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  1. Gian Piero Gasperini would be my choice.
  2. It has reopened again this season.
  3. Janak

    Caption Competition

    “Are you wearing Lynx?” “Well smelt...Voodoo” “Java”
  4. Got mine today too. Massive queue, but was well worth it.
  5. Joao offers pace. Rhodes doesn’t.
  6. Janak

    Who dictates the tactics, CC or DC?

    why keep a dog and bark yourself?
  7. Very decent price considering the transfer fees being paid nowadays.
  8. Janak

    The new SWFC app

    It's made by iFollow and has backing from the club and EFL.
  9. Janak

    The new SWFC app

    It downloads music by Arctic Monkeys
  10. The official SWFC app is now available in the App Store. Search "Sheffield Wednesday Official App" to download it.
  11. Janak

    QPR cat C

    No they won't. We have more season ticket holders now.