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  1. His goals per minute ratio this season is up there with Hoopers.
  2. Doyen Global is Hirst's agent. Doyen Sports have runnings in the club and where Carlos came from. Both separate companies.
  3. Hutch is not injured

    You told me, I told you nothing you clown. I haven’t told you a single thing he said. I’ve said nothing incriminating on his behalf. See you later mate.
  4. Hutch is not injured

    You know as mad as it seems. If you actually knew somthing, would you want to make things possibly worse, knowing full well players staff etc read the forum. Genuine question? Surely not if you have Wednesday at heart?
  5. Hutch is not injured

    Here we go. Forget it mate.
  6. Hutch is not injured

    I’ll just tell you two things. The fact he has probably 25 local tradesman working at a house he is refurbishing in S17. Next your going to say, well he ain’t going to open his mouth to them. He can’t be that stupid. Oh and he was limping about as of last week for what it’s worth. Neg away people.
  7. Hutch is not injured

    Saw your thread last week. And know for a fact that there is truth in it. But couldn’t bring my self to reply, because of the barrage of garbage you would get. If you find somthing out your better off just keeping it to yourself IMO. Not worth the hassle.
  8. Got to feel for Jordan Rhodes

  9. Time for Abdi

    Like Rhodes then. Makes Sedgewick look like JJ.
  10. Time for Abdi

    The same way Van Aken fits a 3 man centre half’s , it’s a complete cop out. What happened to the days when someone could attack AND defend
  11. Time for Abdi

    The lad has done absolutely nothing for us. Doesn’t fit our system. I don’t care how amazing Abdi was for Watford in the same way I didn’t care about how useless Tom Lees was made out to be by Leeds fans. But apart from his goal against forest last year he has been diabolical. I’m not a Carlos fan I want rid. But I don’t blame him for not playing Abdi.
  12. George Hirst Saga..

    Cutting our nose off here. I don’t think he’s ready for the first team. But isolating him is not going to make him sign a new contract what so ever. If he was playing and happy it would be a possibility. Just like the Ozil and Sanchez situation at Arsenal.
  13. It’s nothing to do with Portuguese footballers and managers. Wolves aren’t doing bad are they, it’s just the ones we keep choosing are completely useless. All Doyen influenced though.
  14. And we are counting Joaos attempt as a shot are we then? It gets worse.