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Community Answers

  1. Bronco was landlord of The Crown pub on Brightside Lane just under the defunct railway bridge at the Meadowhell end of Forgemasters.
  2. Really !!! Warnock assuming the position , Joicey with a banana, only one possible outcome.
  3. Can report that the standards of driving in snow have slipped over the years. Here's Meadowhead
  4. Ask him what went off in dressing room at Stoke during half time, that boxing day we have been cack since. Playoffs to purgatory.
  5. Due to the spa water tasting of sulphur, I can personally vouch for it------spppppuuutt
  6. Commiserations mi Lord on your experiences at Cheltres, proving once again that the sport of Kings is only for Royalty not for the lordly classes (remember Devon Lock). Also the interference of The Bonzo Dog Dooda Band on your attempts to drowned you Cue Card sorrows was enough to drive you out of the hostelry probably into another with a load of Paddy's celebrating handing our arses to us once again at the festival. Anyway today's little event I see it as Evens Cheltenham--- 4/6 The Mighty Owls---1/3 the draw. See you in Bet Fred?
  7. If I can add my four pennath regarding Dunkley , he playing as a left sided of two when he can only stand on his left to kick the ball with his right. He appears to move heaven and earth to transfer the ball onto his right foot even when there is a an easy pass with his left available . The opposition can see this and play on it which immediately put him under pressure.
  8. Wing played as if he thought he was pulling a cart, his body then got the message and it felt as if he actually was. Something is definitely wrong with him.But he keeps getting picked.
  9. Had a sinking feeling when I heard who the ref was. The same bloke who didn't see a foul when Clint Hill cut Sougou in half from behind at QPR. Also he saw no penalty later in the match when Jaou was cut down in the area by two defenders. The man is a very poor official.
  10. RIP Len - ( looks like a Bay City Rollers fan meeting)
  11. He only gave it as offside because he was behind play so far he was guessing.
  12. Probably have been better servicing a few mares instead of having a mare in most games he played.
  13. Don't get any nearer or I'll have to play keepi uppi with yer goolies.
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