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  1. Flares on Sunday

    Flares = Red = Why would you do this at a Wednesday game Smoke Bombs = bobbar = Why would you do this at a Wednesday game
  2. Open hostilities with this?

    yeah its terrible
  3. Tokyo Owls

    The Japanese have something about Orange - he loved it.
  4. wasnt our home kit the same as our current kit? (blue body, white sleeves)
  5. Its a no from me too
  6. A walk around Wednesday's old grounds

    have you read this thread?
  7. A walk around Wednesday's old grounds

    Brilliant stuff - enjoyed this very much. Only one question - which of these grounds was the pig farm that United claim caused them to call us The Pigs?
  8. Tokyo Owls

    Ive got a Japanese friend who is now back in Tokyo but used to live in Sheffield. He's an honourary owl!
  9. Fulham Pubs Before & after the Match

    The Rocket - Putney Bridge
  10. Best & Worst Sponsorship Logo

    Crosby Kitchens.
  11. Shef wedsneigh

  12. Shef wedsneigh

    Ive just stuck a monkey on it
  13. Female Lino

    Plenty of women around me were having a go at her as well. "She's not very good the poor lass" said one woman a few seats from me. Bannan also went f**kin crazy at her for a decision early in the second half - effin and jeffin like no bodies business
  14. Wallpaper designs to go with the new pinstripe kit

    Got one for the new NEW kit?
  15. your 1st game you went to

    1985, v Orient - won 5-0