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  1. Nuhiu puffing and wheezing at the end there. He looks bigger (fatter) than he did last year
  2. This - you can't just rock up to China and be allowed in. Sure - it doesnt take long, and you dont have to be there in person - but there is a processing time of a couple of days (they need to go through all their electronic survellance on you to check you arent going to bring the CPC into disrepute)
  3. 34.2.8 No Club shall charge higher admission prices for visiting supporters for accommodation that is ranked as comparable with or inferior to that used by supporters of the Home Club in the same or next highest ranked accommodation. For the purposes of this Regulation, accommodation shall be allocated a ranking as indicated by the table below (where 1 represents the best available and 6 the lowest) having regard to the following criteria: (a) Covered seating; (b) Uncovered seating; (c) Covered terracing; (d) Uncovered terracing; (e) Behind the touchline; (f) Behind the goal line; and (g) In the corners of the stadium (i.e. behind both the touchline and the goal line).
  4. We need to buy shares in FMC clothing - his sales are going to go through the roof if this is the "official" kit.
  5. This - hasnt all the CHANSIRI logos been part of the shirt - not iron on.
  6. no Chansiri on it? Training shirt....
  7. Gets them made in small batches (tens, not hundreds/thousands) and can STILL sell them cheaper than the Official shop
  8. Im annoyed that when i went to Luxembourg and looked for the Spora ground - it "didnt exist" ... turns out theyd gone bust/rebranded and the stadium was just round the corner from the hotel.
  9. https://as.com/diarioas/2015/01/24/english/1422095001_459476.html odd that it was mentioned in this article (recently) too
  10. i remember him being called Mike? not Mick?
  11. i before e - except after c, and all the other exceptions.
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