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  1. The only description of that show from our team is - - ferrkin abject. Far too many players getting the ball with the weight of a large.? over there heads.
  2. All well and living on whats app Simon .
  3. Far canal Trev!!! 3 places you'll get at least 4 in today's Champion Hurdle. Missed the point haven't I,?
  4. Lets hope they give a good account of themselves, one thing I would like to see is that if Vrantic plays we don`t show him across the edge of our area and just jockey him away without him hitting the deck as he has done at least twice against us . It does my pill in to see good players like him doing a Brian Phelps . You would think the refs would know him by now but he`s still at it from what iv`e seen on TV.
  5. As a very young lad who started going with my dad in the early 50s I can remember the great days when Dooley was at it and Quixall was the dogs . The sale of Quixall was a real downer at that time and when Billy Griffin came along also with his blond hair and eye for goal it was as if we had a redeemer , loved the feller . Couple of seasons ago Billy was introduced to the crowd at half time to do the draw . Only one person cheered and clapped him in the South Stand ---me . Got a few funny looks and had a lot of explaining to do with those around me to just how good he was .
  6. Can you please let me know what is the difference between this tackle and the one that saw Shaw sent off. Both defenders got the ball first, were off the ground (ergo out of control) one was deemed a booking, the other went unpunished. The main difference for me was that Harris got up and tried to get the ball back, the other laid on the ground and only decided to grab his leg and ***** when card had been shown.
  7. This could square the circle for us, a sort of redemption day. It all started at half time at Stoke on boxing day and we have been in strife ever since. Of course we could be heading for groundhog day.
  8. Saturday will be a vastly different game to last night . It will be all about stopping crosses into our box . Lots of physicality in both areas and wide players who can cross from most angles . I will be shocked if Millwall play through the thirds as Bournmouth did last night .
  9. Its being so cheerful that keeps yer going. By the way hows that Job bloke you were comforting ?
  10. Not wanting to dowse your fire Gramps but I`ve been around for a long time and have learnt that although the club means everything to a lot of supporters its a small part of life really . I had my first CV jab yesterday , and the relief I felt was unbelievable . Actually sat in the car and wept with the strain of it all . God knows how I would have felt if it had been cancelled. I have lived through the sale of Quixall , 1966 Cup Final defeat , all were ,to a young lad , devastating at the time but have learnt what really matters .
  11. Please don't ask me to make any decisions, I've had the first CV jab today and the feeling of relief was a heady mixture. But I've just been knocked sideways by seeing Lady Gaga singing the US anthem at Bidens inauguration. I thought the lunnie toons had slunk off to Florida in a huff but now I'm not so sure.
  12. Soon have them odds down , Just bought a scratch card with my morning paper and won £20. Will lump that on him and he will be odds on by lunch time.
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