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  1. Not wanting to dowse your fire Gramps but I`ve been around for a long time and have learnt that although the club means everything to a lot of supporters its a small part of life really . I had my first CV jab yesterday , and the relief I felt was unbelievable . Actually sat in the car and wept with the strain of it all . God knows how I would have felt if it had been cancelled. I have lived through the sale of Quixall , 1966 Cup Final defeat , all were ,to a young lad , devastating at the time but have learnt what really matters .
  2. Please don't ask me to make any decisions, I've had the first CV jab today and the feeling of relief was a heady mixture. But I've just been knocked sideways by seeing Lady Gaga singing the US anthem at Bidens inauguration. I thought the lunnie toons had slunk off to Florida in a huff but now I'm not so sure.
  3. Soon have them odds down , Just bought a scratch card with my morning paper and won £20. Will lump that on him and he will be odds on by lunch time.
  4. Just said to ar lass arv just farnd a good way er decoratin ar small bedroom. Told me to ballacks!!
  5. There I was thinking they don`t put bay windows on sh###houses.
  6. If Sibley plays for them we will have top weight on to get a point . Saw him play against Brum on TV was just like watching Brookes for the pigs.
  7. You will get a long way on here with that, you have rounded off the thread nicely. Bit like 2020!
  8. Read that as Glasschopper, but thats just me like .
  9. Read what he did at Palace, that will tell you a lot about him.
  10. So Dave --- It appears you are not a DC fan ? You have been up all night ,Iv`e been up since half 3 . Best if we both take a deep breath and let it wash over us a bit . At least I knew we were at home today
  11. Interesting description of someone who could be in the frame? Martin OhNeil.
  12. Got woken up at 0300, by a scrabbling sound on the roof and Bobby the dog going barmy downstairs . Went outside and saw the cause ---- shouted out " don`t who yer are get them blasted reindeer off mi roof " The old 2@ got a right strop on !! When "I told him to " come darn here an say that " he finally beggered off. Fancy at that time of night trying to train reindeer for steeplechasing .
  13. Here's a view of me fishing without wasting energy, ladder peg on Gunthorpe Island. Thought the left rod could do with a little bit more of a bend in the tip. Instead of getting off my seat it looks like I'm turning the handle with my foot. Also a foot shot for Simon - seasons greetings to all.
  14. Correct ,4-0 but it was on the 27th (assume boxing day was on a sunday). We played the arse next day away and lost 5-2 and Hickton scored again. Interesting was the crowd 33101@ home only 21035 away
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