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  1. Album, The Way It Is, Track 1, On The Western Skyline
  2. RIP John scored some vital goals at the right time for us
  3. http://Sam Rourke (@samrourke_) Tweeted: Been told Lucas Joao to Reading is a done deal. Fee unlikely to get anywhere near £7m. Understand Royals would have to pay £1m to Sheffield Wednesday if Reading are promoted, £350k if he scores 20+. £300k if he makes 30 apps and £225k if he makes TOTY. #ReadingFC https://twitter.com/samrourke_/status/1158785068409733120?s=17
  4. Thought jones was training with Grimsby
  5. We watched QPR, last home game in this bar great place or Owls
  6. Watched QPR match there while on holiday with my 1982 mick lyons shirt on great bar
  7. Ok sad to hear this news but i went to school with someone of the same name but he would be 60 RIP
  8. Last season I bought a 5 year season ticket to add to the last year of a 3 year deal, I have emailed this club1867 to see if that 5 year deal counts for this new 1867club and told no, I have to subscribe to the new concept to extend my season ticket further by e.g 3 years, hence before a ball is kicked for next season I will then have 8 year season ticket, then what happens next season adding more years?
  9. On the BBC Sport website under cricket there is a podcast called Boycott, Bruce and the batting bedlam, after 18.30 mins there is an interview with Steve Bruce talking about Wednesday and cricket.
  10. If FF said the word that is spanish for black could have been miss heard so no offence.
  11. 2 years sgo i went to Fulam away the guy next yo me had a london accent, so i enquired as to why he was there... his comment was years ago when at oxford unini he was sat on a pub with his mates and as they didnt av a football team to support drew lots to see who went first he was last as all big hitters had gone so he chose us and he comes up to home games when he can an loves it.
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