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Promotion - On this day 40 years ago
Hail the boys of 1979/80

On this day 40 years ago, despite losing 0-1 away at Exeter, the wonderful Wednesday club of Sheffield were promoted from Division 3. What a time !  



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Worst Full Back
Who out of these was in your opinion the worst full back you have ever seen?

I've been watching the season videos on the YouTube page and it got me thinking..

See the list here 👉👉https://bit.ly/2yN2xZi
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October 1st touted as the first date back for football fans
The Star understands that the EFL have set a date of October 1 as the earliest opportunity when supporters could return to stadiums, with all fixtures played prior to that date – whether as part of the 2019/20 or 2020/21 season – set to be behind closed doors.

See here 👉👉 https://bit.ly/3eSeaPi
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Thank you Mr chansiri
I work as a turnstile operator,we have had an unexpected email from club saying we have been furloughed.
Mr chansiri as kindly agreed to pay extra 20 percent.
I work as a turnstile operator,we have had an unexpected email from club saying we have been furloughed.
Mr chansiri as kindly agreed to pay extra 20 percent.

Read here 👉👉https://bit.ly/2W0CAxl
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Chris Waddle blasts Sheffield Wednesday's recruitment policy
Chris Waddle has opened fire again at the running of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, this time taking aim at the recruitment policy..

Read here 👉https://bit.ly/2ziU0xA
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On this day in 1966 Semi Final Victory !
#Onthisday in 1966 #swfc beat Chelsea 2-0 in the FACup semi final in the mud at Villa Park Att. 61,321. Goals by McCalliog & Pugh. Heroics by Vic Mobley
Read HERE 👉👉 https://bit.ly/2S0mOS8






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Andy McCulloch
Tell me about Andy McCulloch
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FORTY ! Years to the day
Big Jack snapped of one of the most entertaining players I have seen in the famous Blue & White.

Best £100,000 I've seen spent by the Wednesday worth it for Boxing Day and that stunner at the Lane and a wonderful contribution to the 1979/80 promotion campaign and return to the second divsision. What a star Terry Curran.




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So, Abdi....
What's the latest?
Who's he playing for now...or was he really injured?
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I’d love us to sign a player that could get us out of our seats
Who have we signed since Waddle that could get us out of our seats regularly by beating a man? I can only place JJ as that type of player and we all know that he didn’t have the end product but I’d take another JJ anytime if it meant we got a fair bit of excitement each game. 
Are there any players around that can dribble the ball and if so, could we afford to buy them? 
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Rate the kit..
Rate the kit..
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What's happening in the megastore car park?
Drove past the megastore car park yesterday and there are big lines of metal fencing/cones and a couple of gazebos set up. Does anyone know what's happening? Is a Coronavirus testing centre being set up? 
Or is this in preparation for the Gary Megson meet and greet?
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The Owl Shirt
Anyone got one of these?
Wrong section I know but interested to know peoples thoughts on this. Popped up on my Facebook but never seen them before that.
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Players we signed in their twilight years
Not the ones who blatantly just came here for a final pay day, but the ones with illustrious careers, who's best days were probably behind them, but who came and gave it everything, and did a proper job for us.
I can hark back to Willie Henderson, Kenny Knighton, Mick Lyons, more recently Viv Anderson.
Those blokes would have run through a brick wall for us, and achieved legendary status.
 Who else made you think, I wish we'd signed them sooner, and had them longer?
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Ross Wallace
Have we missed him since he left?
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The best ever overview of ‘that’ semi final win vs The Blades
This is the best written account of the semi final win at Wembley you will ever read..
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BREAKING NEWS - EFL Hearing to take place in July
Sheffield Wednesday's bitter dispute with the EFL will be heard in July.

Wednesday were charged in November over alleged breaches of the sale of Hillsborough

Full story here - https://bit.ly/2RMmdDm
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Chris Waddle fires back again at Chansiri
Sheffield Wednesday legend Chris Waddle has hit back at the Sheffield Wednesday chairman Dejphon Chansiri.

Read in full here - https://bit.ly/3bioMor
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EFL chairman Rick Parry addresses football fans around the country:

Read in full here - https://bit.ly/34NiiLR
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Whats your first worst defeat as a Wednesdayite
Mine came against Arsenal,first day of march in 1969,we got hammered 0-5 ,John Radford and Bobby Gould did the honours.Radford scored 3,to almost utter silence,it was dead eary,like a practise match,very overcast day,low mist,two arse fans were right behind the goal at the leppings lane and just twirled their scarfes at every goal,We were absolute gash,arse just passed around us,like candy from a baby,50 odd years on and I can recall it like it was last weekend,Sammels was just on fire he must have laid on 4 of the goals with his incisive passes,what an awfull fecking day that was,I just wanted to lob my tea at the wall and scream
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Fletcher and Fox still to sign new contracts
Steven Fletcher and Morgan Fox are still to sign contracts.
Lee Bullen gives an update..

Read more here - Steven Fletcher and Morgan Fox are still to sign contracts.
Lee Bullen gives an update..

Read more - https://bit.ly/2VbAjAe
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Adam Reach assessment of his own performances this season
"My own season’s been similar to the team’s, a little bit topsy-turvy," conceded Reach. "I’ve had some good moments and some not-so-good moments.
"Consistency has been a positive of my time at this club but this season let it down a bit.

"I think I’ve improved in areas and, if I can start each season a slightly better player or person, that’s good."

Adam Reach's comments in full - https://bit.ly/3emgv4X
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BREAKING NEWS - EFL statement on player wage deferrals
The EFL has continued to hold constructive discussions over the Easter weekend with representatives of the PFA in respect of the issues created by the COVID-19 crisis, with a particular focus on Clubs in League One and League Two. In addition, the EFL held further talks with Clubs from those divisions at the end of last week.
The EFL and member Clubs recognise that each Club will hold individual discussions with players and that agreements will be reached at a local level. At the same time, Clubs in League One and League Two have acknowledged the strength of a collective approach to support and inform their decisions.
As a result of these discussions, it has been agreed that the EFL and PFA will form a working group of six Club captains/PFA delegates from League One and Two, supported by a representative nominated by the PFA, to engage in dialogue in respect of players’ wages.
While the working group will not be a formal negotiating body, it will help to ensure that players are fully informed as they continue to hold discussions with individual Clubs.
In establishing the new group, the EFL and PFA acknowledge the common problems faced by the League and member Clubs, and the need for all parties to be part of a solution. 
Dialogue with the working group will enable the League both to listen to the concerns of players and to explain the extent of the financial challenges. It will focus not just on the short term (May and June) but will address the medium-term position from the start of July onwards and into next season.
In order to deal with the most immediate payroll issue, the EFL is recommending to Clubs that local discussions are held with players in respect of the month of April only.
A compromise proposal has been agreed between the EFL and the PFA for those Clubs engaged in deferral negotiations with their players, meaning that, up to a maximum of 25% of players’ wages for April may be conditionally deferred within the following limits:
Players earning less than £2,500 per month will be paid in full the 25% reduction must not take any player below £2,500 per month.  
This is a recommendation and not a directive as there are Clubs who have stated no requirement to take immediate action at this time.
Further conditions may be agreed at a local level through discussions between individual Clubs and players.
The current position in respect of the Championship is that Clubs last week agreed to conduct wage negotiations with players at a local level, while making financial information available to support their position. 
A number of Championship Clubs have concluded agreements with players and others will be holding discussions this week.
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Are you a 'turnarounder' when singing?
Some fans are prone to turning around when belting out their Sheffield Wednesday chants.

They spin around, arms aloft, take a huge deep breath in, then sing their hearts out to those sat/stood behind them, arms aloft, and proud as a button.

Are you a turnarounder too?
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The Green un
A SHEFFIELD footballing institution I miss it was so sad when it went online the banter waiting at newsagents with blunts fans if we had won & they lost & vice versa waiting in town after a game for it to arrive . Great memories..
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