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  1. Bruce took the blame for the injury , said he shouldn't have pushed him too fast , looked quality
  2. Not so The Scotish midfielder didn't close him down Palmer was holding his position
  3. Why not mention who it is instead of making everyone hit the link ? Areudastar
  4. Be better second half with the wind with us
  5. Said this to my pal yesterday Its like Ron time all over again ( without the relegation ) its promotion
  6. Don't forget Onomah also , Bruce will get the best out of him
  7. Some very good performances tonight in horrendous windy conditions which made us look average first half . Gone for Lees yes Hector catches the eye and Bannan was great but Lees is our rock at the moment
  8. Thing is we are looking pretty strong at the back even though Liam is playing left side and Domonic is a new arrival If we keep adding goals then we can start turning the draws into wins then who knows . Funny old game init
  9. Rubbish , not as good as recent games but in those conditions and marking Amiobi he is doing ok
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