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  1. RIP Joe always put the club first
  2. I thought he was still there also . He has Alzheimer’s I believe. Saw him on Whittington moor a few years ago , saw him first from behind but could tell it was him , very distinctive
  3. Too many to mention over the years, a few memories , Playing 3 card brag with Imre and Mel in a London hotel until it came light after going to the PFA awards . Martyn Dooleys wedding at Bramall Lane when his dad was Chairman ( Dereck you legend and gentleman) Trying to mark Terry Curren in a 5 a side game he was like a eel , Playing Golf with Waddler and beating him one of the nicest guys and only met him a few years ago Don Megson A few beers and golf with Hirsty over the years who always tells it how it is even in the Dave Allen years Another mention to Big Nige top bloke as is Brian Joicey who is a friend .
  4. We will never know how good Carlos was as a manager because of our horrendous recruitment policy and also the mismanagement of injured players. and don’t believe the buying for the future bolloxxs We were desperate for a centre half and after looking at supposedly 200 we finish up with Van Aken for a reported bargain 4.5 m
  5. I know he has been helping Monk out in training on occasions, apparently taking corners and free kicks sessions
  6. Sad but true . and happened as soon as MM acquired the club . But.......... and its a long shot that DC could opt to have dialogue with this group but it would only be on his terms .
  7. Well the same people must have hired Bruce ?
  8. No from me He is only pretending to be fit now so he gets another contract or a move
  9. Sounds plausible but why his he playing Cruz ? unless he is being instructed to !
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