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  1. fizz em off - get them out of the league. The PL has been a cancer on football in the UK
  2. why is this news? this literally happens all the time. Started with that rugby kicker who held his hands in a specific way
  3. 1) making our own kit does make financial sense. Kit costs £10 to make, Sell for £50 - keep £40. If you get it made by a supplier they keep that money and pay wednesday a "fee" of £10 2) other than the David Hirst 90s kits the "puma" all the recent kit manufacturers we've had recently have been generics.
  4. Absolute nonsense - perfectly legal and right for footballers to setup legal entities to manage their image rights (and all other activities) and pay the correct corporation tax on amounts rendered.
  5. How can they secure a load against something they don’t own?
  6. he's been there since he was 7 though - and only 17now. This is how it should have gone with Hirst Jr
  7. another mockery of FIFA's rules. "Only two stadiums per city"
  8. Leeds "Please dont celebrate getting promoted" Also Leeds "Lets get a bus and drive around" Approved by SAG apparently too!
  9. perhaps reffing is where all the black pro's who can't get managerial jobs should go to?
  10. not quite remembered that correctly old bean ffwd to 37:15
  11. wasn't there a plane flying over the Liverpool game last night too?
  12. a Cesna 182 flying out of Blackpool airport... https://www.flightradar24.com/2020-06-22/19:31/36x/C182/24c16c5e
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