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  1. OK I'll say it " Seargent Pepper taught the band to play" Had to really
  2. You have to take the reactions on here with a pinch of salt, the under cover porcine keyboard warriors have been waiting to rub some manure in. What clever lads they think they are.
  3. Then Mike Ashley said" call that a f####in tracksuit "
  4. WE know that but he didn`t so he will have , hopefully , S##t himself on the clock tower steps trying to get back up to the ground
  5. In my day we had some big dogs at home to ward off the nere do wells while there husbands were in the Miners arms
  6. Don`t have my old haunt (Peggy Tub) either PS -Brought up on Brearley Ave ont Stubbin
  7. Somebody told him the 1st class bog was at the Peggy Tub
  8. Not surprising as he had a great teacher. Darnell Fisher at Preston when he was there.
  9. There was an interview on BBC breakfast from outside the ground this morning with a chap from the Bury supporters trust who said that a sale of the ground for development has a planning requirement put on it by the local council . He said it states that for the land to be sold for development the developers must build a new ground as well . Developments in this saga will be interesting to see how the developers get round this -( as they surely will) - and who comes out on top. Normally several gallons of oil on the wheels of the council is enough where planning is concerned.
  10. The histrionics have been going on for ages, referee manipulation is bred in them now, what is so disappointing is that they can play good attacking footy but see the darker side as "all part of the game" As others have said the small size of the local gene pool might have led to the fans blissful unawareness.
  11. Actually popped into my head yesterday when discussing the prospects at Deepdale while fishing, it amused Hughthecone as well.
  12. If Borner tackles that 2@ Fisher will the tackle be called a shipping forecast tackle. - - Fisher /German Bight. It's getting near my bedtime.
  13. Keep this quiet for gawds sake , SAG will have us shut down now weve had the kahunas to issue court papers. In a risk comparison of last nights match without the SAG interference there would have been more chance of somebody getting scalded by a hot drink than it all kicking off on Leppings Lane . Says it all really
  14. The groans at his announcement at the start were not great for the lad and it showed during a first half when we were often on the back foot . He was pretty good in his defensive play but got a nose bleed when asked to go over the half way line. The lad does not trust his right foot for owt other than standing on and it shows in his combination play with the rest of the team going forward. Have lost count of the number of times he has had the ball with his back to the line on half way and with a ball down the wing to a " third man running" isn`t even spotted and he uses his left to pass the ball back or square . This gets a bit wearing after a while and you know its going to happen . One of his biggest cheers last season was when he nutmegged a player with his right foot and left him for dead on a run up the wing . He appeared last night to get a lift when the team started playing on the front foot and I hope he can carry on and overcome the boo boys. Its been done before by Palmer and can still remember the stick Haslam got at one time .
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