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  1. Long time owlstalk reader, first time poster, so go easy... When DJ was first appointed, some fans from his previous clubs came on here to give their honest opinion of what we were to expect. Some of them were given a right hard time if they said anything bad about him and the usual 'sour grapes' stuff was posted, this is what i remember them saying... 1. You'll get ready annoyed with his constant 4-4-2, he rarely changes it and he needs to sometimes 2. You'll go through runs of winning and losing streaks, you'll get a terrrible run of results then from nowhere and with little reason you will thrash someone. 3. Tatically he sometimes comes unstuck, he's a big fan of saying 'go out there and express yourselves' to the players, but doesn't have a plan B when that's not working I'm not saying they are all right, but some of it looks similar to where we are at. I agree with 1, 2 seems to be happening, hopefully the last bit will, not sure about 3? What does anyone else think? Can you remember any other comments about what to expect from DJ, when he first started?
  2. Another avid reader, but non poster here... I think it's a stupid decision and made at a completely the wrong time. Until Megson came it had been a long long time since i've seen wednesday players work so hard and be so passionate about the club they play for. But... Whilst i like a manager with some balls, i've never thought the ranting and raving manager types get in the long term the most out of players. It will make players work hard for a short while, but after that i think they become disengaged, Madine for example. There's only so much shouting you can do and after a while i think it wears off. It takes a certain style of management to get the most out of players both long and short term. Megson got them working again, i'm gutted he's gone at this stage of the season, i think it's playing roulette with our promotion hopes, but long term, in the championship and above, i'd rather have a different style of manager...
  3. wow, good timing - I happened to go a school village christmas fayre yesterday and entered the raffle, bought the very last ticket and won!. First prize was a brand new 19" tecknika HD TV/DVD with built in freeview. I didn't take it out of its box as unsure whether to keep it or sell it. The reciept was attached, with 1 years guarentee, said £130 on it. Checked it out online and there about £130-150. How much you looking to spend? (Bear in mind I havent checked this with the mrs so don't know her thoughts on selling it yet...)
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