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  1. You can’t blame a bad first touch on adapting to a league.

    I thought Jos wasn’t supposed to be a yes man
  3. Managed to beat our manager though mate.
  4. Adam Reach

    This thread got me thinking, if we are complaining about Reach, on the other wing last night we had George Boyd, how horrific is he ? Can’t pass the ball 5 yards, can’t cross, let’s the ball roll past him out of touch 5 times a game, runs like he is trying to stand up on a speed boat with nothing to hold on to. He came with a fair bit of expectation but I don’t care how many times he played for Dyche in the premier league he’s useless.
  5. The BBC commentated about our back 5 against Swansea saying we where negative but thought it was because we where playing Premier League opposition away from home little did he know that’s exactly how we have been playing since he’s been in charge.
  6. 4 at the back and we are at sea because we have been playing and defending with 5, and when we are playing 5 at the back get completely outnumbered in midfield invite pressure on our selves because we can’t get out or relieve pressure and no link between attack and defence, ours is a complete flat back 5 every other side in the league who play 5 ,wing backs bomb forward we have 2 full backs and 3 centre half’s. We have got massive problems at the minute. I dread to think of how many goals we would score from a full season of 5 at the back, the draws where killing us even before this losing streak.
  7. Team for Tuesday night

    Wildsmith Hunt Lees Thorniley Fox Jones Pelupessy Clare Abdi Reach Joao
  8. Clare has actually liked a a twitter post showing himself linked with other Premier League sides. Here we go.
  9. Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    People leaving Bannan out and playing Pelupessy after a half decent 6.5 out of 10 game last night know nothing about football.
  10. Lucas Joao

    You can’t just lay the blame on Carlos for some of the performances Joao has churned out over the last 2 years. He’s a talented lad and has raw qualities. 2 great goals yesterday but on another night both would end up in the stands, he needs to be more consistent in my opinion. With Joao it seems if things don’t click in the first 10 minutes of a game he’s chasing his first touch for the rest of the time he’s on the pitch. Good performance last night hope we can see it week in week out.
  11. I really can see Reach making that position his very own. Probably in the place of a fit Kieran Lee. That’s if we see him anywhere near back to his best, he really seems to have been through the mill with injuries recently.
  12. Team for Birmingham

    Wildsmith Venancio Pudil Thorniley Hunt. Reach Jones Pelupessy Butterfield Matias Rhodes
  13. Westwood, Bannan & Lees

    What happened to Hutch. Came back played a few times, got rested and not been seen since. Anyone know?
  14. 3-5-2

    Wildsmith Venancio Van Aken Lees Hunt. Reach Bannan Hutch Lee Forestieri Hooper
  15. Westwood Hunt Loovens Venancio Pudil Hutch Jones Boyd Abdi Reach Joao