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  1. But he gets the Scotland call in front of Fletcher
  2. Yeh and then we could play some under 18 players
  3. Can’t believe their keeper didn’t save Paterson’s header
  4. Scraping the barrel now arnt we what’s Jeff king doing now ? (actually he was a builder labourer not long ago )
  5. Kids going to be a good player no good judging him on tonight
  6. It’s not his fault but he should have been replaced also being as short in the middle as we are we should have kept Kieran Lee , let’s hope we get some bodies back for Saturday
  7. I recall some one said Dele but cannot remember anyone saying Joey Having said that if he had started Joey and we had the same result he would still have got pelters , be honest most people cannot believe he got another contract just shows how short we are in the middle
  8. Really? surprised nobody mentioned it when the team came out
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