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  1. Have some more Neil, the spelling should match the character. Gwapple mi Gwapenuts.
  2. Leave it out half the twitterati think a metaphor is sending messages by flag.
  3. I`ve got one that has "Owlstalk Anglers" on it. Just so he can show no bias or owt.
  4. Sign of the times , first thought that crossed my mind about Scarboro was seagulls pinching chips . Mental note , remember to take air pistol next time i`m on south bay .
  5. This wait is madness- the suspenders suspense are is killing me
  6. Same chap who wrote Peter Pan ? Personally I coudn`t give a Captain Hook.
  7. Just run the garden hose out - stand ready to do it - where do you want me to put the open end?
  8. He`s auditioning for a part in Father Brown. Lots of cakes baked in there.
  9. Watched the League 2 play off final last night , reckon we could do a lot worse that get Randall Williams from Exeter . 23yrs old and quick with good ball control and left footed . Stood out in a losing side as wide man and second striker at various times during the match.
  10. As I sit near the front of the South, it can get pretty hard core when I'm berating the officials with such epithets as "nar then yer dolls head /dolls frock"
  11. Am I a fan - - as a manager yes. As a man who thinks about other peoples feelings? He could get under a snakes belly with a top hat on.
  12. Had a girlfriend once who was a super spreader, took me about 3 weeks to find out its wasn't what I thought 😱
  13. On the same theme . Peter Feeley got supporters out of there seats-- and walk out . God he was awful , Colin West was Harry Kane by comparison.
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