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  1. Been thinking of less obvious ones and a game suddenly sprung to mind that I don’t think gets mentioned very often. 1994 League Cup semi final vs Man United. Trips to Wembley were almost starting to feel like a formality back then. We went to Old Trafford and lost 1-0, only conceding from a bad back pass by Nillson, in similar fashion to the Hutchinson error at Sunderland. Going into the second leg at home, it felt like we were definitely still in the tie. Memory might fail me but I seem to remember there had been heavy snow and a threat that the game might be called off, in the end we would end up wishing it was. I also seem to remember it was shown live in ITV, they even played the ITV Football theme over the speakers in the ground. In the end we got spanked 4-1 I don’t know if that was the most disappointing part or whether it felt like game where had things turned out differently a Wembley final may have brought another trophy and who knows what beyond that In the end, we were never really in it and Man United went on to lose to Villa in the final
  2. Apologies, meant to add that the games I mentioned all felt like where the club finds its self right now could have been entirely different had we won / progressed from those games.
  3. FA Cup final replay Kaiserslautern Who knows what could have been had these results been different Relegation against Forest - First time I cried watching Wednesday The Hull play off final seemed to hurt all summer.
  4. Can we make sure we do the light show properly this time please?
  5. Wednesday fans: Its a pointless competition, meaninless, couldnt care less about it, tin pot, etc... Also Wednesday fans when we lose 3 - 0 to Hartlepool: Meltdown
  6. if someone offered a Rangers type scenario where the BlaVdes had to start over in the bottom tier or from non league the majority of our supporters would absolutely love that.
  7. Fans of other teams DID say things like this about Wednesday. The Rotherham fans will in particular will always spring to mind especially when they forgot about the bucket collections at Hillsborough when they were facing their own problems. Fans don’t really care about fans of other clubs, yeah we feel sorry when it’s one of the smaller clubs like Bury, but deep down we all have a list of clubs that we would like to see go under. We were in that position, actually we were in a lot worse. Administration wasn’t an option, we were close to going bust, no more Wednesday
  8. Different time, different circumstances and absolute ‘whataboutary’
  9. A testimonial with all of the proceeds going to a mental health charity
  10. I think its just as dissapointing that it always seems to happen against us. If these are the tactics that give you the fine margins to get you over the line, then why cant employ the same tactics for a change? Either Wycombe or Sunderland are going to get promoted this season, not one of their fans will give a damn about how they acheived it at the end of the Wembley final.
  11. Hey I just met you And this is crazy But heres my number Sheffield Wednesday !
  12. As much Moore’s fault as it is Hutchinson’s. The manager has an over reliance on retaining the ball around at the back. Which is fine, keep possession, draw the opposition out, give players confidence on the ball…. But there are times when you need to ‘Des Walker’ the ball. Put it in the stand and regroup. Other teams do it in this division, (notably Rotherham) and there have been times over the season where we have put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. The style of play comes from the manager, so as bad as the mistake was, some fault has to lay at the top.
  13. Palmer has been terrible. Far too casual with his passing. Difficult to single him out because we seem poor collectively.
  14. I’m not so sure it gives them the opportunity to sit back and try to hit us on the break…. And we know how much we struggle against sides who put everyone behind the ball and try and frustrate us.
  15. Good point. A lot of the good sides put the ball in the stand and regroup, we are guilty of trying to overplay when under pressure
  16. We seem to get involved in continuous head tennis but not actually coming away with the ball on the floor
  17. Any idea if there’s a big crowd at Sunderland tonight?
  18. Allez Allez Allez ohhhh Allez Allez Allez ohhhh Sheffield Wednesday FC From the Steel City
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