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  1. Ah cannot resist it can you , Baker days before school holidays should be banned .
  2. Tarquin

    R I P mum and fly high

    Condolences and try to keep your chin up.
  3. Reading what Jos has said about us never starting like we did last night before . It needs to be said we have more often than not started slowly this season but have not shipped as many goals so quickly. We do not have the type of player who will sort out the more "dainty" players both on the pitch or the dressing room ( except Hutch?). At times this season our midfield play as though they learnt the game playing for Lopham Street Methodists.
  4. Tarquin

    Two Major Concerns with Jos

    Grapevine is never wrong of course, but He was talking to him at the end of the game , saw it with my own eyes from 10 yds away
  5. Row D South stand halfway line , deserve to as I spent years getting piz- phiz- p##s wet through for years on the uncovered terrace . As well as having a season ticket since 1964. PS -still looking for prawn sandwiches
  6. Tarquin

    Quality balls

    Wife says " yes you have"
  7. Tarquin

    Hutch Hutch Hutch

    Having him on the pitch really does provide whats been missing - a leader in midfield who will be vocal . Its been very quiet on the field since all the injuries. Just to add, hearing his explanation of how /why he was injured adds new reality to "busting a gut for the club" .
  8. Just got back after extending my 3yr ticket by a further 3 yrs . The cash was taken from my card fine and the pay m/c receipt was given to me . All was fine until the system would not let the guy do the rest of the booking in on the system. After 10 mins trying it was decided to get it sorted out later and the club would ring me about the official receipt which we normally get from the club . Can add this to the SNAFU year the club has had ---- # Only At Wednesday
  9. It was 17th nov 1951-- my first home game . Dooley scored twice in a 2-1 win. It was my 5th birthday and was treated to a car ride in the local grocers car a Ford V8 Pilot like the one in the pic . It was the smartest car in Deepcar at the time and it was the first car I remember that wasnt black ( good old Henry had learned how to paint cars in different colours about then ) I can just remember being passed to the front to squat on the low wall and watched the game through the loop in the top of the railings hanging on for dear life. Being a Wednesdayite I feel as though we have been hanging on since then.
  10. Ok captain , but you cannot deny that "infiltration " on here and the other way on "*** Mad does take place . Indeed having worked with loads of the other side and now live amongst them along with other owls fans and I know of some from the dark side who have openly bragged about starting threads on here to cause uproar on purpose especially when we are "down in the mouth" like now
  11. Just hope DC et al can sniff out our porcine contributers as well as we can
  12. Tarquin


    Look here , we cannot have posts like this . Common sense good ideas / The EFL / The FA / Owlstalk clientele is an oxy---oxa---oxo --- oxen, same as predictive text to an english exam
  13. Tarquin


    Can smell the bacon cooking even from Riyhad
  14. Tarquin

    Jones and Butterfield

    Can agree with that but as i`ve said in another thread he plays like a flat footed ballet dancer who is fighting for balance as he turns as if he was trapped between two walls . Add that he cannot tackle a good dinner and is too slow to man mark its very easy to see he gives nothing to the team
  15. Last night I was worried about our lack of vocals on the park and on the sidelines. We have lost it on the park due to injuries to Westwood , Hutch , Bannon and Hooper. The spine has been ripped out and the replacements wouldn`t say boo to a goose. Reach is a good player who has actually improved this season IMO but he would send a debating society to sleep , Jones is like a flat footed ballet dancer who turns like a man trapped between two walls. Butterfield is batting time out . Rhodes is struggling to get into games but gives thumbs up to balls sailing over his head that Mick the Miller couldn`t catch, the goal against Villa away was the only "Rhodes " type of service that I have seen him have since he signed . From the sidelines there is little motivation, Jos just seems to stand/ sit there saying nowt , last night you could hear big Mick all over the ground as he directed his team what to do and made a sub on 24 mins that arguably changed the game . Even if it was through an injury Sears set about Loovens with a passion who looked in trouble for the rest of the game . Roll on the return of the strong characters as without them we are like a slow man with no teeth trying to chase the other team but can only give them a nasty suck when he can catch them .