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  1. anyone want to take a bet that it isnt on sale at OITP?
  2. jamsandwich

    Creating new fans...

    just hand out 1000 free tickets a week for the Lower Lepp to local schools, or rotate through a list of local/wider area schools.A friend who is a headteacher in Retford has Doncaster basically throwning free tickets at his school weekly. SIMPLE AS club refuse to do it though.
  3. I had a bet with someone that the ball would/wouldn't hit the roof of the north stand >10times in a season. the target was reached within 20 homes games. Ive never seen the ball hit the top of the north stand since
  4. jamsandwich

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    food analogies?
  5. we cant sell him (ffp) and we cant get rid of his (he's poo) what a flipping disaster this has all been fans screaming for him to be signed, DC listening to them.
  6. jamsandwich

    R I P mum and fly high

    sad times. WAWAW
  7. Heard talk he’s being fingered for the arsenal job.
  8. jamsandwich

    Hamburg based Owls?

    I hope none of you german qunts are anything like this plank
  9. Lets pretend the 150th never happened and just roll it into this season!
  10. jamsandwich

    Pre season in The Yemen?

    went to burma a couple of years ago - it was fine
  11. What are you even on about - there’s not enough space to fit a pitch on there nevermind an actual stadium.
  12. jamsandwich

    Keiran Lee has had a babby

    Peng ting called Madison
  13. jamsandwich

    Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    She was in panto at The Cruicible when i was a nipper - think its when she first me Lee.