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  1. How do you work that one out. When Newcastle where in the championship Lazaar was in there squad and wasn’t even best left back in their side.
  2. Right I’m done with owlstalk till after the new mans been appointed I can’t cope any longer.
  3. Reach has been our fittest player 3 years on the trot no one has ever doubted his engine have they?
  4. How many managers who got promoted last year had championship promotions on their CV?
  5. Bullied off and on the pitch then. Never felt sorry for a player playing professional football like I did with Rhodes being pushed and shoved about feeling sorry for himself the year before last.
  6. When this emerged at the end of last week I was gutted for the day. Everything is easier after sleeping on it. He wasn’t as committed to the club and fans as he said, its a let off in my eyes, good riddance, We are Sheffield Wednesday not Steve Bruce FC, he will soon be forgotten, Our main concern is getting the right man in to replace him, fingers crossed UTO.
  7. Are the shorts exactly the same as this year?
  8. Nice apart from the digital design on the stripes.
  9. Are people talking about the same Pearson as the one that screwed our club RE Hirst? Or is it a different one?
  10. Carlos seems to be missing from the list?
  11. It’s not OUR fans though is it. You get morons everywhere in any walk of life.
  12. A few players been in the club shop today wonder if it’s anything to do with the new kit.
  13. Yeh Germany have always struggled to win things with a green away strip too. We’re screwed.
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