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  1. Waking up to this type of thread is the way we do things on OT. Moaning fannies on o ne side, give it a break fans on the other, will be forever thus. But in the interest of fair play and balance can I just say, replacing Hutch with Pelupessey is like taking off a collie crossed with a staffie and bringing on a Jack Russell. One will bite if roused, the other will nip all day long and run about all game yapping.
  2. Well done Mi Lord-- your inclusion of the family surname has resulted me being woken up by phone calls from old ladies wanting to have there table legs seen to. However they were very disgruntled when I had to tell them that you were not speaking euphemistically and that DIY jobs were indeed were my forty. I`ll be round after the match today to sort that table leg -- i`ve a notion that turning it into 3 legger might provide more stability as it does for a milking stool. Many a stout milkmaid has thanked me profusely for turning her seat into a 3 legger, but thats another story.
  3. If thats what Doom sounds like when he`s chipper , I hope the samaritans have been pre warned.
  4. Well done Snoots, got me a bit nostalgic with my early morning cuppa. Reminds me of the goings on in the Heeley Red Lion when Tarquin and his pals were arguing the throw with Lionel , the resident Wednesdayite who of course was way in front them as the banter flowed.
  5. If Nando had been caught on his standing leg we would be facing An IanKnight moment.
  6. Being a Wednesdayite on this day of all days , the best way to deal with it is " they who expect nowt will not be disappointed" FFS
  7. So it was you who was the little lad going mental when the equaliser went in, I was there and will never forget the feelings of seeing my dad so happy at a match. If was times like that when you learn what it's like to be a Wednesdayite.
  8. This thread should serve as a salutory lesson to anyone who buys full bottles of spirits as Xmas presents
  9. Has it got a 13 amp plug or one of those USA/Euro/Trump two pin jobs? Two have no earth pins and the other is not on this earth
  10. He's not the messiah, he's a very experienced manager..
  11. For those who want a right back, can i suggest Darnel Fisher at Preston, so good at getting fans off there seats every time he plays against us. Ok it's to boo him but it's a start
  12. Mrs Tarquin bought me this chap -2ft tall and weighs a ton. Christened him Ozziemandeous
  13. For me, the only thing that would have made the day complete would have been Darnit Fisher joining his team mate in the early bath. He is one of the worst I've ever seen at winding everyone up, opposition, crowd, his own team. He's so bad an actor I find it amazing he has never had a nomination for a Rassie.
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