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  1. When you get out take a nice walk on the coast, take your binoculars and keep your eyes peeled for a man floating in on the tide strapped to a broken down bait boat. Stubbs will have waved him off down the river Waveney under orders from Snoots
  2. Stubbs is under employed these days, dust him off and set the sat nav for Suffolk!
  3. Can we not hide threads like this!!? Just feeling good as I've woke up to a nice cuppa, glance at my phone to find a horrendous ref on my list for the tumbrel (when the revolution comes) has been put in charge of one of out most important games of the season. Just as the ink is drying on adding Stroud to the list!!. Why me lord why me ? Mrs Tarquin is shifting the knife block while I'm in the shower.
  4. Been having stress counselling I think.
  5. The drum belonging to Kingston Comms can only be heard faintly in Dull so news might not have reached Dull yet.
  6. You have my utmost sympathy pal, is it still true that in Dull the careers advisor in school sets a high bar for the "scholars" by telling them that the only safe job to go for after leaving is the bloke who smashes all the seconds at Hornsea Pottery?
  7. Well done Snoots, you have got me singing in the shower. Mrs Tarquin then banging on the bathroom door asking if I'd fallen over? The ballad of bigDom wasn't thought through to the end though was it,? The mine collapsed on big John who was never seen again!! An end like that (even metaphorical) would result in a crowd arriving from the Nuns Chuff with a length of stout bull rope and some timber to knock up a gallows on your doorstep. Just sayin like FFS
  8. Nice to see you've found the loofah just as you were posing for the pic. Or is it the loobrush? We need to know either way, which end of the loobrush found its mark.
  9. The biggest culprit for a shocking performance on the day was Eltringham, he was done up like a kipper by Fulham . The booing from the frustrated fans in the south i`ve not heard since the Palace match and that nice human Shaun Derry was being interviewed in front of the South by TV after gesturing to the assembled crowd after parading in front of us ( bit like Knock #art ) did on being subbed . A telling thing on saturday was that Winnall was waiting for the so called referee by the tunnel , and as we booed him off Winnall cupped his ear at the ref and said can you hear that ? its just for you. Which is telling about what the players thought of the esteemed official .
  10. Lev Yashin - legend . Last of the "Flat Cap Keepers" FFS (can`t find a photo )
  11. OK I'll say it " Seargent Pepper taught the band to play" Had to really
  12. You have to take the reactions on here with a pinch of salt, the under cover porcine keyboard warriors have been waiting to rub some manure in. What clever lads they think they are.
  13. Then Mike Ashley said" call that a f####in tracksuit "
  14. WE know that but he didn`t so he will have , hopefully , S##t himself on the clock tower steps trying to get back up to the ground
  15. In my day we had some big dogs at home to ward off the nere do wells while there husbands were in the Miners arms
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