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  1. Theres a thread on this already. There looks to be 3 or 4 "independent" people making these kits - theres a Coventry fan making them too. THeyre terrific reimagining of older shirts. The club should be looking to make something similar. They always sell out in a hurry though.
  2. flipping hell we cant even organise a family fun day. who is in charge of this commercial department?
  3. The notorious de-bilde therapy drawing
  4. Man posts news article to back up argument, only to find argument entirely disproved by same article "all the verified cases of fraud involving contactless cards occurred when the card had been taken from or lost by its owner and used to make contactless purchases. The truth is that the bus skimming scenario is pretty unlikely."
  5. thats not a contactless CARD list though is it.. Its an ApplePay/GooglePay list. Thats a different matter - you've proved the cardholder is present by using your fingerprint to access the card. The BANKS impose the 30limit on your card.
  6. Selling a product to a ficticious problem isnt a new thing. This crovels and Nuclear bunkers.
  7. absolutely no evidence exists for this - and where would the money go? to a bank account - tracing it would be simple
  8. The orignal "north stand" plan modified for the modern age
  9. Wednesday Fans "40quid to too much to watch a football game" Also Wednesday Fans "We must have a £billion stadium to seat 80,000" absolute pet shop
  10. as mentioned - this happens ALL the time in the "richer" end of society. Thats why we have things like British Virgin Islands and Jersey. If youve got enough money to engage a half decent accountant and you are prepared to take a little risk in your self - then you can do this all over. Own house Setup company - get "funding" from bank (mortgage) Sell house to Ltd company you are majority (only) shareholder in Rent back house from company everything offshore - so limited/zero tax
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