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  1. Would love to see , KL, Massimo and Baz in a central Midfield at some stage , how it fits I don't know but with 3 at the back it could , depends how Monk sees it
  2. So how do you correlate that pearl of wisdom then ?
  3. Not had a look at the stats but I would wager that KL has scored more in a season than Massimo has , although he has started well for us and long may it continue .
  4. I don't think the op was suggesting we don't need a physical presence but Hutch was not available and Joey is not up to the mark When I saw the lineup I thought we would get over run but Lee and Bannan were great and did very well . Swansea got tighter on Bannan after the break as most teams do recognising him as our playmaker Didn't do us any favours when Dave was subbed because he was coming very deep for the ball and they couldn't handle him , after that they took control of the midfield
  5. But you think Kieron Lee is pants so obviously not the best judge .
  6. Stats that I have found 14/15. 10 starts 14 Sub Goals 5 15/16 38. 1 15 16/17. 27. 10. 12 17/18. 6. 4. 5. 18/19. 15. 10. 6 19/20. 1. 6. 1 Make of that what you will
  7. Someone has already thrown it
  8. He has barely figured as a regular starter since his first season for one reason or another One, if not the best player in the league on his day Summats not reyt .
  9. Don’t really know, just what that poster announced on Saturday in I think the match day Fred
  10. We certainly have the players for this formation and I do like it whether it’s a formation for Monk to consider who knows ?
  11. He is a very complex character isn’t he off to Atlanta according to Salmonbones who’s mate is a top scout for the pigs
  12. In that case it shouldn’t worry you
  13. He has improved but I will be very surprised if a left back is not on Monks list of priorities
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