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  1. How’s Wood still playing championship football. Makes Tom Lees look like Beckenbauer with ball at his feet.
  2. He will do well to be on a fifth of what he is on here any where else.
  3. Not having 1 shot on target and 20% possession every match we won’t.
  4. He doesn’t do Christmas it was his last day yesterday he will back on the 4th!
  5. I don’t rate Palmer but he is easily the best product to come from our academy in 20 years. That shows how poor we have been at producing young talent.
  6. They weren’t in the Bundesliga mate they it was the championship equivalent.
  7. Let’s not get carried away with the lad, there’s been a few we fall head over heals with after 180 minutes , Penney and Clare being the most recent. But first signs are positive.
  8. He’s not half as bad now we are crap.
  9. I personally think he has been terrible under Pulis.
  10. Shaw will have his place in the squad I would think.
  11. Wildsmith Borner Dunkley Lees Reach Bannan Luongo Brown Odubajo Windass Rhodes
  12. Thing with Bannan is. Yes there will be clubs willing to take him on performing better than us, I doubt many could compete with what Chansiri would be willing to pay him.
  13. Dele-Bashiru must be pants. Because the attributes people said he had, we severely lack.
  14. How do you work that one out? We have come from behind to win once in about 2 years. And this year we are struggling to string a couple of passes Together never mind score twice. Did we have an attempt at goal that half? Turn the tv off the games over.
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