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  1. So it was you who was the little lad going mental when the equaliser went in, I was there and will never forget the feelings of seeing my dad so happy at a match. If was times like that when you learn what it's like to be a Wednesdayite.
  2. Tarquin

    Nuhiu Song

    This thread should serve as a salutory lesson to anyone who buys full bottles of spirits as Xmas presents
  3. Tarquin

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Has it got a 13 amp plug or one of those USA/Euro/Trump two pin jobs? Two have no earth pins and the other is not on this earth
  4. Tarquin

    Steve Bruce Giant Flag

    He's not the messiah, he's a very experienced manager..
  5. For those who want a right back, can i suggest Darnel Fisher at Preston, so good at getting fans off there seats every time he plays against us. Ok it's to boo him but it's a start
  6. Mrs Tarquin bought me this chap -2ft tall and weighs a ton. Christened him Ozziemandeous
  7. For me, the only thing that would have made the day complete would have been Darnit Fisher joining his team mate in the early bath. He is one of the worst I've ever seen at winding everyone up, opposition, crowd, his own team. He's so bad an actor I find it amazing he has never had a nomination for a Rassie.
  8. Tarquin

    Sky red button

    Just as a point of optimism, only 6 matches + the actual live match are shown on the Sky site as on the football red button. Not seen this before when we have been on . Wonder if the home clubs have asked Sky not to advertise there match so as to maximise the gate takings . Just an idea
  9. Tarquin

    Snoots - get a move on

    You don`t know the half of it ,ask Hughthecone and Bolsterstone Owl.
  10. Tarquin

    Snoots - get a move on

    Yes but it was no skin off my nose as it wasn`t smoked bacon . I only eat smoked bacon as it has a tinge of blue. You were also very lucky to find a double yolked "banty egg" as well ,.they looked very nice nestled in the cumberland sausage round as I remember.
  11. Tarquin

    Snoots - get a move on

    Absolutely - I was the soul of decorum and allowed you to fart before me, called for extra bread to mop up the tomato juice .
  12. Tarquin

    Snoots - get a move on

    Earl Grey tea surely
  13. Jos --- Going to fishing with the owlstalk fishing section, might be no good but at least I get to sit down without getting grief. Oh no you won`t Signed Tarquin and Bolsterstone Owl
  14. Tarquin

    Westwood starts u23

    For me Dave Richards has always been a slippery chap, wonder how supple he is for getting down to low shots in goal for Crewe .
  15. VERISIMILITUDE -!!!!! A triumph of the wordsmiths art, Take a boo son.