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  1. Firstly Jon has put in to words exactly whats happening. Secondly Jon is his own man and is no mug as some people are eluding to, same as Hirsty and will call a spade a spade .
  2. The Sir Bobby Robson Stand

    3-5-2 Lees Loovens and Van Aken 5 midfielders of your choice Hooper and A, N other I might write a book and get a coaching job
  3. Bannan

    Another myth . He has never disappeared , if anything he tries to hard to make up for other players shortcomings .
  4. Disheartened8

    I did exactly the same
  5. The Sir Bobby Robson Stand

    If we can see it why can't Carlos ? As soon as our fullbacks lose the ball ( especially Hunt ) the opposites hit the corners and we are on the back foot .
  6. With the players we have its a no brainer , except to
  7. While we are playing this dour football we might as well play him up top because thats the quickest we get the ball forward is from Westwoods hoofs , and usually the quickest we lose the ball when no one gets on the end of them .
  8. We've seen enough

    Looked like the players are as disinterested in Carlos's tactics as the rest of us .
  9. A few things you can do . Find a link on here Pay £6.99 to Nowtv I am doing this tonight Add Sky to your BT Tv package ( about £20 ) per month for sports Sit tight and wait for Sky to keep calling you and tell them the Max you want to pay is £20 a month ( I did this for a couple of years until I went with BT )
  10. The memory that takes you back....

    Dink being the obvious one . One of the oldest was in 1966 down at Midland Station waiting for the 66 team to return from Wembley , I was 10 years old and starstruck .
  11. Paul Chittenden RIP

    RIP Paul .
  12. Loovens and Lees

    This all the way for me , you could also fit FF , Abdi , Hutch and Boyd into that formation .
  13. Yes but if we could have just ...........oh forget it .
  14. The apparent "booing".

    They will be no booing soon ( if there was that much ) people will be staying away .