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  1. Having just moved to lincolnshire its fackingawesome .
  2. hugeowl

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    That was during my podgy period , i am like a racing snake now and lost the facial hair . DDG !
  3. hugeowl

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    On the stool
  4. hugeowl

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    Me and Don a couple of years back
  5. If we did that I would give Joey a run at RWB , got a hell of a delivery on him and can tackle .
  6. hugeowl

    Sean Clare

    In your opinion .
  7. Good . One thing should be a given and thats the fitness side . 1st game of the season for a change we should be bursting out of the traps
  8. hugeowl


    Watch the video on youtube of Bolton away in the cup and the lead up to their penalty .
  9. hugeowl


    The only contribution he will make is to draining our finances , his legs have gone mate anyone with a modicum of football nouse can see that He has not been injured recently but cannot even make the squad , we are even playing the youngsters in front of him
  10. hugeowl

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    No Sh11t !
  11. hugeowl

    Full Backs Needed.

    Just dont get the love in with Hunt 2 or 3 decent crosses a season is not good enough , failed to score in 3 seasons with us and more and more injuries says we need better .
  12. When he scored that goal at QPR I thought what player we have acquired and these last few weeks he looks the same WTF happened in between ? I hope the transition has been down to a change in coaching and fitness and he does not slip back into the between bit now he has a new contract .
  13. hugeowl


    Me too but he has had his fair share of injuries and could command a decent fee , plus we do have 2 great keepers and Dawson may turn out to be as good as Westwood .
  14. hugeowl


    • Keiran Westwood Sell • Daniel Pudil Rolling contract • Morgan Fox Get rid • Jack Hunt Get Rid • Liam Palmer Get Rid • Kieran Lee Keep if fit • Barry Bannan Keep needs an extension now • David Jones Get Rid • George Boyd Get Rid • Almen Abdi Get Rid • Marco Matias Get Rid • Gary Hooper Keep if fit • Lucas Joao Keep , needs an extension now