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  1. fact is we lost 0-1 but I was pleased with the performance and we will not loose many games playing like that, top half finish is very do able, if we're top half by January I expect us to push for the top 6!
  2. past caring this football club is going nowhere regardless of Steve may, and when we get thumped by Brighton itl be even worse on here
  3. Not optimistic about anything involving swfc!
  4. strange mm is persisting with him if he's dodgy
  5. This kit is going to look stupid with the land of fire logo on it
  6. mammadov will bring in his own man, gray won't see this season out no chance
  7. forest lost t rotherham and loosing to masons yet I'm pretty sure they will be up there this season, it's a friendly get a grip
  8. feel sorry for gray because he will be gone this season at some point, unless he magically gets us near the pplayoffs
  9. Wickham I didn't think he was good enough! proved me wrong big time!
  10. mammadov will have somebody in mind to succeed gray I just hope he gives him a proper chance
  11. I went abroad for 10 days on the 28.06 thinking il not even read ot, I expected the fa to have this takeover ratified and atleast a signing! pissed off with it all now
  12. We're going down regardless of takeover it's sheffield wednesday nothing good ever happens
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