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  1. Yes. flipping bin off the shitpile that is Hillsborough.
  2. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    Wow. That’s a real beauty.
  3. to be fair to the club - i ordered two shirts a new home and last seasons home. both in XL They sent them - and they weren't the right size, so I returned them. They rang me up because there were no old home shirts in L available and if i wanted to swap it for an away shirt. Then they arrived in a couple of days can't complain really
  4. Show us your random SWFC merchandise

    WOW - we've reached prague!
  5. They already did this a few years ago at the shop "Buy a mystery box" - think it was £25quid I ordered one. It was bobbar.
  6. Naming rights for the stadium

    TUF have LITTERALLY nothing to do with the club
  7. Cycling Shirt tho...

    http://hendersonsrelish.com/product/mens-hendersons-relish-cycling-jersey/ hendos cycling shirt. Looks lovely.
  8. Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    Bought online on Monday with no problems.
  9. Thanks, SWFC ticket Office Staff

    I sat next to the same people for 15years on the North - Only ever said 3 sentences to them 1) Here again!! (first home game of the season) 2) Well - happy christmas then (game before xmas) 3) All back here next season then (last home game of the season Never said another word to them!
  10. Wearing the new kit

    Chansiri is a genius Ive just bought the new kit for 50quid AND THE OLD KIT FOR 16quid Ive not bought an official shirt for 10years!
  11. Chansiri and son

    Chansiri "lives" in London - I've seen them getting the train up and back many a match day. There's Usually a mob of them though -7 or 8 with wives and other kids.
  12. horse today

    just stuck my house on it
  13. I actually own this shirt. It’s worse than it looks! It really is like a woolly jumper.
  14. what happenend to the sign?