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  1. What tactics and lineups? They change game from game… I can’t tell what style of football we are trying to play and what the tactics even are so can hardly make an overall judgment. Which is worrying considering the majority of players were signed by Moore with the intention of building a team.
  2. And thanks for making the pitch wider Darren and then singing loads of wingers and playing really narrow… opponents love that
  3. I think a translator would be more appropriate, I have no idea what he was trying to tell us
  4. The last time we played Oxford in the league, 30 years ago and it was a game to remember for all the wrong reasons. Looking at the results that season, this game was the middle of 3 straight defeats. (Wolves (A) 3-2 loss, Oxford (H) 2-0 loss, and Portsmouth (A) 2-0 loss) I dont remember much of the game itself, except for King Sheridan infamously missing a penalty and a small section of the Kop starting to turn on him. It seems like the team itself was on a bit of a slump overall but it would be John who would take the brunt of the supporters frustrations. (I also vaguely remember Sheridan sticking two fingers up to the section of the Kop during one game, couldnt tell you which but my memory thinks it was a night game? Anyone remember?) Luckily for us he was able to take it in his stride and his name would go down in folklore just 3 weeks later at Wembley, bringing back the only major silverware to Sheffield in the past 30 years. Ive also seen it mentioned before that some people try to claim it never happened..... We do seem to have a pretty self destructive section of our fanbase at times, one that doesnt seem to learn from our history. Some of which seems to resonates true recently What are everyone else's memories of this game and that drop in form? Did the players have their minds elsewhere?
  5. Cant all people have mental health issues, regardless of wealth?
  6. Brilliant game management (after giving away the stupid penalty) saw the game out professionally Great 2nd half performance
  7. Running the ball in the corner with so long to go is suicide Just keep the ball instead
  8. Not at all Some of the stuff posted in this thread has been a bit embarrassing to be fair Like a bunch of lions circling waiting to pounce, waiting to pile in if we go behind. Weve been far from world beaters but it’s hardly been the worst game ever
  9. Binman should be playing in the over 35’s league creating nothing That finish must have upset a few on here
  10. Nearly time for the obligatory 60 minute substitution by Moore
  11. I actually think we’ve pressed them well for large parts of the game and we’ve been unlucky with refereeing decisions, particularly when we hit them on the break
  12. This is not the worst I’ve seen us play this season, and it’s not the worst game I’ve seen so far…. Not sure what game the wrist slitters are watching
  13. Wednesday fans are crackers sometimes. Every single club in this division would love to have Bannan in their sides, regardless of what faults we might think he has. He would walk into a lot of Championship sides too..... You only have to listen to opposition fans, opposition managers and pundits to know this. Yet our fans are falling over themselves to leave your best player (by a mile) out of the squad for a run of games. Its just another distraction from many of the other issues..... such as why the manager has made the pitch wider, yet plays with such a narrow formation which allows more space for opposition wingers....which funily enough, if we ustilised our own wide players in the space it would probably accomodate Bannans game far more.
  14. Can just see thousands of students walking round Sheffield in their Play Off Finalists 2016 tshirts
  15. Radio commentary said Iorfa was screaming at him
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