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  1. Could be wrong but I'm sure on the R.S commentary early on in the first half a Wednesday cross was blocked by Moore, in the box, with his arm. Couldn't really tell though between the blatant bias, the Hockey, Bramall Lane, Giddings clicking, and constant comments from the Barnsley summariser that went on 5 minutes at a time. We aren't harping on about it are we ?
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/southyorkshire/conten...n_profile.shtml You mean Luke Wileman. He now commentates for Toronto FC I think. Great commentator, poor taste in music.
  3. I need a few programmes from those years for my collection. I would suggest putting up a full list and how much you want for them. Either that or stick them on ebay.
  4. There are many reasons why people don't go to away games. Money, work, the fact that we have an appalling away record this season. The fact is that the radio commentary is for those people who cant go or don't go to the match. So the reason why I didn't go to the game yesterday is purely irrelevant. What is being debated is the rubbish commentary provided by RS yesterday. I take it that you went to the game yesterday. If so then you are lucky. Don't polish your True Fan™ badge too hard will you
  5. Cant really see it currently discussed in depth on here, but a quick question to all of those who listened to RS commentary. Is it just me or was it absolutely bloody awful ? Half of the time I didnt know what was going on. Andy Giddings is a shocking commentator. He just seemed to be waffling nonsense for ages and then all of a sudden someone's got a free kick or corner ! He seemed to be getting more excited when Barnsley attacked and was willing them on to score by the sound of it. My Dad said to me at half time that I have to give him a pond every time Gidds mentions the "Ponty End" ore "Pontyfract Road End" I'm off to the bank on Monday to re-mortgage my house.
  6. T' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' handball !
  7. Organisation. Alan said that each individual player was given their own role to do.
  8. Advise from police on Barnsley game. Shouldn't that be Advice ?
  9. Sorry mate im lost! Are you refering to Laws or our owls1521?
  10. Does anyone know whether the book will be on sale today and for how much please ?
  11. Miffed

    Fable 2

    I am probably not what most would call the average gamer. I tend to play on my XBox during the winter months and it gets somewhat negelected during the summer. Apart from one or two games, I am happy to wait until they are affordable before playing.I have read the reviews about Fable 2 and it sounds like its right up my street. However I am put off buying it because of all the complaints about the bugs and the game freeezing, people playing it for weeks only for the save game file to become corrupted etc. I even read somewhere that the game is so bad it can cause the red ring of death (cant see how but might be wrong !)Does anyone know if the problems have been fixed ? If not is it worth taking the chance on ?I also have seen that the Game of the Year edition is out soon. Will this version be bug free ?
  12. In that case, the comic needs to be at least twice the number of pages or I fear it will die a death.Its a rip-off IMO
  13. Got one the other day, its great because it keeps the kids interested in the club. On the downside though, I was very disappointed with the value. I think that for the amount of pages, £2 was very steep. Unless its made a lot thicker or the price is reduced then I cant see myself buying many (if any !) more, which is a shame because it could be a great thing.
  14. You dont say anything about delivery. Do I collect it or wait in for the postman ?
  15. remember Mark Platt. Was meant to be the next Chris Waddle. He came on as a sub once, actually replaced Waddle, then we never saw him again. Wonder what happened to him ?
  16. My sister bought a kit for her one year old son, there was no badge on the shorts. We didnt notice until we got it home. Didnt think to check whether any adults shorts had the badge on or not, just assumed PUMA had decided on a kit with no badge on the shorts for some reason. Having thought about it now it seems a tad silly.
  17. The Sheffield Wednesday Ticket Office and Megastore will extend its opening hours this Thursday until 8.00pm as the first deadline for discounted season tickets approaches. Saturday, June 13 is the first deadline day for Wednesday supporters to buy their season tickets for 2009/10 at a reduced price and the club are making every effort to accommodate those fans unable to attend in office hours. http://www.swfc.co.uk/page/News/0,,10304~1690305,00.html Lets do all we can to ensure that the target of 16,500 sales are met. Tell your families and friends, work colleagues etc
  18. have u heard anythin bout this mallet bloke or is it paper talk Yeah come on Lee Strafford... TELL US!!! banch is mad also seething
  19. Doesnt look full, there only looks like there are 30,000 there.
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