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  1. The ECB haven't prioritized the test team since 2018. Its been all about white ball cricket and you reap what you sow. the players are an easy target but whoever is in charge of strategic planning are the ones who should answer for this.
  2. 82 points, I wonder where we would end up with that amount, probably in the play offs.
  3. I agree with you, there are a lot of intangibles that 'feel' right but at the moment its just a feeling. As I said the clean sheets speak volumes for me and from the outside they look like a team.
  4. I agree, 4 points are good to have in the bag, the clean sheets are encouraging though. If we don't give a lot of goals away then we will be fine this season and should be able to stabilize the club.
  5. I have been impressed with our start, first point, first win, first clean sheet and all that. I had no idea what to expect so I am in a good place with this group. Moving forward as two games is a small sample, I am looking to see what happens when we go behind and how we react to that in the game. If we can go behind and come back to get a point or even go behind to come back to win a game this could be a half decent season. Moore appears to have done some good business with the players he has brought in and if we can continue to keep clean sheets away from home it could be interesting come April/May. Back to reality and its only two games, Doncaster could struggle this year and Charlton got turned over by Oxford on the weekend. In the parts of the game I saw against Charlton we looked pretty even with them so I think we need a few more games before we start thinking about a top 10 finish. Having said that a good start is better than a bad start and its nice to see us at the right end of the table for a change.
  6. No, I did see the 'AND' I just disregarded it. To suggest a club owner who relegated his club due to incompetence of the highest order suffered from bad luck because a manager left is just plain b@ll@cks.
  7. Agreed mate, its a good start but its still very early, we are in the division because he is an idiot. Lets see where we are in 8 games time.
  8. Likely by some pal but he has a long way to go even if we manage to get out of this division, for me the embarrassment of a points deduction for breaking the rules is the lowest moment in our history.
  9. The test team is a shambles, the ECB have favoured the T20 and one day teams and its coming home to roost. I would play the one day team in the tests, at least we would have bigger totals for the bowlers to defend. The winter is going be a debacle.
  10. Those buggers changed teams in the war, cant trust them!
  11. I think we are still looking at a possible points deduction this season if the fuucking clown reverts to type? I am pretty sure that Man U fans are all in but would like to see that back of the Glazers. Of course its easier to be all in when your chairman's actions didn't relegate the team wouldn't you say?
  12. Chansiri is a fuuking clown, there is no evidence to show that he wont continue to act like the clown he is. I hope to be proved wrong but I don't believe we can either forgive or forget is work here. He has embarrassed us all and tyenbest we can hope for is for him to leave us where he found, an established mid table Championship club.
  13. He could be right or he could be wrong but we will have a clearer idea in 6 weeks, I have no idea what is going to happen or how things will go with Moore, jury is still out for me but I am happy to give him a season to see what he can do. The problem we still have is that we have the same chairman.
  14. give it 10 games and then we will have a better idea of where we fit.
  15. I work in sport and come up against this a lot, people generally like the way things are and if its not clearly broken then it should be left alone. In the area I work in we have taken heading out of the game at U12 and below and introduced safer heading protocols for coaches to introduce heading in practices in low velocity situations and limiting the amount of time they can practice heading during the week. When they get to the age s of 12-14 we can teach them to head the ball correctly and safely in a short space of time.
  16. Progress, the links to repeatedly heading the ball to dementia are clear. Limiting heading in training is a good way to keep awareness of the topic at hand and also allow heading to stay in the game. The NFL and NHL will see radical rules changes over the next 8-12 years, and the NFL is already adapting, which will change the look of the game. Football will be fine as the majority of headers in the game are not high velocity. People don't like change but change is inevitable in this area.
  17. At first I thought that was walkout music for the fans! I would like to nominate the MC5 with "Kick Out The Jams"
  18. Its an interesting question and well posed, but I would have to say that in the third tier it should be a flat price as Sunderland and Ipswich are in the same division as Accrington. Its not like the PL where some teams have a host of international players and some teams have less, its the third division and their is only potential and unfulfilled potential.
  19. True, it is 2021 and not 1995 and we are in the third division because the fuuking moron who still runs the club is as administrative idiot, but hey we have cheaper ticket prices, all is well with the world!
  20. I understand trying to be positive and looking forward, but are you being serious here pal or just fishing? How was anything about last season logical?
  21. Do we still have the same clown of a Chairman? Doesn't matter what the prices are as long as he is running the club. My assumption is that if the team start getting a few results and is in and around the play off places then more games will become category A so he can rinse a few more quid out of the customers.
  22. Here are a few, Upton Park in our first season back up, didnt know whether to team up or stay in 1's and 2's and sneak by before the game, quite unsettling. After the game they turned up mob handed by the flats but in my opinion they came off second best as we had nowhere to go. After that they came at us on the coaches and it felt like they were coming out of every house, it was a little mental. Geordies when Shelts scored, very tricky with things coming off the roof as others have mentioned. I remember we played them early the following season, we were outside just after kick off and I think it was pretty even numbers and they didnt want to know at all. I have never rated them after that. Everton in the semi 86, it was mayhem most of the day, Wednesday all over the place and the first time I saw the hoolivan! I also remember the Forest game, first game back, there was a lot of miners strike stuff at the time and just raised the atmosphere. I think that Ricky went in the lane end for some reason and I also remember him getting nicked during the game. Memory plays tricks on you but it was kicking off everywhere that day.
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