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  1. Tarquin

    Momentum Is Building

    Hussar-- common sense , the human sense that never wears out ---------because its rarely used .
  2. Tarquin

    Momentum Is Building

    Why the hell would you sleep in WBA shorts? I'll have mi toast and marmalade and try and make sense of it
  3. Tarquin

    Having Slept on it...

    If he was told to play up against Woods he should get halfof Woods MOM trophy, best player on either side for me aided by nobody marking him.
  4. Tarquin

    Having Slept on it...

    On that game, Left outside selling programmes.
  5. Best memory of Kirkpatrick was on a rainy night match against Bury. 0-0 and Gordon Taylor was playing left wing. The ref was terrific, MOM by a mile was so impressed I wrote a letter to the Green Un saying so and got a £5 for "letter of the week"
  6. Sloop John B music anyone?
  7. Loving your optimism Simon but you really have to stop putting your dried up hemp groundbait into your w/e roll up
  8. Tarquin

    We won but...

    Hate to shatter any illusions about running out of Werthers etc but the cause for us on the south getting restless is due to the leg room which is to say the least is snug . Couple that with the piles brought on by the tension of having to seem animated by every ohhhhh and ahhhhh from unseen action in far parts of the pitch. We are much maligned by other supporters for being like a library , when in fact we prefer to regale the oppos / officials / management with pithy rejoinders such as "dolls heead" or "taking the ball wi thi might be a good idea"
  9. Even Firminos jealous
  10. Tarquin

    The I-Follow Service Thread

    Spent £45 ish for full season audio etc us £10 for the video live yesterday. Had inaudible comms first half, none secondhalf. Picture quality was good on my desktop but I consider the camera work was amateurish at best. Following the ball or anticipation where the ball would be after it was kicked was very poor. All in all a very poor return for my money
  11. After the debacle that is I follow - - 1- Lees first CH I can remember who cannot pass a football, even back to the keeper. 2- We have no real pace, they had it all over the park and made our defence look pedestrian. 3- Loanplayers are now the only light on the horizon or we will be on toast in most away matches.
  12. Tarquin

    We Need A Sign.......

    Ernest is having pile surgery tomorrow if that helps. Had to have it done as it was getting ridiculous having to sit on a n empty beer bottle to rearrange it all. Done that for years but since he sat on one with the bottle top still on he's not been able to get it right since he did it in 1995
  13. Same with my dad , the sale of AQ started my dads hatred of Eric Taylor. His comments at the time included "clubs going tert dogs"
  14. Tarquin

    We Need A Sign.......

    In true Round the Horn style:- "all I'm asking for is a sign" "I'm giving you one Mr Gruntfuttock"
  15. Tarquin

    [Rubbish thread title]

    To paraphrase the groundsmans notice "optimism grows by the inch and is destroyed by the foot" anyone who went to Preston last year will know exactly how that felt . Even standing behind the goal at Wigan aint got me in the mental state as I was coming out of Deepdale