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  1. (Chinese whispers) Bob deBilde charges 50p per ride ?
  2. Its always in the last place you look
  3. I'm impressed. (thought that they played in blue and white stripes though ?)
  4. I think that the history between the two clubs should certainly be embraced. I think that there is a possibility that the clubs could help each other in a commercial sense. If the history between the clubs is true then I will be buying myself a bottle of Disaronno and a FCB Sarrono shirt.
  5. http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/20...alert/#c_346748
  6. Maybe I was a bit hasty with some of my quibbles. The 2 things that pissed me off yesterday were the band and the embarrassing goal music. When stuff like that winds you up, some of the littler things stand out more. Like the bloody tannoy system for instance. The PA has never been the best in the world but yesterday was as if they had turned it down and the band up ! When they want to introduce an ex player to the crowd, I would at least like to know who it is. I sit at the back of the Kop, went in the North Stand and sat at the back against Palace and was shocked that its just as bad in there. And we dont even have a flippinghotel !!! If I wanted to watch a football match, I would sit at home and watch one on the tele. For me its about supporting my team and I do that by trying to make some noise and sing some songs. It was impossible with the band drowining everyone out at the first opportunity. Why did they feel the need to bang the drum for 5 minutes after we had scored ? It just meant everyone sat down and didnt bother after that. I would seriously love to know what it sounded like from one of the other stands.
  7. Tell me about it. 2nd to back row, almost directly behind the net http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif The band ruined any songs we tried to get going today ! Of course i'm happy infact i'm ecstatic. I dont care how poor we play as long as we get three points the performance doesnt matter. I would take a win like that every week. But the thread is about the overall experience that the club ( and supporters ) are creating, and today it was garbage.
  8. The whole, so called, "Matchday Experience" was shocking today. The game itself aside, the atmosphere was flat, the goal music embarrassing, the pre-match and half time entertainment were pretty much non existent. I couldnt hear a sodding thing on the tannoy system, ( havent got a clue what was going on at half time, all I heard was £18,000 mumble mumble Foundation !) I didnt even hear the attendance. Whats the deal with the bloody scoreboard too ? Every game, when showing the latest scores it displays a "t" in the middle. What's that all about, and why cant we have more updates during the game ? And was it just me or where the band just completely annoying the whole game. I normally dont mind them too much but today...... Jesus !!! BANG BANG bloody BANG. Whenever there was a murmer of a chant they started drumming over the top. They didn't give it time to build up and when no one joined in they drummed louder. Surely they should realise that if no one is singing along they should perhaps try playing quieter ? Just because your stereo goes up to 11 doesnt mean you have it on 11 when no one is listening. I thought that they were supposed to be "toned down" ? I thought that they werent going to be at every game. I was sat on the Kop just thinking that from the rest of the ground it must sound pathetic, especially to the away fans. Lastly what was the deal with "The Great Escape" ? They said that they werent playing it at Wednesday games anymore and that they had reserved it for England ? To me it showed how desperate they are getting.
  9. I thought that there was a vote on the official website about goal music. The people have spoken and gave the club a resounding "No" to it. We don't need pre-fabricated nonsense like that. Forward together ? What a load of crap !
  10. Sflaphorpe couldn't handle Clarke up front. They came into the game when Clarke was subbed. FACT !
  11. Best: David Hirst Worst: Marlon Beresford
  12. I thought the same. Along with their their fans who seem to glorify their violence. The same set of fans who hurl abuse at women walking to the away end with their kids and the fact that they had to put a net up at their own ground to stop their fans throwing things. That woman sounded absolutely gormless on the radio.
  13. Its funny how the Blunts disappear from here along with all of the negativity towards the club and the FUD.
  14. 1. Crap music when they came out, both halves. 2 . Handball !!!
  15. Get at least a draw midweek and we should be looking at a similar size crowd next Saturday.
  16. Are you talkiung about Leeds United, or the Rugby ? On the Sheffield Wednesday CD released in the 90's the track is listed as "The Sheffield Wednesday Anthem" ! If Leeds sing it, we sung it first. Our fans still sing it after we score! In fact, do you even know what it is ????
  17. Problem is, stuff like this has been tried before and it has failedGood idea in principle, but I think that they are encouraging people to do it to the wrong song. Surely everyone will just clap along to "Hi Hi Sheffield Wednesday" as normal. A better idea would be to play the "Aida March" and get everyone to spin their scarves in the air.
  18. You work for ..... The Thundercats dont you ? Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !
  19. http://cultzeros.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=ShW12 WTF ????
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