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  1. Hope the team and the bank holiday weather can bring me some sunshine for a change and doesn’t leave our fans singing in the rain
  2. Maybe the club should contact the posters on here who have a crystal ball before we make any future signings.
  3. I’m prepared to wait and see how bad the injury is and give him time. He’s a player who could be vital for us so I’m not prepared to write him off just yet. Also bear in mind that many posters on here said Hutch was ‘done’ and ‘finished’ and ‘would never play for us ever again’.
  4. I seem to remember Carlos made it clear who his targets were and what type of player he wanted… He didn’t get them. I’m not even sure Carlos was ultimately responsible for the players we signed …. From what people were saying on here at the time, Carlos requested the type of player that he wanted and the powers above provided them. One example was Austin, the midfielder who left L**ds, but we couldn’t get a work permit for him. Big strong battling box to box midfielder Fans can debate whether he was the right player or not but that’s ultimately irrelevant, it was who Carlos wanted … who did we end up with instead? As above, can we truely say that Carlos signed all those players?
  5. Shame today isn’t the last game of the season… the unwashed going down and us going up as champions
  6. His commentary is absolutely shocking….. I’m fact, it’s not even commentary, it’s like listening to a bunch of mates having a chat while the game is being played in the background. He sounds truly gutted when Wednesday score and sets off screaming and shouting at every half chance Rotherham had. Listening to Staton during the BlaVdes game is like chalk and cheese. You know exactly what’s happening and how each team are playing.
  7. Yeah… Moore has made loads of changes to the line up so we’re doomed Paterson, Kamberi and Luongo are all in the side and they’re rubbish so we’ve got no chance …. Wouldn’t bother listening if I were you
  8. what you on about? ….. The experts already said he’s rubbish
  9. Giddings couldn’t sound any more disappointed if he tried Absolutley wetting himself and screaming his head off at every Rotherham opportunity …. He sounds gutted
  10. Well … Ronnie Moore did say earlier that the officials are always right when a decision went for them Really hope it was offside
  11. And Kamberi who was written off before he had even kicked a ball for us
  12. Lol at all the people slagging off Paterson and Kamberi for the past hour
  13. HT 0-0 Will take that. hopefully that save will give us a confidence boost for the second half now
  14. Rotherham are the home side and it was always going to be blood and thunder for the first 20 - 30 minutes. Hopefully we have weathered it and can grow into the game a bit more. Maybe a couple of changes later in this game will make the difference but happy with a clean sheet so far.
  15. Giddings wants to make his mind up what Kamberi is called
  16. Talk for 5 minutes about a game that happened 6 years ago Giddings - and the balls gone out of play. What??
  17. Hes terrible. Just waffles on about everything except the match. I think he forgets that we can’t actually see what’s going off. Just call the game and tell us what’s happening!!
  18. Or..... Ive heard Bannans name mentioned on the radio but have never actually seen him play
  19. Would absolutley love it to be from a penalty too
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