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  1. They should be lowered to get all the fans in.
  2. Yes yes. I doubt we will get them though. If we did they'd just play their reserves.
  3. Take them back and complain. The same was happening to my black away shirt from a couple of seasons ago but not had print on them this season so....It's bloody expensive aswell, especially if we sign Slusarski.
  4. The longer it goes on the less confident I am getting... We can only keep hoping though.
  5. Good Idea. They should do a dvd at the end of the season with every single match on it in full. Not just the goals. I would certainly buy this.
  6. OMG This must be the first time anyone has tryed to buy tickets for a home game. Time's are changing! UP THE OWLS!
  7. HAHA it was amazing. Keeper could of saved it though. Wednesday Legend! LEON, LEON, LEON, LEON. Well done to the lad. I take back all the stick i have given you.
  8. Are we getting any extra tickets because I don't think they will sell out their home end so maybe an extensoin of the amount of our tickets?
  9. How can we sell out that fast! I was waiting thinking that there would be plenty left. I regret it now. :Dark Sad:
  10. I think we should just stick with him and hope for the best. Thats if we don't get the takeover. If we get the takeover then we need a full clean out of the squad. But at the moment we need to stick with him and try and get some consistancy. We should of stayed with Sturrock though. That would the wrong descision to sack him.
  11. I remember when wednesday played Alaves at hillsborough...maybe someone like that.
  12. Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea or Manchester united etc.
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