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  1. plenty of tablets on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2MN990T get the biggest screen size you can afford - 10+ inch if possible.
  2. These are absolutely stunning for the price. https://amzn.to/3nDPD3Q Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo
  3. this thread is a f*cking comedy of errors. "Why do the pigs use the council coat of arms" - they dont, they use the city CoA until the Council copyrighted it "Why havent we ever used it" - we have "I thought we invented the blunts" - we didnt f^ck sake - call yourself Wednesday fans!
  4. Blimey - didnt know Kenny Dagleish was involved in that too. No wonder the guy to the Liverpool Fans disaster to heart so much
  5. The Bends.. I remember my jaw just hitting the floor after every song.
  6. i actually looked up where i could get one of these for commuting around london - theyd be frikkin ideal!. they go for a bomb now - and the battery life isn't great. 30years before there time. Someone should me making a 2021 version of this.
  7. yeah - absolute wet blanket. Typical of a posh bird though... looking after a "puppy" see that a lot
  8. plenty of cheap accounts available on the dark web - so a friend tells me.
  9. As much a fan of RH as I am, and especially of OKC - it is not a perfect album. Electioneering just doesn't fit on that album - stylistically and thematically.
  10. Apple car - can't be used on the public highway...
  11. Some absolute dogshit getting paid millions are year to kick a ball around and lose games.
  12. Yes, there's a little bit where it dives off into the world of derivatives and FX trading - but actually its not that much and doesn't materially affect the story. Its basically loads of 20somethings bonking and snorting loads of drugs. Its quite "slow"... and each episode is directed by a different person so they do feel oddly disconnected from each other. But i know people like these guys, and those they work with, and its all pretty close to the truth. And yeah, Yasmin... niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.
  13. money talks. the UAE are getting ready to cut off the Palestinians.
  14. The new Everton stadium is basically in derelict land. Absolutely stunning piece of redevelopment.
  15. actually - the mother turns out a bit nicer than i expected. Thought it was going to be the typical "wicked stepmother" vibe but it isnt.
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