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  1. Can I say, the only person on the pitch who did owt controversial was the referee. What a 2@he is when he steps on the pitch to ref us.
  2. What exactly did happen at half time at Stoke ? just askin like as its been nagging me ever since I walked out of the stadium on the day .
  3. My abiding memories of that team apart from the Quixall ones are of Norman "chopper" Curtis p[laying against Stanley Matthews and putting him over the railings with a tackle into the kop end of the south terrace. Also of the keeper McIntosh who a bit later was turning out for the A team in the Hatchard league away at Stocksbridge Works , he went AWOL and was found propping the bar up in the Miners Arms .
  4. Actually there were two dates and a link of Cumberland sausage.
  5. Have a look at the Windass " tackle" and watch how there player went down holding his face even though contact with the boot had been nowhere near it . This has been a problem, not with just them, for a long time and "its been around a long time in football" is not a valid excuse . Fisher should be given a long ban and Preston should be charged as well if there are any more breaches of the rules.
  6. Borner for me, Westwood slipped as he was setting off towards the ball, Reach was awful all game cannot tackle or stand his ground in a tackle. Fraid Rhodes is a busted flush in this league.
  7. Agree with this , and if he can wangle the same result at Preston as he did there in his first match at Boro I will be well satisfied. Oh and if he can get that nasty bleeder Pearson off the pitch early and that diving, awful Fisher off as well i`ll be well pleased. One of my abiding memories among all the dross weve been served up was when Bazza nutmegged Pearson . Oh how I cheered.
  8. Not wanting to poo on the folk who have picked Reach out as having a good game but one thing annoyed me with him in the first half. A low cross into the 6yd box was met by the defender and Reach together and Reach neshed it by hopping up in the air allowing the defender to clear. And this was 5yds out and if the ball had hit him it would have gone in. We all know its not his game but its letting down the rest of the lads who put there bodies on the line.
  9. My whelm is so low its peeping out of the holes in my shoe toes. The holes were caused by being constantly being on my knees praying for a goal and an end to the injury jinx.
  10. Taken all the floorboards up with my teeth, but sadly no positives to be seen. Just the rats who had been watching that had chucked themselves on the traps.
  11. Watched the Brentford- Naaaaarch game on the red button last night , it was like watching a nature programme on ants running about . They use just the single camera and it was so far away from the pitch it could have bee in the old ground.
  12. You have to be a little careful in what you tax them with, anything remotely that requires between the ear gymnastics is best left to the local betting shop. Anything over "what do you think to Cross and Blackwell?" ------ ---- "Yer Mean them new solicitors thats opened near weatherspoons"? was the reply.
  13. Hmmm, I live in Woodseats there are lots of the great unwashed who require watching. They tend to get a bit OTT when things go well at S2. The last time they were promoted under Colin there were several in the Big Tree actually in the tree itself. There carers were supplying them with bottles of beer on lengths of string, one even had a fishing reel to expedite matters more quickly. I regard myself as a missionary preaching the good word without much success
  14. Anyone who cannot see that Rhodes has lost his pace into the box to get onto crosses are deluded. Still good in the box, but getting there in time is the problem.
  15. Reach has to realise his best position is one where he won't have to tackle, can't think of many except the subs bench.
  16. Not according to all the ITKers on here , make mystic meg look like Dot Cotton.
  17. Know it means nowt but I can remember Brian the Bl, ***on RS saying Waldock was the best young midfielder in Sheffield.
  18. Was a bit alarmed to see Izzy play with a heavy strapped left knee. Thought he was a playing in fits and starts second half so hope he's fit for the games this week.
  19. Sky are saying that Colin has test positive . Even I can only wish him well , he`s the wrong age .
  20. Shaw played midfield all his games where iv`e seen him . It shows when he has the ball he has a mental 360deg view of whats around him . Hunt was very good tonight . Brennan a bit tentative on his debut
  21. Thall do fer me ar kid --- your depth er knowledge is second only tert girth of mi waist
  22. Well done your lordship, highlighting the need for lucky colours to the huddled masses. Indeed I've searched through my keck drawer and found my lucky blue trimmed ones. Putting them on I realised I've got just two pairs in the same colour but between washdays I've need of luck three times, tonight and Saturday but I've a fishing trip on Friday. Could have done without all the angst and worry I'm facing. The suggestion to the laundry lady as to the possibility of a quick washday tomorrow to cure the problem resulted in a somewhat negative response, I'll be ok as the bump on my head will be go
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