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  1. Waterfront brings back so many great memories of the past. But that is exactly what it is, the past. Its great that we have a past and something to look back on but I think we need to look for something new for the future. I know Waterfront was unique, but I think we now need an anthem. One that we can sing along to. One that is unique and that no one else does. Thunderstruck is a great shout.
  2. Would you accept a player who endured a barbecue related injury ?
  3. On the flip side... I listened to the game on Radio Sheffield - Brilliant coverage compared to the weekend Didnt bother with Owlstalk just watched the Manchester Derby To top it off I had a 250 - 1 on Soares 1 - 2 And 100/1 Tevez 2 - 1 Happy days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. . The expansion also has a secondary focus of being available for selection for World Cup matches in 2018 or 2022, if England's bid is successful. Bumhole Lane also has a hotel, making this officially the best ground in the world. As a boy Argentinian legend Juan Sebastian Veron dreamed of playing for the Blades.[29]
  5. The funny thing is - evn though they've defaced it, the bits they left in still knock their pittiful club into a cocked hat! 85 years **** ALL!!! And so on....
  6. There you have it...... conclusive proof that it is, in fact, pronounced Ir-vinn !
  7. You say tomato I say tomato You say potato I say potato You say Irvine I say Irvine Lets call the whole thing off !
  8. Good prospect, probably worth a shot but be warned he's injury prone.
  9. Its every time they lose though. Its always the ref so something else that has cost them, especially when they lose to Wednesday. You can guarantee it before the game, scruffy townies.
  10. Could be wrong but I'm sure on the R.S commentary early on in the first half a Wednesday cross was blocked by Moore, in the box, with his arm. Couldn't really tell though between the blatant bias, the Hockey, Bramall Lane, Giddings clicking, and constant comments from the Barnsley summariser that went on 5 minutes at a time. We aren't harping on about it are we ?
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/southyorkshire/conten...n_profile.shtml You mean Luke Wileman. He now commentates for Toronto FC I think. Great commentator, poor taste in music.
  12. I need a few programmes from those years for my collection. I would suggest putting up a full list and how much you want for them. Either that or stick them on ebay.
  13. There are many reasons why people don't go to away games. Money, work, the fact that we have an appalling away record this season. The fact is that the radio commentary is for those people who cant go or don't go to the match. So the reason why I didn't go to the game yesterday is purely irrelevant. What is being debated is the rubbish commentary provided by RS yesterday. I take it that you went to the game yesterday. If so then you are lucky. Don't polish your True Fan™ badge too hard will you
  14. Cant really see it currently discussed in depth on here, but a quick question to all of those who listened to RS commentary. Is it just me or was it absolutely bloody awful ? Half of the time I didnt know what was going on. Andy Giddings is a shocking commentator. He just seemed to be waffling nonsense for ages and then all of a sudden someone's got a free kick or corner ! He seemed to be getting more excited when Barnsley attacked and was willing them on to score by the sound of it. My Dad said to me at half time that I have to give him a pond every time Gidds mentions the "Ponty End" ore "Pontyfract Road End" I'm off to the bank on Monday to re-mortgage my house.
  15. T' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' t' handball !
  16. Organisation. Alan said that each individual player was given their own role to do.
  17. Advise from police on Barnsley game. Shouldn't that be Advice ?
  18. Sorry mate im lost! Are you refering to Laws or our owls1521?
  19. Does anyone know whether the book will be on sale today and for how much please ?
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