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  1. My personal opinion is, whilst playing in the championship the majority of his time was spent defending as other sides had the ball. In our current side this season it’s the opposite we are trying to break sides down and I don’t think Iorfa is that comfortable with the ball at his feet. And spent less time doing the things we used to notice. Last ditch tackles, 1 on 1s etc etc.
  2. Does he ever actually have a bad game?
  3. Mate he’s played for England u21’s how many of our recent crop have done that?
  4. Let’s face it. If he was any good he would at least be on the bench at QPR.
  5. BPF Hunt Palmer Dunkley Johnson Bannan FDB Adeniran Paterson Gregory Berahino
  6. If I was Moore I would play our strongest 11 hope we get a result and look to keep the same team against Bolton.
  7. Windass anyone? Wasn’t it supposed to be beginning of October?
  8. If Hutchinson is such a leader why has countless managers not made him captain. He’s been here 7 years.
  9. Did Corbeneau not make the bench or did he have a knock?
  10. It’s still not an amazing standard. let’s not forget our friend joey was captain at Heracles. Who usually finish around mid table.
  11. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Bannan Wing Adeniran Johnson Gregory Corbeneau
  12. I must have watched the wrong game.
  13. I’m a window cleaner and clean his windows on my round, and I can confirm He has chupa chups tattooed on his stomach, Wednesday badge on his chest and ekoku on his back. Don’t get much more Wednesday than that. Sign him I say.
  14. Played most of his football in the same league Stevie May got 30 one year.
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