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  1. If Hutchinson is such a leader why has countless managers not made him captain. He’s been here 7 years.
  2. Did Corbeneau not make the bench or did he have a knock?
  3. It’s still not an amazing standard. let’s not forget our friend joey was captain at Heracles. Who usually finish around mid table.
  4. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Bannan Wing Adeniran Johnson Gregory Corbeneau
  5. I must have watched the wrong game.
  6. I’m a window cleaner and clean his windows on my round, and I can confirm He has chupa chups tattooed on his stomach, Wednesday badge on his chest and ekoku on his back. Don’t get much more Wednesday than that. Sign him I say.
  7. Played most of his football in the same league Stevie May got 30 one year.
  8. Simms, Byers , Johnson or other. Who is going to come in I wonder.
  9. What formation are we even playing? I was trying to work it out before kick off and it made me need a Lie down.
  10. I can just see it. 10 goals+ , 10 assists and leaves for nothing next summer.
  11. I’m thinking blue shorts, Is it 3 years on bounce we have had black?
  12. On the flip side of what you said. What annoys me is, people who have no interest in football apart from 6 weeks every 8 years. I feel an closer affinity to being a wednesdayite no matter how much I am proud to be English and I’m an england fan, I don’t like to admit, I don’t love them half as much as a do the owls.
  13. Just let him walk. He’s turd. We need his salary.
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