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  1. plenty of tablets on Amazon - https://amzn.to/2MN990T get the biggest screen size you can afford - 10+ inch if possible.
  2. These are absolutely stunning for the price. https://amzn.to/3nDPD3Q Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo
  3. this thread is a f*cking comedy of errors. "Why do the pigs use the council coat of arms" - they dont, they use the city CoA until the Council copyrighted it "Why havent we ever used it" - we have "I thought we invented the blunts" - we didnt f^ck sake - call yourself Wednesday fans!
  4. Blimey - didnt know Kenny Dagleish was involved in that too. No wonder the guy to the Liverpool Fans disaster to heart so much
  5. The Bends.. I remember my jaw just hitting the floor after every song.
  6. i actually looked up where i could get one of these for commuting around london - theyd be frikkin ideal!. they go for a bomb now - and the battery life isn't great. 30years before there time. Someone should me making a 2021 version of this.
  7. yeah - absolute wet blanket. Typical of a posh bird though... looking after a "puppy" see that a lot
  8. plenty of cheap accounts available on the dark web - so a friend tells me.
  9. As much a fan of RH as I am, and especially of OKC - it is not a perfect album. Electioneering just doesn't fit on that album - stylistically and thematically.
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