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  1. You could almost sense some fans in the stadium sharpening the knives, ready to have a go at the earliest opportunity. Other players gave the ball away plenty of times…. Maybe he’s the next scapegoat. Regardless of what he does now, I’m sure some fans have already written him off, sadly.
  2. Quality cross and a bullet header, there was no stopping that. Pleased for the kid too.
  3. Sometimes our fans judge a player very early on and decide instantly whether they like them or not.... if they dont then its all pile on, regardless of how hard that player tries or how well they play. Sometimes players are afforded a bit of leniency if they have a song
  4. Would take this in an heartbeat Can’t stand the thought of playing the shadow dwellers
  5. They might ask, but he won’t give anything away… keeps his cards close to his chest
  6. Draw coming up soon… who do we want? Who we gonna get?
  7. Or will Moore try shoe horning some of them into the squad to try and keep them happy? He has form for this.
  8. It really isn’t We just can’t take it seriously due to the fact that we have very little chance of winning it these days
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