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  1. Where they fit enough in the first 2 seasons though? serious question. If they weren’t in the 3rd why not. Surely Carlos didn’t change?
  2. Harris kicks the ball with his studds. On par with Stevie May for technique.
  3. The way I look at Carlos is like we had a good relationship but things turned sour and 2 years later he’s still singing outside our Bedroom window at 2am. Leave us alone Carlos it was good while it lasted, I’m going to ring the police unless you go away.
  4. The ball hits Murphys shin a foot away from goal and all of a sudden everyone wants him to start.
  5. You obviously didn’t go to Preston did you pal?
  6. Does his contract not run out at the end of this year too ?
  7. Hopefully Jos can make it a double swoop with Pelupessy.
  8. Thought someone had put drawing pins in his boots when he got put through with 10 minutes to go. So slow it’s painful.
  9. Do the kits in the shop have the sponsor on yet?
  10. Ours was against Barnsley it means nothing what so ever, they also have 4 points from those 2 games.
  11. Dawson Palmer Borner Lees Odubajo Bannan Hutch Lee Harris Fletcher Reach ————— Jones Bates Luongo Murphy Rhodes Nuhiu Forestieri
  12. Probably have to wait till January if it’s like our kit reveal.
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