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  1. Yes pal , he did, sorry for the delay in answering, only just seen this
  2. Me neither Mal, a friend of a friend is a relative and he asked me to see if I’d heard of him at any level. Thought this would be the best place to ask. Thanks
  3. Good evening people, not been on here for a while. Just wondering if some of you elder chaps can cast your mind back to the late 60’s early 70’s. Does anyone recall a goalkeeper called John Crossland playing for the Owls either 1st team or reserves? Cheers in advance
  4. Thanks Chaps yes it was Carl B. thanks for your help
  5. Hi all, not been on for yonks, but a bit stuck here with a bit of Owls trivia, in 87/88 ish when we signed Varadi from Man C I believe, who did we swap or part exchange for him? cheers
  6. What happened at Baku and Lens? Was the current regime replaced instantly or allowed to carry on with the situation?
  7. Yes I agree, please no, I'm going to write to Brown urging him not to sign
  8. Just seen on FL72 site, linking us with a approach for free agent Michael Brown, surely not, he would be a unpopular signing.
  9. Came in under Irvine when he signed 4 players in the same day? Then proceeded to drop them all in the first team with just 2 days notice and expected all of em to gel at once I think.....
  10. remember billington and mckeever, supposed to be world beaters when we signed them, billington struck down by cruel injury soon after joining
  11. Some great names on here.....remember a lot of em from nineties and noughties, never heard of Adam Green....3 apps, disgusted with myself for not knowing him.....anyway what about Marlon Harewood ......didnt he score a hat trick in a friendly?
  12. Please please please, let there be a win for the owls tonight.....................anyway Glad to see COG and Madine up front tonight, good to see 4-4-2 away from home, instead of a going for a point with 4-5-1, going to be a real conservative affair with both sides not wanting to lose, would be nice to see JJ and Antonio in full flight tonight scaring full backs with pace like we know they both have. Just hope the back four can stay tight and keep a much needed clean sheet.
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