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  1. They got it right who ever said it was Bournemouth Away first game.
  2. I don’t care who we sign I’m desperate for a name it could be offering Boyd and Abdi new deals I just need to see that breaking news on twitter.
  3. Didn’t have a very good season last year though did he mate.
  4. Neither did McGoldrick when he signed for United, football isn’t as black and white as that.
  5. It’s Wednesday today though. I think people are clutching.
  6. We need to win every game really, maybe slip up and draw one. It’s tough.
  7. Why? He’s been he 3 years and had half a decent game?
  8. I think I must have forgot how good Hooper was, I don’t know what’s up with me but just can’t seem to get excited about it. Maybe it’s the length of his lay off with his contract due to expire in 2 months time.
  9. Their unpaid players outplayed Millwall on Saturday so we can’t underestimate them.
  10. We need to have a go at these, a point is no good at this point in our season, we aren’t going down, there will be no complaints from me if we lose as long as we set up to try and win today and everyone gives 100%. Come on lads. We owe them one!
  11. Hope he can keep his cool tonight, unlike the Chelsea game.
  12. He has been rock solid all year. Even against the blades he was an absolute warrior, I don’t fancy Palmer trialling if he can play there is such a high profile game.
  13. I’m not so sure Palmer played as much nearly as much under Carlos as Hunt , was hunt 1.6M BETTER than Palmer and the answer was no, one assist in his 3 years he wasn’t good enough and isn’t even first choice at Bristol now either.
  14. Darent take a penalty but makes a wicked pen pal. 10 million well spent I say.
  15. I’d be a rich man if I got a quid for every time someone said Fletch worked his socks off! but missed yet another bread and butter chance again. He hasn’t scored goals consistently in any season at any level. He isn’t the answer if we want a more attacking goal scoring side.
  16. I watched quest for the first time in about 3 months and it was on for less that 35 seconds.
  17. I would play Westwood Fox Lees Hector Palmer Hutch Bannan Forestieri Onomah Reach Joao
  18. I like the look of Thorniley think he’s tough no nonsense. However I’m not letting myself get carried away for over a decade we have had a ton of youngsters on our books who we thought would go on to be world beaters and not a single one has gone on to even forge a decent career at our level barring Palmer. From the likes of Beevers and Spurr to most recent Clare and Penney. (Who seemed to go off the boil) .if you listened to our fans you would have believed The hype. I just hope with our academy doing better than it has for years finally a week could come into fruition and kids filtering in.
  19. Van Aken was in the summer. As was Rhodes, after his loan in January so in 18 months our only permanent signing is Pelupessy. WOW
  20. We have only signed Pelupessy (500k) in two years is it? Can some one clarify ?
  21. Bad management if you ask me, loaning him out for 2 years and letting his contract run down. If he isn’t in the plans try and see if we can move him on for a fee to help our financial situation.
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