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  1. Am I a fan - - as a manager yes. As a man who thinks about other peoples feelings? He could get under a snakes belly with a top hat on.
  2. Had a girlfriend once who was a super spreader, took me about 3 weeks to find out its wasn't what I thought 😱
  3. On the same theme . Peter Feeley got supporters out of there seats-- and walk out . God he was awful , Colin West was Harry Kane by comparison.
  4. Look what I found in Abdis old locker.
  5. Cannot be A##ed to check back for a quote but aroud Xmas Monk said that he had been approached by "senior players" to have Xmas day with the families. Monk said ok but he wanted no slack performance at Stoke due to the team being able to celebrate at home . What went off as a result of the defeat at Stoke ( albeit a close and unlucky one) has now dragged on and anyone can see that F A cup games apart we have gone downhill in every game . What the hell was said /done after that game has us looking down the barrel of the s##t cannon .
  6. Football league paper was all about Brentford an called us strugglers. Watched the interview afterwards and if his wife was watching she would be moving the kitchen knives out of the way . I actually felt a bit sorry for him
  7. Did you see him at the end of the match ? He was completely Bo##xed.
  8. Sorry but you are showing that "Loyalty" ends at your O/T name , and to compound this you follow it up with "Big Ron" !! Great manager I agree , but Loyal ? He could get under a snakes belly top hat on.
  9. Agree with you and I`m amazed at some of the posts in this thread . I was at the match sat on the south on the half way line (my usual season ticket seat) and saw lots of things that anyone watching at home or were further back in the stands might not have appreciated . FF had taken a knock in a tackle about fifteen mins before half time . He came over towards the home bench (Holding his right hip) spoke to the physio then Monk and had obviously been told to see how he felt at the break. Da Cruz has taken a lot of flak in this thread and some of it is ott . There are lots of championship players who would have had the same problems against a premiership defence. You can say what you like, but the effort Da Cruz put in all match was remarked on by several fans during and after the match . If you didnt go to the match you should say so before slagging a player off as that will put your opinion in context. I recorded the match and was in bed late as I watched the game again when I got home and that is my context for posting . Feel free to neg if thats what floats your boat.
  10. Are Wickham and Windass cup tied for Wednesday?
  11. On the other hand - This lad was once given a vote as "the best young footballer to come from Sheffield" by non other than Brian the bl##e on Radio Sheff. Its a funny old world Saint.
  12. Absolutely the thing to do , Bowyer got real pelters from the south stand ( Werthers as well) for complaining loudly to the 4th official . Somebody shouted that Keiran Dyer was waitng for him outside .
  13. Yes, two actually, one is a wringer out for a one arm window cleaner, the other is a barbers lather lad at Jessops Hospital.
  14. Have to say I was just about beginning to get some positivity going at the return of Fletch , but it was dispelled like a blown out candle when I read about who was doing the "expert summeriser" on I follow . Non other than Doom Howson ex the Stir !!! The wife has hidden all the knives and the NHS councillors have there W/E leave cancelled.
  15. If we batter Reading today it will prove that our plight has been due to the influence of the Doom master at the Stir . He has moved on to pastures new , no longer will the turgid voice be heard on the end of our pressers asking questions already asked by whoever is doing the job for RS .
  16. Don't be daft, this is the Wednesday. The universe we revolve in is called Spiral Down of False Hope.
  17. Hope he takes them spurs off if he's playing tomorrow
  18. Apparently I`m not a bad husband - all the time
  19. You missed Stroud off , there wont be enough room in the tumbrill when the revolution comes at this rate
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