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  1. not quite remembered that correctly old bean 🙂 ffwd to 37:15
  2. wasn't there a plane flying over the Liverpool game last night too?
  3. a Cesna 182 flying out of Blackpool airport... https://www.flightradar24.com/2020-06-22/19:31/36x/C182/24c16c5e
  4. "avoided the points deduction" though.... I can see Chansiri doing the sums now..
  5. Love the dog!!!! And so close to blunkett it’s almost fate! me, my brother and his boy are on there too. Brilliant.
  6. its a farce really. Just goes to prove money begats money... The italians have been rocked by bribery so that affects possible competitors there. Remember Juve were relegated in 2006 for corruption. So to get back to where they are is remarkable. (the demise of Inter and AC has helped). Since 1991 Only one other team (Roma) outside of Juve, Inter or AC has won SerieA - thats 30years! On france Lyon won 7 titles in a row - FROM NOTHING - in the 2000s
  7. 7 cameras and 9000 matches that couldnt determine if the ball went over the line - except the camera that everyone at home is watching.
  8. i dont HOPE united win and we lose - but it pays for a night of drinks to drown the sorrows.
  9. i always bet against us... 250quid up this season. (*and i bet on SUFC to win most games... VERY up on this season!)
  10. were you ever even really a fan.. move on - let someone else sit in your seat.
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