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  1. No chance of signing him. Wake up you lot!
  2. Di Canio's got bags of passion. But not sure there's much behind that
  3. Haha Nigerians are more technical. Do me a favour!
  4. why do my posts keep getting deleted? Nazi moderators at it again?
  5. Don't talk about your Mum like that. It's not nice
  6. Yeah but you play disability football. Hardly a good comparison is it.
  7. He's played as a winger for the last few years. He scored 9 out of 27 games for Bolton one season when he was playing as striker. Hardly a bad record is it. I'd like to see you do better. Mug
  8. How can you say he's crap? Your an idiot - he's a proven Premiership player you fool. Oh wait I forgot we've signed the mighty Ryan Lowe. Silly me.....................
  9. Hot off the press people - this is from an extremely reliable source that El Hadji Diouf is being signed by Meggo on a 3 month trial period with the option of a longer contract if he impresses - and behaves himself of course!! If you're not sure already, Diouf has been released by Blackburn and so is a free agent (transfer window doesn't apply). Megson knows Diouf from his Bolton players and is ready to take a gamble, even though he knows there will be some Wednesday fans spitting feathers about the move. My reliable source informs me that Diouf is a keen admirer of the 'Megson way' and see's
  10. Heard on good authority from a reliable source of course that Giles De Bilde will be extending his stay in Sheffield after the Masters tournament this weekend. Apparently De Bilde has been offered a role in a part time coaching capacity as he attempts to de-build bridges with the Wednesday fans after what seemed like an unsuccessful stay due to his high wages which helped leave the club in ruins. De Bilde is hoping to cement a place in English football as a coach and see’s no reason why he can’t stay at Wednesday after his short term contract expires. He commented ‘I’ve got nothing to prove, I
  11. Don't you think its sad that you've actually bothered to edit the picture of Lionel Messi and put him in a Wednesday shirt in your picture?? Have you nothing better to do with your time?
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