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  1. How do you both know we have received owt yet
  2. Nope nothing there about a "showdown "
  3. Out of respect to ........... insert comment he decided to go and watch his boyhood team and has had this trip booked for a while he explained this to Mr C who obviously understood and granted his wishes .
  4. We already know he had showdown talks with DC about refusing to sell players. Have you made this up to embellish your post
  5. Posters poo pooing Karanka and Monk or even Pulis Do you have any better suggestions ? Yes we could have a punt with the Cowleys or bring is another Jos via Doyen No Guarantees any would work
  6. Lower than a snakes belly The only scenario here is that Ashley has told him to resign and he will pick up the damage . What did he say Saturday .....Its up to the clubs now !!!!! Yeh right Steve
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