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  1. jamsandwich

    QPR Pubs?

    Sindercombe Social is Away friendly - nice boozer, bit pricey though That Walkabout was amazing - huge place. I think the posh hotel next door got it closed down!
  2. Can you mate no longer make the trip? THEN I AM YOUR MAN! Looking for 1 ticket to the game - I'm in the Birmingham area for family business that weekend and was hoping to be able to slope off and get to the game! PM me if you have one to sell
  3. jamsandwich

    Birmingham away details

    yes - its the internet - it never closes
  4. jamsandwich

    QPR Away Details

    got mine in
  5. jamsandwich

    The Big Black Cloud over S6.

    The Liverpool Fans disaster...
  6. jamsandwich

    Man City at home 2002...

    This game was Peak Owlstalk.
  7. jamsandwich

    SWFC on Sky Sports

    only on two days though isnt it?
  8. jamsandwich

    Signed shirt

    lovely find that!
  9. jamsandwich

    kit maker?

    from memory Umbro generic shirt = Club gets £12/shirt - rest goes to manufacturer Own shirt = Costs £12 to make - rest goes to club.
  10. does it? i thought the top was 5000 and the bottom was 2000?
  11. seems a bit random. Also - bit hoolie element at Leeds so youd think theyd be a bit more careful about distribution
  12. jamsandwich

    'i dont wear red'

    never wear red all those f**kin idiots who go to wednesday matches in their big red coats always get my gruff up
  13. by extension THIS is a great idea
  14. and Jonny supports SWFC anyway!
  15. and damon supported chelsea anyway