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  1. hugeowl

    Any new manager

    So we have gone backwards since the 3 months have expired ? Jos is worse than we thought
  2. Of course he would have had the final say you would have thought but he would not have sourced the players this is where the smoke and mirrors are in force.
  3. This ^^^^^^ Plus the first season success has worked against us , its year 2 that fecked us , instead of building on the momentum with shrewd signings we were left buying what we are carrying now A bloated ageing disjointed .....expensive squad . Mr C has been shafted and so have we . Can he turn it around ? Does he have the appetite ?
  4. Who knows but even a novice to the game would see that our recruitment has been reckless and shambolic .
  5. Its a mess init Nothing to say a new face would make much difference this season , if we get close to the bottom though after new year then fresh imputes of a manager may be needed . Who knows what constraints Jos is working under .
  6. Corruption in football has many guises and facets, money disappearing everywhere .
  7. hugeowl

    The Big Issue.

    He got something right then
  8. hugeowl

    The Big Issue.

    Maybe he is skint .
  9. hugeowl

    Bannan last niight

    He is probably Knackard having carried the team for so long .
  10. hugeowl

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    Has he mentioned in his interviews why Hector was left out last week ?
  11. hugeowl

    Well Done, Dawson

    Only the muppets have been jumping on Cammy,s back , made more saves than any keeper in the division , that tells you what is happening in front of him . This lad will be a Top Top keeper Loved his interview at the end .
  12. Dont give a flying what happens this season TBH apart from staying up and getting 2 results against the stain . Come on u Owls
  13. hugeowl

    Team for Blades

    Dawson Palmer Lees Hector Pudil Thornily Reach BB Joey Onomah Fletch
  14. hugeowl

    is the bacon game

    Form is temporary class is permanent . The Scrubbers know this , thats why they have the massive chip on their bacon backs