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  1. paid 250quid for tickets to Alanis Morrisette in Septermber 2020... I think (hope) its been rearranged. I haven't really been paying attention.
  2. Slightly misremembered... Bob Dylan World Tour 1966 The polarised responses of Dylan's fans were exacerbated by the structure of his concerts in late 1965 and 1966; the first half would be 'folk,' Dylan solo accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and harmonica; with the second half 'rock,' Dylan and the Hawks with electric guitars and a full rock and roll combo. The rock segment was often greeted with hostility, as seen in shows in Sheffield and Newcastle upon Tyne in No Direction Home. Footage from the Manchester concert, at the end of that film, in
  3. might be misremembering - but the Gaumont (or Sheffield) was the last gig Bob Dylan did "all acoustic"... the following night he played the first half of his show acoustic, and the second half on electric guitar - his "folk" following crowd booed him off the stage.. i could probably google this to see if its true - but ive had some wine.
  4. one of the best films of the 80s get a sequel
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p093wpgw Excellent breakdown of current society by the ever wonderful Adam Curtis. Like a Black Mirror episode without the jokes. long watch - but had me gripped.
  6. Series 2 - east Germany try to pay for their collapsing society by buying weapons in South Africa to sell to Angolan communists. They buy a cruise ship to smuggle the weapons in.
  7. Surely Daft Punk could be like the sugababes - continually refreshed with different performers..
  8. Also looking forward to Deutschland89. 83 was brilliant. 86 was good but took a while to get going. 89 could be a real pay off.
  9. Cracking stadium that. And massive redevelopment opportunity.
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