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  1. Could do with both, Broadhead to get the medical staff up in the morning and Onien to ensure competition for Patto so his standard of shithousery doesn't drop.
  2. This ref has been in my "little book" of infamy ever since the 17/04/2017 away at QPR . The reason was that he saw Clint Hill sythe down Sougue who would have been clean through on goal and didn`t even give a foul . Sougue went off to Hospital whilst the ref proceeded to give no penalty when Joau was about to shoot in the area and found he only had one leg to stand on . The real choker for me though is to find out later that he lived in Battersea, he could have got to the match by bus or tube. In those days it was , I believe, the rule that you couldn`t referee in the same FA area as the one you lived in . Now its governed by who they supported. He did nowt yesterday to improve my opinion of him
  3. The games of 2028 will be expanded to 32teams according to the BBC this morning.
  4. I`m shocked that Waldock has not been kept , can remember "Brian the Blade" on Praise or Grumble saying he was the best midfielder in his age group in Sheffield and was mortified when he went into our youth set up.
  5. Can speak for the south stand - we were letting the ref know what we thought of the way he had performed . Absolute 2@ . Iv` e added him to the list along with Andy Haines ( Clint Hill Foul on Sougue at QPR) and the ref at Hull who sent Forrestieri off .
  6. The worst times ,it was surviving through it that made the mediocre teams later on bearable . And the Wembley appearances that much more important. I also lived through the 50s yo yo years as a young lad as well
  7. The use of Hunt and Palmer could have been deliberate. If you watch the match at Burton the lad Koloko ? showed some real pace and Hunt was put under pressure a few times as wing back .
  8. In all honesty, I' ve seen NML put more ball winning tackles in than Reach did ina full season.
  9. Hope it shoves off soon , wev`e enough duckeggs in our squad
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