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  1. jamsandwich

    Fans forum

  2. jamsandwich

    Current Players - Retro Kits

    Waddle doing THAT celebration - but in the 1960s "arsenal" kit
  3. jamsandwich

    Is the Pope dead?

    Wednesday haters first, united fans second
  4. jamsandwich

    Just another toxic 'family'?

    this... Schmeichal calling him "father" and all sort... Chansiri has no relationship like that at this club
  5. jamsandwich

    What are we drinking tonight

    Whatever it is - the glass is half empty
  6. jamsandwich

    1 x Brum ticket wanted...

    Bugger. The decision has been taken that I shall not be attending :-( (also. QPR was a disaster)
  7. jamsandwich

    Pudils head

    While it looks shocking - it wasn’t a penalty. Pudil might as well have been crawling in all four his head was so low. The ref let the game play on way to long though. Ridiculous.
  8. united's commemerative pin
  9. jamsandwich

    Lump On Both Teams To Score

    QPR evens to win... sounds like a poo night out.#
  10. jamsandwich

    1 x Brum ticket wanted...

    Come on guys!!!
  11. jamsandwich

    #OnThisDay in 1935

    1) I don't think we've got Charity Shield winners on our honours boards!?!? (other clubs do) 2) Why was it at Highbury? 3) Why were SWFC listed first in the fixture (if it was Arsenal playing and hosted at Highbury)
  12. jamsandwich

    THIS SATURDAY NIGHT - Doing anything?

    £12 to watch nonleague! the worlds gone mad
  13. jamsandwich

    Hooper and Lee won't play again this year

    This Lee, Winnall and Hooper won't play 90minutes each THIS SEASON
  14. jamsandwich

    1 x Brum ticket wanted...

    anyone? you need to save me from 4 hours with my mother in law
  15. jamsandwich

    QPR Pubs?

    Sindercombe Social is Away friendly - nice boozer, bit pricey though That Walkabout was amazing - huge place. I think the posh hotel next door got it closed down!