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  1. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Thats your opinion and thats fine My opinion is that he is not good enough and his distribution is dire , never looked like scoring a goal even though he has been in plenty of positions to do so , gets a nosebleed in the box and is turned to easily . I would rather play Kieron Lee Hutchinson or even Joey at fullback/ wingback He is bang average IMO .
  2. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    No i am one of those fans who recognise that Hunt is clearly not good enough and injured too much for a serious promotion contenders , if you want to settle for mediocrity thats up to you . Personally I want the best I can get playing for my club and Hunt is not that by a long way .
  3. Any right back who can pass a ball and can play all season
  4. Formation

    Why is tackling at wingback more important then tackling in midfield or on the edge of the box ? He frustrates the hell out of me with his girly tackling but he needs to improve wherever he plays .
  5. Let's take another look..

    Playing for a move .
  6. Formation

    Not been going long then ? Its either that or specsavers
  7. Formation

    He is here the Baz Basher . the cause of all our problems do me a favour . They say you dont miss someone until they are gone , well we certainly missed BB
  8. Deserves it hardly put a foot wrong when he has played , for me he is the better keeper
  9. Bannan’s impact

    There were plenty on here wanting him out of the side and Abdi in FFS
  10. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Really dont know what people see in Hunt .
  11. He might not be injured as such but he is not fit enough to play professional football at this level ,as Vulva said his legs have gone he runs like a geriatric . As I said in another thread have a look at the Bolton cup game when he made Buckley look like Usain Bolt .
  12. Adam Reach

    His Cameo at right back shows how poor our usual two are .