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  1. Apart from Bannan did not play against Brighton .......... KL did
  2. Thats true we have a large southern contingent that go to these matches , feckin part timers !
  3. So you proclaim to go to every game home and away but you have never seen Fox have a good game ? If you read my post again I state that I am far from a Fox fan , but even I can appreciate he has played well under Monk . anyway Uber you better get your packing up done for Friday it’s a bit expensive down there
  4. You are a odd one are you not ? have a read back through the thread Uber and see how ridiculous your posts are , one of them in particular you said that you have never seen Fox have a good game ? Either you don’t understand the game or you are telling porkies about attending games , because I am far from being a Fox fan but I do appreciate he is much improved and has had some tremendous performances recently , think he also won a player of the month didn’t he Uber ?
  5. People are presuming Lee got hooked at halftime and therefore jumping on the bandwagon ,he actually took a bad knock or strain on his right shoulder for the second week running So that may have been the case
  6. Err where did I say sign him Uber ? I said he was class which I maintain he is and I enquired where did he finish up . Stop stalking me Uber
  7. To be fair at 4 nil up at 90 minutes you could afford to leave 4 or 5 up
  8. Well he did get injured which Bruce took the blame for but I may be more adept at spotting quality players than you and in the 2 or 3 games I saw him I thought he was a quality player
  9. No Grayson wanted to sign him but thought he was worth about 1.5 million which was probably correct
  10. Lazaar was different class Where is he now, did he get a move ?
  11. No takeaways where I live What do you define as dirty ? I don’t think so I don’t class myself as old or fat I will give you the weirdo part , I must be to post on here go on tell us your first game Uber
  12. Can you remember your First game? Who was the manager? were you at Wembley in 91 ? I am doing some research on Uber fans
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