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  1. Looks like our former keeper is doing really well at Walsall. He was in the League 1 team of the day in the press yesterday and my mate told me he got the Man Of The Match award against Nitts County . Can never understand why we got rid.
  2. Just thought i would pin this from the Chesterfield fans forum, loooks like RO'D is doing ok - Didnt put a foot wrong. His distributuon was top class, looking at every opportuinity to get it out on the floor and only kicking if neccessary. Made two top draw saves, one a tip over the bar from a shot with a dangerous amount of spin on it which could have fooled him on another occasion, and a brilliant reaction save down to his left at the end to ensure we got away with the win. Well done ROD Well done him, still think it was a mistake to let him go.
  3. I noticed on the match report that both bywater and weaver had strains so they borught in Hernandez , but where was Jameson , not heard anything on the reports from Portugal about him being with the squad.
  4. Apparently according to his twitter he is at Southey Green School today, I think its really great of him to give up his time to visit the schools.
  5. My grandson came in raving about seeing O'Donnell at Myers Grove and having his picture took with him,it appears that he used to go to the school when he was younger and is highly thought off there. Even though he is not a player for us he can still find the time to visit a local school and spread the word.
  6. But how would he know RO'D was on loan at the time
  7. What i don't understand is why we have got rid of a keeper who has played 22 games for us and has experience of playing at Hillsborough in front of big crowds and is obviously gutted to be shipped out , for someone who's only experience is at Harrogate Town in non league and two matches for the owls in which in one he gave away a penalty and was very lucky not to get sent off and hasn't got a tenth of the experience that RO'D Had. Doesn't make any sense to me unless something went off behind the scenes that we don't know about.
  8. Accordinhg to Rob Staton RO'D has signed for Chesterfield, Mark Crossley has just twittered that the first signing of the season has been done - will be announced tonight
  9. Yes i think i would have to agree with that, not much fun being 3rd choice keeper.
  10. Fully agree , the lads a wednesdayite through and through and you can tell by his twitter message that he is gutted about being released. I have no doubt that he will get a club in the summer and i can honestly see him coming back and biting us on the arse someday. Good luck to you Richard and i will always remember the Blackpool penalty shoot-out you were class in that game. Keep your chin up and prove them all wrong.
  11. Fully agree with you Kivo , he may have not had enough to make the grade at championship level but he gave his all in a Wednesday shirt which is more than what some of the other lobbers in a wednesday shirt did.
  12. Well bully for you i am glad it worked out for you and Big Guns , so we are left with a reserve keeper who has been on loan at Harrogate town and in the game he plays in at MK Dons gets carded and gives away a penalty. Can't wait till he plays and you tear him to bits as well . If i was you i'd have another bet
  13. If all the players did this just think about how much money they could raise for a worthy cause. Top lad well done RO'D.
  14. where has this rumour come from, how do you know he is signing for rotherham ???
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