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  1. im going to have to iplayer this arent i!
  2. i dont think the don is navigable these days.. its a mere stream (except when its flooding)
  3. does the captains hat say " S W F C " on it... beautiful
  4. I live by the Thames as see quite a few of these football boats before games. A few weeks back there was a Chelsea boat and a West ham boat passing each other. Great banter...
  5. i dont get what this thread is asking - you havent bought a seat at hillsborough! you cant go and sit in it for the evening on a wet Friday night.
  6. i do this when its too warm to wear a scarf I was wearing because it was cold.
  7. should probably revive this thread in honour of Greta Thunderberg
  8. I think you missheard him - he said we would get no points - ie: theyre going to fine us ALL our points, regardless of what we end up with at the end of the season.
  9. why would DR - a man invovled in the PL know anything about EFL rulings?
  10. looks like chansiri is having to pretend that ELEV8 is a real brand and not just a device for pumping money into the club
  11. half time... after that you might need to try one of the big loading gates. I've turned up on the stroke of half time once and was let through the big exit gate at the north
  12. HAHAHA there was a really odd Referee moment too... Appeal for handball (hit play on arm just below the sleeve) Ref points to sleeve and says "No handball".... U WOT M8?
  13. we've had a shop there before - its not financially viable. Same for Orchard Square and the Castle Market shops. no one goes in them. Premier League Blades probably just about justify it. but when youre languishing its just a cost you dont need. The vast majority of merch is sold on a match day at the ground.
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