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  1. Wednesday’s future

    Yes it was long but nailed it , Money can gain you a lot but spent unwisely and without direction can be as damaging as being skint ...... almost . Football can be quite brutal when it comes down to one off games and yesterday proved that, apart from Brookes and maybe Fleck ? who of our players would you swap ? I am struggling with Carlos at the moment because I like the guy but I don't know if he can take us any farther because I think he believes every game is the same and i hope he realises after 2 shambolic play off attempts and yesterdays no show it most decently is not .
  2. Jordan Rhodes

    You must be naive to think no one has made a shed load of money of our recruitment policy .
  3. Hooper & Joao

    So how many goals exactly ?
  4. Hooper & Joao

    Whats Fletchers scoring record again for the last 20 games ?
  5. flat 4-4-2

    I said when Van Aken was signed that he was perfect for a back 3 and yesterday underlined the fact , against 1 + 1 which Utd played it would have given us the extra man against Leon and Brookes and our fullbacks pushing forward into the midfield making 5 when necessary . Van Aken is quality no doubt but games like yesterday is a step too far for the lad at this stage . Their defenders are not a patch on ours IMO but they tackled and headed everything while we were chasing shadows .
  6. 2 goals are at least that .
  7. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    Terry Curren at the Lane was special But for the pure emotional relief it was Mark Bright in 93 we battered them all afternoon and Kelly had the game of his life to keep them in it . It was the biggest Derby of all time at least in my life time and on the biggest stage . losing would have been unbearable so it has to be that one
  8. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    What a load of pigswill. My grandparents who lived behind Olive Grove would not eat Bacon on a Sunday if Utd had won I am 61 now and remember us calling them the Pigs when I was about 17 so 1973 ish also one of my mates at the time went to Denmark fishing and he brought a picture back with him sat on a Pig with a red and white scarf round its neck . The time I remember them trying to turn the tables with the Pig reference was mid 80's when end confronted about why they called us pigs they had no explanation allways in our shadow .
  9. I am going to punch the first UTD fan that crosses my path on Sunday Mind you I will be in Norfolk so they will probably be safe .
  10. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Can't believe that no one has mentioned that Gage Tweeted that Carlos was a boring Twwat at last seasons Star awards .
  11. Is Gage's ex wife still running the Devonshire at Dore ...you know the one where all the Wednesday players go ? might explain a bit .
  12. That idiot Kevin Gage

    I don't think anyone should give the Manor House Dronfield. a bad review on trip advisor.
  13. Caption This

    Serious Carlos this clober is still fashionable down here
  14. They really have a scummy section don't they Picking on Norwich fans ........really ???? Probably the most sedate fans in the division , never seen any trouble with them home or away for decades .
  15. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    I thought it was a good save from Westwood only just kept it out so not much chance of parrying it behind . Does look offside though , if it was cricket or Rugby we would deffo review it