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  1. That’s what supporting Wednesday does to you . When we win it’s great and when we lose we’re poo . Tried staying on an even keel but it’s so dull . Guilty
  2. The Blackburn defeat sticks out in my mind . Live on Monday night football. I was in a bar in Falaraki surrounded by Leeds fans loving every minute of it . I was so pissed off
  3. Who was it who scored away at Birmingham around that time and put his shirt on the corner flag ? Was it Di Piedi ?
  4. Mark Reynolds? He found touch better than Jonny Wilkinson
  5. Guilty as charged . Saw team selection today and thought WTF but I’m now eating my words
  6. Surely the powers that be at s6 wouldn’t want to cause another poo storm . If they said they needed to do it to avoid ffp and he went to Boro or WBA for example then it’s kind of understandable but not to that set of inbred scrubbers . I wouldn’t want him to leave by any means btw
  7. It’s very strange he’s worked under the best and with top players but he just doesn’t seem to have it as a manager
  8. I was talking to someone who was employed at Hillsborough until recently and they told me Hoopers biggest problem is in his head , he has no confidence in his body anymore
  9. Couldn’t ageee more we should have been pushing top 2 last season imo the league wasn’t as strong as year before or this season. After an impressive first season where we attacked and pressed, CC decided he wanted to be Jose the 2nd and be all cagey and bored the boobies off us all
  10. Let’s just say the phone call I promised her as I was leaping in a taxi never happened!!
  11. No she doesn’t, please don’t tell her I said that !!!
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