl I see in mcardle
  5. I have to agree always looking to go forward and not backwards, scored some great goals along the way too
  6. Sheer class as a player, my grandson was a mascot and he had his main picture with him because he said he always put a shift in and great passes
  7. We beat Aldershot away 8-0, October 1989 in league cup
  8. December 6th 1980 is the day I got married, when it was time for the speeches I was sat in the car listening to the radio and had to be dragged back in think at that moment we was 1-0 up
  9. I bought mine 2 weeks ago straight from the poppy shop ( British Legion) looks great
  10. Me and my mate said this about a month ago, so fed up with been called Sheffield when on t.v.
  11. He was a good player, but the day before he went to forest, he missed a sitter in front of the Kop and got some verbal, he stood there and told them to go 4th. I heard people rang the club to complain.
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