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  1. jamsandwich

    Millwall v SWFC

    Kaiserslautern... qunts
  2. jamsandwich

    Millwall sold out?

    got the #1 bus home after last years - very nice chippy outside the trains station. Had to do my best cockney accent though "A Chip Cob Please Me Ol China Duck"
  3. jamsandwich

    Millwall sold out?

    lovely stuff
  4. Has the Millwall game sold out yet?
  5. jamsandwich

    Planet Wednesday - Tattoo/Art

    looks ok, but lose the head spike..
  6. jamsandwich


    I’ll be there with my HalfNHalf Chelsea scarf.
  7. jamsandwich

    Pre match drinks

    The Goose (north end road) is the away pub of choice - but probably a bit busy with 6000fans looking for a drink. Earl’s Court is also near enough to drink in
  8. jamsandwich

    Steve Bruce interview on Test Match Special

    Good use of "We" in the FA Cup/Chelsea bit
  9. jamsandwich

    Chelsea boozing

    it was a Blades joke...
  10. jamsandwich

    In the home end

    Forest a couple of seasons ago - we won 2-0 - sat in the lower trent end and had to keep saying "chip cobb" to maintain the disguise
  11. jamsandwich

    Dynamic Pricing

    Coors field is only 65% full at the best of times
  12. jamsandwich


    hoinstly - i dont care what they score I just want us to score (at least) one - the cheer that will go up would be earth shattering
  13. jamsandwich

    Dynamic Pricing

    for that to work you need to have a product that people want to buy - we've got a 50% empty ground what dynamic pricing means for us is the closer to the game the CHEAPER tickets should get so we get more people into the stadium.