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  1. How come you didn't back me up earlier in this thread?
  2. Hmmmm. Some people are very easily pleased
  3. Was ok yesterday, made a nuisance of himself, but on the whole I think he's crap. But the way John Pearson was ranting about him on commentary you'd think we'd Messi playing for us! But Pearson also rated Enoch Showumni, says it all. Maybe that's because they were great big useless lumps as well?
  4. We, along with many other clubs have had a plethora of what I'd call, 'sprinters in football boots'. capable of skinning full backs but then little if any ability to deliver a decent cross. Some even (imho) have international caps! The worst example we had (for people of a certain age) being Franz Carr on loan in the '80s, pace to burn but terrible footballer. This kid is something different, he could be the difference between nowhere and a top six spot
  5. Thought the coppers were looking for him for impersonating a professional footballer and stealing a living.........
  6. I love the FA Cup, but it was killed by EUFA kow towing to the big boys who threatened to break away and form a European league so the compromise was the Champions plus Also Rans league. The money involved has devalued every other cup. They also killed the European Cup, the Fairs Cup and the Cup Winners Cup which (obviously) was a root into European competition. I hate the Champions (plus also rans) league, I can only remember watching one match (the final the flippingbin dippers won after being 3 down. I watched because i wanted them to get mullered!), and I hate EUFA for destroying several cup competitions. Bring back the Cup Winners Cup as a stand alone competition and lets see how quickly clubs try to win the FA cup. Won't be long IMHO
  7. 19th October 1991, I was in the home end (Luton fan friend of mine got me a home pass), sat directly behind the goal and as it flew in I couldn't control myself, I was up (it was about 4.55 on the big clock at that end, in the days when games finished at 4.45pm at the latest!). Mate of mine (watching highlights) said when it went in about 4 people in the home end jumped up
  8. Just listened, cracking call that mate, we are of a similar age with similar memories. Sky and the Premier League along with the FA have a lot to answer for
  9. Isnt that what the coppers told you would happen in Chester?
  10. I wont pay £30+ for second division football on principal (well documented previously), but I went on Tuesday (along with 3 other family members, 2 for the first time ever), and I've been today (along with four different family members, 3 for the first time ever). How can £15 be considered a rip off yet £33-£45 for league games not be? (Unfortunately my grandson says he wont be coming again because the game was crap and the youth sat in front of him stank !) (PS Well done to both the Luton fans and ours, great turn out)
  11. It's looking more and more likely that we'll be watching the match on telly, but the one thing i can guarantee is there will be numerous empty seats, as there was at the last two 'sell outs' I tried to get tickets for
  12. Was too late with reply so still need two adult tickets please
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