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  1. Onomah is quality no question , if Bruce can get the best out of him , it would be great business
  2. Bannan is one of the most coveted players in the Championship and he is ours , but still not good enough for some space cakes on here
  3. We sold our ground when Mandaric took over along with everything else ( apart from the stuff that went missing )
  4. Correct , Some on here really believe they know better than the managers , that may have held some truth in some managers we have had but as long as Bruce has a reasonable budget and gets the final say on all transfers that will do for me .
  5. A first post without a post ! Is this a first ?
  6. Coming from someone who wanted Bannan out of the team sounds about right .
  7. I see the resident numpty,s are writing Tom Lees off again .
  8. Yes Team Bruce have arrived .
  9. I think Reach will be sacrificed if the right offer emerges
  10. Another correct decision . When you are that big and cannot win the ball in the air its a no brainer , Big Dave take note .
  11. All this speculation and its obvious that his legs had gone On the few rare occasions we saw him he couldn't wait to get rid of the ball and when Buckley went past him at Bolton away in the cup he could only keep jogging . We have been right royaly shafted by this signing
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