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  1. Yep I was there, anyone who thinks playing without a centre forward would be surprised that Gerry young was the one to replace Ellis who was our big lad up front .Wilkinson Dobson and Finney were all wingers.
  2. Good question , deserves an answer----------- No idea sorry
  3. Happened right in front of me, red all day long. What happened to the not ganging up on the ref rule? Palmer gave the ref a proper Donald Ducking while he was being treated, and with a tackle like that we could have been looking at another Ian Knight situation. That ref was on my to do list before this after the Hull sending off of FF. Now he's at the top of it the useless poppinjay
  4. Na then Snoots, going all pagan festival at this time of the year is all well and good but at this one there is a lot of dancing round fires naked. Far be it from me to suggest you may be "diving into the unknown" but if her ladyship has been on the sauce she might get carried away and join the happy travellers for a small wassail and arrive back at the hall expecting you to "Let the new year in a bit early". Forewarned is forearmed
  5. With our luck we could get his brother Jerry
  6. Sorry but i`ve got it as a season long loan from Sherlock Holmes
  7. Having seen what a b#####ks the EFL can be in I wouldn`t be surprised for father xmas to bring us an embargo for the start of Jan . After all its not like them to prejudge anything , is it?
  8. Absolutely this. Thought we might be able to go on and make up for all the times when the hoodoo has struck before (Keogh the acting keeper is but one example). But you just knew what was going to happen when it was 1-0 and they brought on players who were going to influence their team performance. We would be under pressure in our own half for the remainder of the game. It's getting very wearing
  9. If this is an actual fact, got to get Serena signed in Jan
  10. Couldn`t see from the south just what had happened in the far corner but having just seen the highlights. Fox was indeed watching the passer and was square on to the passer and was unable to turn and get back to block the cross should have at least been on the half turn ready to get to his player . Small margins but costly in the end.
  11. Same here, Maggie shut down the most profitable steelworks in the country (Hadfields /Brown Baileys) to get more money for selling off British Steel. Ruined my early working life and it took me 20 yrs to get back on an even keel. Still regret not going down to her fu neral to give her a good Sheffield steelworkers send off. The 2@!!!
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