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  1. Agree with most of this, but if charisma was a vital ingredient for a manager Bielsa at L###s would be useless. Bet he keeps his charisma under that blue bucket. We are not going to find the real reason for the black balling of players until they leave, for what it's worth I think they are close to triggering a contract extension for the number of appearances. It's the only explanation that makes any logical sense.
  2. "Wednesday are digging a hole with a spoon when there is a perfectly good digger outside." Lauras column in the Star this morning.
  3. Tarquin

    Morale / atmosphere

    Ladies first, of course.
  4. Still think this is our main problem, the lack of pace up front . There are folk who say it shouldn`t matter and someone to hold it up is just as important but you dont become a threat with your back to goal just outside the centre circle. On the edge of the oppositions box is where you want the ball held up , pace over the top releases pressure at the back and gets the opposition defenders facing there own goal . Who was it said "footy is a simple game spoiled by those who play it"
  5. Tarquin

    Momentum Is Building

    Who are you calling surly ? My mood is bordering on upbeat but the support scaffolding round this season is looking a bit rickety. Checks fridge for bira morretti -- need some build up buppy to watch WBA v Derby tonight
  6. Tarquin

    The Injured and Frozen Out XI

    Two observations-- Van Aken was injured badly at Sunderland . Has the absence of such as Westwood and Hutch been down to agents deals with club for appearances to the agents , I`m struggling to think of another reason .
  7. Tarquin

    That Referee

    You don't sit near me then on the south
  8. Tarquin

    That Referee

    He was the one who thought Clint Hill didn't want to take any action when Sougou was clear at QPR. Not been any better since the2@
  9. If last night was down to tiredness as some say god only knows what it will be like on Saturday with day less to prepare than Villa. We had a job done on us last night by a team who were workmanlike at best. Our body language was awful, the passing was sloppy and don't get me started on how we crumble when the other team press us, been the same since Wigan and now teams know how to play against us we will struggle away all season.
  10. Tarquin

    Momentum Is Building

    Hussar-- common sense , the human sense that never wears out ---------because its rarely used .
  11. Tarquin

    Momentum Is Building

    Why the hell would you sleep in WBA shorts? I'll have mi toast and marmalade and try and make sense of it
  12. Tarquin

    Having Slept on it...

    If he was told to play up against Woods he should get halfof Woods MOM trophy, best player on either side for me aided by nobody marking him.
  13. Tarquin

    Having Slept on it...

    On that game, Left outside selling programmes.
  14. Best memory of Kirkpatrick was on a rainy night match against Bury. 0-0 and Gordon Taylor was playing left wing. The ref was terrific, MOM by a mile was so impressed I wrote a letter to the Green Un saying so and got a £5 for "letter of the week"
  15. Sloop John B music anyone?