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  1. The bed wetter s can get their nappies back on now
  2. Got sky sports on mine,watching golf no footy on
  3. Reach to left back , Palmer to right back , Kieron Lee or Luongo into midfield .
  4. That was a tricky test and we did well with a improvised side Monk will take a lot from that game He recognised Murphy was a problem and acted , dont think we will see him starting many this season depending on injuries . Had the wingers working back from the kick off helping the fullbacks Baz and Hutch gave us a buffer in front of defence and Fletch was outstanding Pleased for Winnall as well , he put himself about well Not going to lie Odubajo and Iorfa frighten me to death but we should have Lees back for next game
  5. Its called an opinion He might not be far off but we dont know how Monk will line up yet
  6. Well Corbyn the chicken could have tested that notion . But I agree , wrong section , this is for footy not just the left wing .
  7. Great first Presser Confident and determined I would say Like him already
  8. Thing is on his profile he is named as a winger / Left back , Wikipidia etc He has played many times at Left back and never looked out of place , can anyone remember him getting roasted ? We cannot bring another full back in until at least January , this should have been addressed close season I actually advocated selling Reach , because I am struggling to see what position he can truly call his own People say he cannot tackle and I agree he is not the best by a long chalk , but tackling aint what it used to be these days , its more covering the ground and blocking your opponent the referees make sure of that . I would prefer him there to Fox and Palmer on the left , but we will have to see what Monk thinks
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