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  1. jamsandwich

    The added quality football shirts

    numbers and lettering is FL approved.
  2. TICKETS 3 ticket categories Cat A games - big games with high demand Cat B games - games that might mean something or are against other famous teams Cat C games - early rounds of the cup, rubbish opposition, midweek or cold days Under 10s free with a paying adult Under 17s 50% off whatever cagtegory ticket price NUS/Students/Forces/NHS 33% cheaper Different pricing between Kop, North and South (different/better facilities and views) Pay on the day/gate is a £3 more expensive in every category Offer 150 tickets to local schools for nothing every game (rotate around schools?) Anyone with an S2 postcode gets 25% off their ticket price
  3. that Monkeys riff from "Fake Tales..." repeated... endlessly... its the new waterfront.
  4. jamsandwich

    Ticket Upgrade

    i do this - usually ends up costing me 25quid for the revised ticket
  5. jamsandwich

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    this i WANT to support the club. I WANT to help out. But it has to be at a justifiable level.
  6. jamsandwich

    Selling Brentford Ticket

    Let me know if its still available....
  7. jamsandwich

    Brentford Tickets

    Just got a standing ticket in the batch "Mon 6/8 2pm: STH w 660+TPP" Slow sales?
  8. jamsandwich

    FF, vid showing incident.

    Fessi doesnt come out of that video looking good. terrible tackle
  9. jamsandwich

    Cost Of Production

    1) the club have to make money. LOTS of money. Otherwise FFP fizzes us over 2) Chansiri came out a few years ago and said the club only made a few quid on each shirt sale £9 was it? - the manufacturers took the lions share. 3) We decided to make our own / get an independent contract for the shirt production 4) I recall that being £12 per shirt to produce/pay the supplier. BUT THE CLUB GOT TO KEEP THE REST OF THE INCOME. 5) the club need to make money. LOTS of money.
  10. jamsandwich

    World Cup Beamback - Opportunity Missed

    because a few hundred people in a booze (that pays for a YEARS long license) is the same as 10k people turning up to a stadium for a one off. Didnt the club say they paid The Pigs 80k to beamback the derby a few years back?
  11. thats going on the Blades Trophy Cabinet then
  12. jamsandwich

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    i read that as "Ive supported Leuven all my life"... Named in the Leicester squad in 10..9..8..7..6......
  13. that stripes text is photoshopped on
  14. jamsandwich

    #SWFC FIXTURES | Games moved

    i heard its because OldBill dont like us going at weekend because we're propa nawty.
  15. jamsandwich

    We are popular in Rovrum

    United game not sold out them HAHAHAHAH poor rumblezoids