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  1. Can he coach him how to run faster you know like he is not pulling a barge
  2. It’s true though He was bang average and improved at the end Pudil was twice the player and Palmer played better at left back for a good few games
  3. Did Turner have the last day on playing Chris Carr 😀
  4. The only True loyalty in football is with the fans . Everyone else can be played by money
  5. Why don’t we ask the EFL to relegate us to the forth division then we can have a real run at it ?
  6. Nah not for me . like it or not football is feckedd and bent Going down is going to no good at all to us
  7. It’s all about the recruitment now if we get this right then I am confident we can stay up and then go for it the season after
  8. Doubt it , Liquidation , he gets nowt back
  9. Have you ? Good lad we need the income Hope you enjoy yourself keep safe remember to do what Borris says
  10. No bravery at all it’s a disaster but with a defeatist attitude you get no where Imagine life in division 3 again ? not for me
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