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  1. Somebody always comes from nowhere and sneaks into a promotion/play off spot with 6 or 7 games to go.
  2. His first contribution today was being beaten in the air for a ball by someone about 8" shorter than him as he cant get off the floor. Absolutely crap. 6' 7" tall and 5' 10" when he challenges in the air. Nothing else to say.🥵
  3. We've had loads over the years, sprinters in football boots. Franz Carr anyone? At the start of the season i thought finally, we've got one, a genuine winger. OK he's gone off the boil but the signs are there. For me he needs another dimension and that will take work and practice. He needs to be able to cross left footed. I did it (at a much much lower level), spent hours hitting shots and crosses with my left foot, eventually I played as first choice left sided attacker because i could use either foot. Then defenders would struggle with him not knowing whether he is going to cut inside or skin them outside and hit a decent cross. I think the potential is there.
  4. Careful, you'll get a ban🙄
  5. Can't agree with that, he's only like that when they've won. The rest of the time he's moaning like foook about fixture congestion and getting a winter break for the players. Funny how he's not mentioned the current situation with fixture congestion isn't it?🤔 Can you imagine all the spit that was flying around as well? Second wave of Covid in Thieverpool soon (but it will be sombody elses fault)🤢 ^^^^This 100%
  6. Said this first time I saw him play. One of the worst strikers seen in the top flight for a long long time. when is he coming on loan to us? 😳
  7. Only 3% of this countries population are black. Look from a different perspective, how over represented are black players in our league? The amount of managers/coaches in the league still outweighs the population percentage. If racism existed surely we'd only have 3% ish black players in the league. Or am I missing something? (sensible only replies please)
  8. Asda staff in Hull were verbally abused and threatened this week when they tried to use the vouchers to buy booze. You couldn't make it up😡
  9. Yes I will. What Marcus Rashford has done has restored my faith in humanity. Coming from such a poor background and using his fame to influence government to change policy on more help for the poorest in society is the best action I have seen from a top sportsperson in a very long time. Yes we know plenty of others give to charity etc, it goes without saying but at 22 his maturity and compassion are way beyond his years. Now, compare that with Sterling doing just what is stated. Danny Rose is another one. Constantly whining about racism in football. Yes we know it still exists and shouldn't, there's more than enough coverage every day. Neither have helped themselves in the past, Sterling having a gun tattooed on his leg when his father was shot dead seems to be the strangest thing to do when gun crime is rife in the country, and Rose saying he hates football and can't wait until he's retired? Well do it now, get a job as a bus driver or buy a shop or go into business, you must be able to afford to quit by now! Delli Alli is another player who seems to act far more quickly than his brain works, putting jokes on snapchat and the effect Covid as on asians, isn't that racist or does it only count one way? Are Sterling and Rose going to publicly condemn Alli? So back to Marcus Rashford, who in my opinion is a magnificent young man. After his upbringing he'd be entitled to be a bit smug now he's loaded but it, for me, shows what a fantastic job his parents and particularly his mother have done. Can't praise him highly enough.
  10. Not one mention for Trevor Francis? Closer to 40 than 30 when he came to us, but when he came on for the last twenty minutes of a game he was almost always still the best player on the pitch for me.🙂
  11. A minutes worth of these disgustingly overpaid prima donnas wages on a weekly basis would be a better gesture.
  12. Andy Carroll. If he'd been born anywhere other than Newcastle, the (cough) hot bed of football (cough cough) he'd have been known as a 50s style centre forward and been playing in the lower leagues. IMHO
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