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  1. i wasnt (and possibly still not) but How Can I Make It Okay is a terrific piece of music
  2. knock £2 off all those prices and itd be a roaring success
  3. Its fully of covid/5g deniers these days.
  4. Tottenham 2017/2019/2021 kits. Each retailing at £60 each. mugs game.
  5. <<joins thread to tell Grandad how wrong all his opinions are....>> (*Im joking obviously.)
  6. 1) you have to prebook EVERYTHING these days. Even the "free" stuff - so you need to be careful to plan ahead (look NOW for free spots the weekend you're going. Including restaurants and bars 2) If the Euros are on when youre here theres a fan village at Potters field the other side of the river from Tower of London 3) The price of booze has skyrocketed! be forewarned.
  7. I take it you've never had a Philadelphia and marmite sandwich.
  8. very valuable insight the meat/bread ratio is important.
  9. bloody loved it when he smashed out the fold up table. Just perfect.
  10. its one of those dishes whereby whenever its offered you need to take it up - because you never know when you might get another one..
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