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  1. Whats made him what he is? From what I saw of him it was allowing cousins to marry..........
  2. Wilko

    Where I grew up there wasn't anyone who supported them. I don't think I even knew they existed until i was about 13? Everyone was either a ManUre fan (my mates at junior school who had just watched them win the European cup in '68) a dirt fan (circa early 70s) or me, my brother and uncle (Wednesday). Why would I form a rivalry with a club I didn't even know existed? I flippinghate The Dirt with a passion, The Blunts (as you name them) aren't important enough for me to concern myself with.
  3. Wilko

    Think same about them. Nothing, loved him when at Hillsborough, lost all respect when he signed for them. IMHO fek right off
  4. Wilko

    Came into the light from the filth, not the other way around......
  5. Wilko

    Because of his connection with the Dirt he can feck off. IMHO
  6. I'm in that photo. Somewhere in the background
  7. Sweet Rose. Morrisons own brand. £4-25 a bottle. More than one bottle........... Yer my best mate.................
  8. 1x Bolton Ticket for Sale

    Actually remembered after i'd posted I'm on 24 hour emergency all out from work this week anyway and couldn't go.
  9. 1x Bolton Ticket for Sale

    Wish I'd seen this earlier
  10. I've got one of these hung in my wardrobe. Size FB. Worth anything to anyone?
  11. The facking International break

    Only teams with players on England duty (OK I'll stretch to the Home Nations if I have to) should have their matches postponed. Isn't this the English League after all? If this rule had been in place over the last 20-30 years or so we wouldn't have a league (and I mean the whole league not just the top flight, ) bulging with ordinary foreign imports playing at the expense of young up and coming English players IMHO. And before anyone says I'm talking crap, Wycombe Wanderers have signed a 31 year old Congolese goalkeeper yesterday, how do you think that makes their reserve/academy/junior goalies feel? The influx of foreigners has made England what we are-poo , as the next Banks (Chesterfield), Clemence, Keegan (Scunthorpe), Lee Sharpe (Torquay) et al can't get a sniff of a game in the lower leagues now.
  12. Look Leeds

    Was just about to post this, since their demise he's followed York City. And look where they are now, hope he never takes a shine to us......
  13. Look Leeds

    He's a York City fan
  14. Look Leeds

    Yep, just thought the same. It was on the early evening news though.
  15. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Anyone got a still of the ball nestling in the corner with the pig in the background with his arms outstretched like a deluded cormorant?