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  1. No it's not OK, the point I was trying to make was it wasn't because they supported opposing teams but something a bit more deep seated than that. Same thing happens out in the streets between these two groups, it's nothing to do with cricket.
  2. Me and a mate ended up on top of the turnstiles and were lifting kids out of the crush that were being passed up by the coppers and parents and lowering them down inside the ground, it was absolute mayhem and the exit gate got opened at least twice from the inside. How no one got badly injured or worse that day is beyond me.
  3. If memory serves the fighting was between two different ethnic groups, Pakistanis and Afghanis and nothing to do with the cricket, it was more xenophobia hatred rather than a who supports who problem.
  4. Was going to say that, Jack came out to the corner of the Kop and South and gestured for everyone to stop, only to get dozens launched in his direction
  5. I don't know I can just remember walking out of the ground wondering what had just happened.
  6. 28th February 2004, sat with 15 year old son through the drabbest 90 minutes of football in history, versus Bristol City, don't think there'd been a single shot on target. Turned to my lad and said something along the lines of "we have never nicked a last minute goal when we've deserved absolutely nothing in all the decades I've been coming here". About 10 seconds later Graeme Lee puts the ball in the net
  7. He was born and brought up in Goldthorpe (same as me). I used to kick a ball about with his lad in the park sometimes as he still lived in the town, often frequenting The Buxton Arms which was my local. Came to a few training sessions and battered everyone all over the park, didn't take any prisoners even in training. Last time I saw him about 2 years ago (still in Goldthorpe) he was on crutches and could barely walk.
  8. Alan Warboys and Mick Prendergast (played against him after he retired) and played against Mark Smith and David Grant. Does meeting Jack Charlton count?
  9. 29th September 1984, it was a league match at Anfield which we won 0-2, witnessed a stanley kniving inside the ground on the concourse after the final whistle, bloke was on front page of The Star Monday morning, 60 (if memory serves) stitches in a slash wound in his back. I know it was this match as i've only ever been there once, Shelton and Varadi scored. I went to a lot of matches around that time and most we're dodgy, got ambushed in a beer off near Ayresome park where four of us kept about 20 of them at bay in the shop doorway (including me smashing one of the fookers unconscious with a wooden stool, thought I'd killed him, but they had kicked the door in to get at us, so it was self defence, we never went looking for it ). Also went to Chelsea to a night match (drew 1-1) and after being kept in for half hour after the match we were all escorted out and there were 100s of the fookers still waiting outside. We'd arrived late and parked at the nearby gasworks, and had to break the cordon to go back to my car. As me and my mate walked around the corner, my car was the only one left on the street and stood alongside it were 6 Chelsea fans who immediately started walking towards us. I'm 6'2" and was about 15st at the time, mate was about same, but when other two mates came around the corner (one 6'3" and about 16st and big Terry 6'8" and about 25st) they about turned and walked off. Did go to West Ham as well (remember Hirst scoring) and the bus driver dropping us off outside the pub where all the WHU idiots used to go in, 50 blokes, no women or kids on coach and we contemplated going in (all the other West Ham fans were running away as we piled off the coach), but thought better of it. Found Alan Ween inside the ground, he told us his coachful were in there and if we'd gone in we'd have kicked them out of their own territory! Because we were a bunch of big buggers who didn't wear colours we didn't get much crap to be honest there were always easier targets for the gangs of knobheads who were looking for a scrap at virtually every ground during the 80s
  10. The season has to be voided and restarted in August. This would save us from the thieving Stanley kniving, compo claiming hubcap stealing curly permed shellsuit wearing pikey scumbags winning the league and the media thrashfest that would result (its already in progress), the Dirt being promoted setting off a more localised media thrashfest from Look L**ds and L**dshire TV and the pigshit from qualifying for European football. Looks like an all round winner to me (although Klopp would certainly whinge about it and despite the virus causing a fixture pile up state that his squad would cope despite his season long protestations about the very same problem).
  11. Although i'd been loads of time with my uncle (it's his fault, gercha) '72-'73 is around the time I started going on my own (or with my mate from school if he could be bothered). I do seem to recall us losing 0-1 every week, standing on the Kop on my own having travelled on the Dearneways bus from Goldthorpe (I didn't know any of the others who went so stood on my own) and the occasional away match with a couple of lads from school. Dire times
  12. I've been badly since Boxing day and I also work in Castleford (and the rest of Yorkshire as well) with one of the most deluded dirt fans you'd ever wish to meet. I'm back on Thursday and he'll be claiming it's history and over with. Or hiding
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