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  1. Two Barnsley tickets required

    In box me, must be loads available after today............
  2. Refund

    I agree with the OP (apart from the lack of WiFi, it matters not). I've also been going for 51 ish years, and yes I've seen some far more dire days. I also gave up (with one or two very rare exceptions) but about 4 years ago' and the reason was price. £30+ for 90 minutes of 'entertainment' in the 2nd division. Must be the worst value in the history of 'entertainment'
  3. My lad is over from Dublin for a visit, and (it's a long shot I know) asked if I can get tickets for match.. Will pick up and throw case of beer in ! Cheers
  4. I need two, lad over from Dublin for weekend and he wants to go. Tried to get on returns list but for some reason my account wont open Might end up in home end
  5. Bournemouth , Swansea and Watford ffs, Burnley, Stoke, West Brom, Leicester? Hudds, Brighton, Southampton all there so why not? Even media darlings and North East giants (cough) Newcastle are there. No then...........

    Until five years ago I worked in a school as classroom support. Doesn't surprise me one iota I'm afraid.........
  7. Played agains't Mick, he was playing for one of the pub/club sides from Mexborough and we drew them in some cup competition. They were about six divisions above us, and when he came trotting out we were determined he wouldn't score (most of our team were Wednesday). I'm 6' 2" and he was beating me in the air ffs! I think we lost 0-6 and I spent the entire match trying to kick him. He didn't score though, but what he did do was stay behind in the pub with us for a few pints. Top bloke. Also met Jack Charlton at a Barnsley v Newcastle match he was a TV pundit at. Came to talk to us at half time (he was Ireland manager at the time). Asked him if I could have a run out for the paddies as I had an Irish Setter. " No but your dog can" was his reply. Another top bloke.
  8. Sorry about that, I was having a bad evening. In my defence at least it's a witty thing to call people
  9. In November? Are you taking the P155? Season finishes in May last time I looked.
  10. Yea, lets get rid of the manager who's taken us to two consecutive play off places and as we stand are only a stones throw from one now. Bloody Hell there's some mouth breathers on here.
  11. We had four because two of those four walked out on us and Eustace and Francis were berated non stop during their tenures. Memory failing is it?
  12. Ah, personal abuse, the favourite tool of the witless. I'm actually in the unsure camp when it comes to the current manager, but one thing I do know after over 50 years of watching is chopping and changing managers doesn't work, and if you think this is bad you never saw us in front of 7000 in the mid 70s.
  13. OK it's not pretty but we're just 6 points off a play off place and it's still only November, yet people are demanding the managers head. Give me strength.
  14. Whats made him what he is? From what I saw of him it was allowing cousins to marry..........
  15. Wilko

    Where I grew up there wasn't anyone who supported them. I don't think I even knew they existed until i was about 13? Everyone was either a ManUre fan (my mates at junior school who had just watched them win the European cup in '68) a dirt fan (circa early 70s) or me, my brother and uncle (Wednesday). Why would I form a rivalry with a club I didn't even know existed? I flippinghate The Dirt with a passion, The Blunts (as you name them) aren't important enough for me to concern myself with.