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  1. the problem with all these is the maintenance of them. Shipping containers look great when they go up "new" - but if they arent cleaned and maintained then they go rusty and look appalling. Theyre really useful for quick development - retail, small indie shops, CHEAP offices. But they arent a long term solution. see also ContainerVille in London. LOADS of areas in Sheffield would benefit from something like this. The setup at Container City in Trinity Buoy Wharf is several years old now and is starting to look quite rough. Same goes for Brickism - it looks great the moment the scaffolding comes down but unless its kept clean and good it can start to look very rough after a few years.
  2. re: booze - tip from a local as we were flying there - buy what you think you might drink in the duty free as you get off the plane...
  3. She's absolute gold! real future "national treasure" potential
  4. Went to MAXIMO PARK lastnight in Hackney. Really quite an odd experience. Venue only 70/80% full - but gig was "sold out" so i think theyre not filling places to maximum.
  5. how odd. I think she’s fantastic.
  6. What did AOL say when you contacted them?
  7. Interesting… (LTE being US 4g) Spectrum Sharing 5G and LTE networks share LTE’s frequencies because 5G is not wholly and immediately replacing LTE. A network operator can use frequency division duplex (FDD) and time division duplex (TDD) technologies to share spectrum. FDD is where different bands of frequency are used by users; one for uplink and the other for downlink. TDD is where one frequency band will be used for uplink and downlink, switching between the two from moment to moment. According to an approved United States patent assigned to AT&T, bands can be dynamically allocated between LTE and 5G in tens of milliseconds.
  8. Completely different parts of the spectrum and they require different masts. they MIGHT be removing 4g masts and replacing them with 5g masts (so they don’t have to have new masts/sites) or throttling your 4g - which I wouldn’t put past US networks.
  9. probably worth getting the TENCLUB membership though
  10. Considering this - wanted to go when it was the original date (2020) so 2 years too late!
  11. Baltic Triangle for “hipster eats” Go up the radio tower too. It’s fun.
  12. TBHC is the pinnacle of Arctic Monkeys output. end of.
  13. Soldiers dying in Iraq and Afghanistan who weren't even born when 9/11 happened.
  14. Did the etihad tour last weekend - they’ve installed safe standing seats there.
  15. Not much fun for the women. But if some quick fast money is your aim then it’s probably worth doing for a few years. the expat standard of living is high (gated communities, villas and pools etc) is it worth considering living in Bahrain and commuting to SA?
  16. you need a new normal.dot file i think
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