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  1. No chance of signing him. Wake up you lot!
  2. Di Canio's got bags of passion. But not sure there's much behind that
  3. Haha Nigerians are more technical. Do me a favour!
  4. why do my posts keep getting deleted? Nazi moderators at it again?
  5. Don't you think its sad that you've actually worked this out
  6. who cares about the kit FFS Have you nowt better to do than discuss the kits. Not like there going to be pink next year is it?!?! Your all a bunch of losers. There going to be blue and white. End of discussion
  7. Stop sucking up you slimeball. You may have fooled everyone else but not me
  8. Thats not ironic. Been an inbred does not necessarily make you bad at spelling or grammar. Ooooooo so I used a word thats not in the dictionary - forgot everyone on Owlstalk using correct spelling and grammar for everything! That mean your an inbred for not having spaces in your username? All the people that gave him positive marks are Chesterfield fans though.
  9. There was every need when a Chesterfield fan was going on about their tin pot clubs history. May I just remind everyone what a set of idiots they were when they came to Hillsborough this season. Moaning and groaning they should have won. What makes it worse was when they were in deep financial trouble a few years ago people were outside Hillsborough with buckets collecting money to save their club. We helped them stay affloat and yet we still get hatred directed at us from them
  10. This is a site for Wednesday fans. We don't want some inbreded Chesterfield fan talking about their clubs history!! How is that related to Wednesday!! Ridicolous
  11. [email protected] me off were you. Just a bunch of keyboard warriors arnt you, all smug hiding behind your monitors
  12. Thats ridicolous. I put it in the nicest possible way. I didn't realise this was also a Chesterfield FC Forum. I think I speak to the majority of Owlstalk members when I say no Chesterfield fans aloud on here Who is with me?!
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